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Published: 5.4.2018
the visa to Nigeria to Russians in 2019: whether it is necessary how to receive, documents

Nigeria is the country which does not allow a visa-free regime. Therefore for those who were going to visit this mysterious state it is necessary to process documents. The visa to Nigeria happens different types. That the nobility how to arrive in each case, it is necessary to pay attention to a purpose of visit. Period of validity of the entry visa is equal to 90 days.

In spite of the fact that education is not in Nigeria at too high step, nevertheless.

It extends also to visas to Nigeria. If to look at the list of documents, then all of them are within walking distance. And it means, the tourist should not spend too much time for their collecting and systematization.

To go to Nigeria to learn, it is necessary to collect a package of necessary documents also.

Apparently, documents for registration of a working visa it is necessary to collect much. But, if there is a purpose to go to work abroad, then you should not recede from it because of fear of red tape.

Besides, it is important to process documents correctly. For this purpose it is worth addressing to consulate of Nigeria. Then problems with paperwork will not arise.

It is necessary to fill out the questionnaire downloaded from the website of consulate. Only it is necessary to choose option "for execution of the student's visa". The call from host is necessary. The school or other educational institution have to send documents which confirm training of the leaving citizen. The consulate can demand the available document on education. It is necessary to submit references from doctors. The document from the psychiatrist is obligatory. He will confirm the fact that the student has no psychological diseases. Except the conclusion of the psychiatrist the reference which confirms absence of diseases of infectious type is necessary: diphtherias, malaria, jaundice. Also the certificate on preventive inoculations is necessary.

Collected documents need to be carried in consulate. They will consider, will make the decision and will specify the plan of further actions. To collect documents for a trip to Nigeria not so difficult.

It is necessary to collect the necessary package of documents. To visit Nigeria with a tourist visit, it is required:

In this case it is necessary to collect much more documents, than in the previous case. But if it is necessary for receiving highly paid work in Nigeria, then it is worth walking on offices and to prepare the necessary material for visa processing.

Of course, some say that it takes a lot of time and forces to spend nerves. However not always it so. It is important not to be angry on trifles, and once again to consult with the knowing people. Who possesses information, has access to everything.

It easily can be applied to the field of health care. In Nigeria there are schools which let out dentists, obstetricians. There are HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS where train experts of different profiles. Only the problem for the state is that students gain the diploma and leave the country. Therefore the network of the state clinics also suffers from the shortage of good shots.

After all package of documents is built, it is necessary to turn into consulate. They will consider the application and after that will report about the decision.


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