whether Can apply a pepper plaster at pregnancy and as to do it, amusing

whether it is possible to apply a pepper plaster at pregnancy and as to do it

Treatment of various diseases at future mothers is very problematic because these or those drugs can be harmful both to the woman, and to her kid. In this regard even for fight against banal cold it is necessary to see a doctor who taking into account the state of health of the woman will pick up the necessary medicines.

In this regard the pepper plaster which is absolutely harmless at treatment of catarrhal diseases, diseases of airways is better to use


It is applied and to fight against cellulitis, but pregnant women should not apply it in such purposes - it is recommended to use medicine only in case of need. For disposal of pains in a back the plaster is used as the warming-up means improving blood circulations in the sick site at the expense of what the state of health of the person significantly improves. Thanks to ability of medicine to get deeply into muscular layers it is used for activization of certain points of a body.

In a case when cold overtook, future mother, certainly, needs to overcome an illness, it can give complications which will negatively affect the kid. For example, if at incubation of the child temperature increases, it can threaten with oxygen starvation of the kid. In such situations in order to avoid the use of aggressive medicines it is possible to apply a plaster. The advantage of medicine in this case exceeds possible harm, but it does not cancel the fact that without instruction of the doctor it is impossible to use it.

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the Most terrible weapon of the infantryman in the battlefield, at the request of chitaty

flame thrower: the most terrible weapon of the infantryman in the battlefield

Since ancient times people felt not only mystical fear of fire, but also tried to direct it against enemies. Fiery ditches before fortresses, an arrow and a spear with the burning tips, the catapults throwing tubs with the flaring oil is not a full list of the weapon preceding emergence of a modern flame thrower which in 1913 was invented by German Richard Fidler. This engineer, by his own words, bridled pure flame (a clean flame) and made it operated that allowed to turn fields of World wars of the 20th century in the most real Dantov hell.

of Kleinflammenwerfer, that is rantsevy "the small flame thrower of Fidler", was transferred by one infantryman. He threw out fire stream on 18 meters and was calculated for 2 minutes of the general time. As contemporaries described, the ognemetchik before the next shot changed the ignition device as former just burned down. More powerful models - Grossflammenwerfer beat further, but only 40 seconds worked. They were so heavy that they were carried by two infantrymen.

On July 30, 1915 at 3 o'clock in the morning the German ognemetchik were unexpectedly attacked by the British troops near the cemetery Houge Krater (Belgium), having burned in total 751 Englishmen, including 15 officers. After this success the German army took of a flame thrower advantage on all fronts. Special groups of six soldiers in whom one device was served by two fighters were created. It became soon clear that the military profession of ognemetchik is accompanied by huge risk. Not only that cylinders blew up spontaneously, so still soldiers with characteristic satchels behind shoulders were exposed to massive firing as soon as appeared under review. Hit in captivity to the furious enemy guaranteed cruel death to an ognemetchik too. Thus, the soldier's life with the devices Fidlera on fronts of the 1st World war seldom exceeded two fights.

Today flame throwers are in arsenals of almost all armies and, most likely, will be used as the weapon of a devil alive burning people for a long time.

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Novelty: whether it is necessary how to receive, documents

the visa to Nigeria to Russians in 2019: whether it is necessary how to receive, documents

Nigeria is the country which does not allow a visa-free regime. Therefore for those who were going to visit this mysterious state it is necessary to process documents. The visa to Nigeria happens different types. That the nobility how to arrive in each case, it is necessary to pay attention to a purpose of visit. Period of validity of the entry visa is equal to 90 days.

In spite of the fact that education is not in Nigeria at too high step, nevertheless.

It extends also to visas to Nigeria. If to look at the list of documents, then all of them are within walking distance. And it means, the tourist should not spend too much time for their collecting and systematization.

To go to Nigeria to learn, it is necessary to collect a package of necessary documents also.

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From the lovely romantic to the seductive macho, updating

Vitaly Kozlowski's biography: from the lovely romantic to the seductive macho

Recently Vitaly Kozlowski who acted in Moscow recently is more very famous because of the frank and times of strange photos. But nevertheless it is the talented person who achieves success in any undertaking. About a course of life of the actor read further in material.

However, the conflict with the Ministry of Justice was settled. Now the singer enjoys rest abroad what he is not tired to notify the subscribers in Instagram on. It is impossible to call Kozlowski and Kondratyuk's quarrel exhausted as both parties continue to hold the ground, and to the final history does not move yet.

After leaving school he entered the Lviv national university of Ivan Frank on faculty of journalism. By then he already became the constant dancer in the modern ballet Zhittya who cooperated with the Ukrainian pop performer Ruslana. By the way, Kozlowski takes dancing classes since 1993.

Kozlowski's efforts in promoting of the Ukrainian show business did not remain unnoticed. In 2009 he received a title the Honored artist of Ukraine. Then Vitaly Kozlowski decided on participation in national selection on the Eurovision 2010, however its attempt was not crowned with success.

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the Effective remedy from pincers, updating

effective remedy from pincers

Remembering about лете… Warm summer and spring days have only one minus - nasty insects who and are eager to be run on you or to bite. The special danger is constituted by pincers. If you love active holiday and spend much time in the fresh air or on days off leave on a picnic with family, that is the probability to return with these reptiles on the body.

Planning to go to the country, use this cunning and have a rest without annoying ticks. Also do not forget to share a useful trick with friends!

& #169; Depositphotoslavandovoyesamoye is surprising that people adore aroma of a lavender, but ticks hate it. Moreover, it belongs also to midges and mosquitoes.

Also some people just mix water with essential oils and apply on a body as spray. But during a heat the contact of the steamed-out body with oil can lead to irritation of skin.

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of Toshiba cancelled the beginning of sales of clever wearvue glasses new on the website

Toshiba cancelled the beginning of sales of clever wearvue glasses

The idea to release so-called "clever points" still haunts the numerous large companies. In spite of the fact that even at Google did not leave to make Google Glass popular, other producers of electronics still cherish hope that their product "will shoot" and will occupy the niche in the market. So also marketing specialists of the Japanese company Toshiba, but something went wrong considered, cancelled the beginning of sales of the device literally one week prior to earlier appointed date.

the Japanese producer officially declared

that it stops production Wearvue TG-1 and also cancels the start of sales appointed to the next week. These clever points were for the first time presented to the public on January 13 the current year and attracted to themselves the considerable interest of the Japanese and western press. Despite the not especially futuristic appearance, they showed high level of quality of the image projected directly on the right lens which is built in a frame. As target audience of points marketing specialists of Toshiba chose businessmen and also the staff of the plants and the "center"s of logistics who need to have constantly near at hand any important documents, tables and other useful information.

Curtailment of production of the gadget is connected with the fact that Toshiba goes through difficult times now. Not so long ago information that the company forged financial statements for 2011 and 2012 emerged, having artificially overestimated the profit honor for 2 billion dollars. The burst scandal strongly shattered reputation of the Japanese company and also caused impressive penalties. So far the future of Wearvue glasses remains not absolutely clear, but there is a small chance that the company will manage to get on feet again and to return to this frozen project.

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Is updated: experts warn buyers against mistakes during the sales

experts warn buyers against mistakes during the sales

In Russia there take place two types of large sales: Cyber Monday and & laquo; black пятница» in November. Both for the first time appeared in the USA where they are the beginning of a season of Christmas sales. However, the American colleagues hold the sales in November with a difference to couple of days. After Friday & laquo; налетов» on offline-shops, on Monday morning Americans continue to shop already in online stores.


By experience of the previous actions the maximum discounts were established on unmarketable goods, and the most demanded categories of the equipment and model, on the contrary, in a sale rose in price.

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Medical travel insurance, going abroad, online in 2019, a novelty

medical travel insurance, going abroad, online in 2019

Being shipped in a travel or to a business trip outward, do not forget about the policy of assurance. Payment of the small sum before a travel can save you from a large number of efforts if something goes not so. Especially it concerns fans of extreme sports and active holiday where the increased injury risk. Treatment abroad will manage in a round sum for the foreign citizen, and existence of the issued policy will provide you its covering.

the Ingosstrakh Company offers

the minimum tariff of inactive rest for 1400 rubles, and the sum of an insurance will be 40 thousand dollars. Ingosstrakh includes the following services in cost:

It should be noted that tour operators by default include only medical travel insurance in the cost of the permit going abroad therefore other insured events the extra charge and registration if desired is required to insure.

Features of travel insurance in Sberbank a little in what differ from other insurance companies. The minimum sum according to the policy is 35 thousand euros, and the policy with the minimum package of services can be acquired for 1600 rubles.

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Comic book and its superabilities, popular

comic book and its superabilities

Somehow the writer Dave Eggers (the author of that "Sphere" which was picturized in the eponymous movie) said in the New York Times: "The graphic novel - not crippled cousin of usual literature, but her sister mutant who can the same as the usual text, and is more often - even more". In a case when laziness it are pleasant to tell me in detail, on a question, than me so comics, I answer with this quote.

"Uutnut an eguyaor of an uuk, yayamo yayady with erelyuaatey is a fall of a post! Uuamyu, yy ponaafissya ea moyeel, oaa it iss усшшихх…" - the doctor says, holding the hearing aid in hand. To understand about what here the speech, without picture it is actually impossible, and Bell does it intends. As she peered into the environment as the sight was more available it than hearing, and we peer into a shot, looking for hints.

Well and, of course, word-play. Everyone who takes in hand of Superukho notices soon that life of the Tit are constant oslyshka and attempts to think why to it suddenly suggest to drink a goat. Such oslyshka could occur in the usual book easily too, but they get additional support, additional measurement in the comic book. A half of a game around these oslyshka jumps on the picture, they is banal would not work without visual context. But with it the text becomes ridiculous and volume.

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of Windows 10 works at 600 million devices, interesting

microsoft opens champagne: windows 10 works at 600 million devices

The chief executive officer of the Redmond corporation Satya Nadella the second time for 2017 read official statistics on use of the flagman Microsoft operating system. So, Windows 10 is used on more than 600 000 000 various devices today. This number switched on computers, laptops, video game consoles of the Xbox One family, devices of the Surface Hub family and even a font of augmented reality of HoloLens. Nadella told about it at an annual meeting of shareholders of the company today.

W10 was established to

at the beginning of 2017 on 500 million devices. Not so long ago Microsoft decided to refuse support of the Windows Phone mobile operating system so in the nearest future we can become witnesses of the announcement of absolutely new smartphones running Windows 10. So far Microsoft keeps in line with the revised forecasts as it at the beginning of a year stated that by November it plans to come to a mark of 600 million devices. Whether it will manage to them to reach 1 billion devices - will show time.

Initially Microsoft planned to reach a level in 1 billion devices running Windows 10 by the beginning of 2018. But distribution of OS progressed not so quickly as the management of the company therefore it was necessary to refuse initial plans last year would like. It became clear to all that to a mark of one billion devices should be waited a little longer. Growth of distribution of Windows 10 strongly slowed down after Microsoft refused model of free updating from the previous versions of the operating system on new.

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