Paradise on the earth Steve of a peacock, a new heading

Published: 17.6.2019
paradise on the earth Steve of a peacock

If you are negative to the reality (for example, you are convinced that the reality is mad, cruel, indifferent), then thus you destroy yourself. You cannot wait, something good from life if you have no belief that the reality is, at least, paradise on the earth.

Some people adhere to belief that the reality is some kind of proving ground between paradise (pleasure) and hell (flour). They are mistaken. If their consciousness continues the life after death of a physical body, then it will only recreate in fact the same that it created in mortal life. Consciousness will not endure sharp take-off or falling only because communication with the special physical plan of life was lost. When you disconnect the computer from the Internet, he does not begin suddenly in itself to establish either newer, nor older versions of programs. If you want to improve the life, then have to make it.

One day you realize that your perception of reality - all this what you deal with. From this point the most reasonable will constantly give up a thought to slander reality until you do not begin to laugh at the last perception quite capable to dement. You are not able to afford to do something in the same vein any more. It cannot lead to anything good at all. The only thing that can make similar perception of reality - to push you on the way of self-damage and self-destruction.

What there are alternatives? Do everything possible to develop the harmonious attitude towards reality capable to give you support. Do not agree to smaller. If something disturbs you on this way, ignore it, be focused on restoration of harmony, and get for it support. Otherwise you in life will reach nothing.

At present you cannot highly appreciate so reality because now you are limited to the perception of reality which for 100% depends on what occurs at you in the head. Thus, hanging a negative label on reality, you also arrive with a part of the consciousness. Such behavior - an artful trap which it is necessary to avoid at any cost. Subconsciously your mind will respond to similar beliefs with decrease in a self-assessment and opportunities to effectively use the skills and talents. Some people going this way even finish life with suicide. Recklessly so to treat reality. It will not lead to anything good. To anything, except understanding that so to treat reality - quite nasty idea.


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