we Get rid of ugly gifts and we earn from a disorder, interesting

Published: 21.6.2019
we get rid of ugly gifts and we earn from a disorder

Scenario 2vy for three years you go abroad where offered you work of a dream. Write down seven things which you will pack with yourself if at your disposal there is a container for moving by the sizes of 2Ч2Ч2 m

The scenario of the Star received the tempting offer of work, but for this purpose it is necessary to go abroad for three months. With itself it is possible to take only 30 kg of baggage. List seven things which anyway you will pack into a suitcase.

And on the future: make better the list of wishes that when you are asked what to present, you could call something really suitable. It is better, than not to tell anything, and then to receive as a gift the next nonsense.

Take a pencil in hand and write down in three columns of a thing which you are ready to leave.

Ideal area for a training of ability to throw out without excuses - drugs. Each medication has the expiration date which needs to be observed. Everything that cannot already be used is time to throw out.

Great council which helped some very thrifty people to get rid of chaos gradually: postpone several packages (from plastic, paper, fabric, etc.) and make to yourself a promise every day (except Sunday) to take out on one full package from the apartment. You take out everything: old clothes, waste paper, excess devices, etc. Points of processing of these things are in many cities of Russia. For example, old bulbs and the used batteries admit to IKEA.

Scenario 1po to some reason you have to move to the apartment, smaller by the sizes. Write down seven things which you will take with yourself anyway. No, do not get up from the place and do not look round! You already know what is really important.

What will be with the thrown-out things? Whether they will do harm to ecology? Recyclable things bring benefit. "Reuse" approximately means "return": what you can give partially in other look will return to you back!

Look around. Yes, right now! What lies at you on a desk? And in the room where you are now, it is tidied up? Did you make out the apartment? Whether you feel as ill at ease at home? Experience of many people shows that the surrounding situation strongly influences us: the inner and outside world are closely interconnected.

Large number of things not a problem. A problem - when they are stored irregularly or they become very much that there is just not enough place for storage.

It is not obligatory to direct ideal purity at all or to throw out everything right now. Begin with something less large-scale. Put a house first-aid kit in order, you will choose things for sale, collect a package of old clothes. And then celebrate a small victory! Each time establishing order will become it is simpler, and the stuff will begin to recede.

Never expose ugly gifts during the visit of those who presented them to you, and that start harmful process: guests can think that they guessed your taste, and will continue to give such things! If ask where that vase that they presented to you, answer diplomatically: "We did not find for it the suitable place yet" or "It is in a cupboard near other vases".

What to do with unloved gifts? To get rid unambiguously of them. The things which got by inheritance, for example a chain which never happened to be put on belong to the same category.

Where drugs are stored in your house? Write down these places. If they are scattered on all apartment, try to organize for them a platitude. For example, a box in a dresser.

On book materials "Disposal of stuff. Ordinary practicians".

Many store things, considering that once they can be useful to somebody. In this thought - a big logical mistake: while these things are lain at home, they are necessary to nobody! That there was some advantage for others, it is necessary that others got access to them. There are several options:

Well the frank phrase proved: "At us is already so much. Please, present good impressions". Gifts events concern them, for example: theater tickets, at cinema, on a concert or a joint trip by bicycle.

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