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Published: 3.4.2018
Vitaly Kozlowski's biography: from the lovely romantic to the seductive macho

Recently Vitaly Kozlowski who acted in Moscow recently is more very famous because of the frank and times of strange photos. But nevertheless it is the talented person who achieves success in any undertaking. About a course of life of the actor read further in material.

However, the conflict with the Ministry of Justice was settled. Now the singer enjoys rest abroad what he is not tired to notify the subscribers in Instagram on. It is impossible to call Kozlowski and Kondratyuk's quarrel exhausted as both parties continue to hold the ground, and to the final history does not move yet.

After leaving school he entered the Lviv national university of Ivan Frank on faculty of journalism. By then he already became the constant dancer in the modern ballet Zhittya who cooperated with the Ukrainian pop performer Ruslana. By the way, Kozlowski takes dancing classes since 1993.

Kozlowski's efforts in promoting of the Ukrainian show business did not remain unnoticed. In 2009 he received a title the Honored artist of Ukraine. Then Vitaly Kozlowski decided on participation in national selection on the Eurovision 2010, however its attempt was not crowned with success.

Watch video in which Vitaly Kozlowski disclosed sensational details from private life:

In 2012 Vitaly Kozlowski unexpectedly for all declared the termination of cooperation with Igor Kondratyuk and Yana Pryadko. To it the old girlfriend Irina Bilyk helped to make the decision. After this statement long war between Kozlowski and Kondratyuk which continues to this day began.

1 place in the program of the Karaoke on the Maidan which was removed in Lviv in the fall of 2002 became the first musical victory of Vitaly Kozlowski. The singer executed a cover on the song by Vaughan of the Crying group =ry і ї. In a year it created a furor on the program again, but already in Kiev. The victory in national selection presented to Vitaly an opportunity to participate in the Chance teleproject where Natalya Mogilevskaya and Kuzma allowed participants to try taste of life of the actor at least for one day. Vitaly Kozlowski became the first winner of a show.

For women in Vitaly Kozlowski's life it is allocated a special role. The singer admitted more than once that he cannot live without love. The first serious relations of the actor lasted for 10 years. Having met Galya at 14-year age, Vitaly got to a whirlpool of events. Couple several times met and dispersed. They understood that different, and such relations are pernicious for both. Having finally left Galya, Kozlowski left only the most pleasant memories of those to it in memory. Thoughts of their relations raise at him a smile to this day.

The relations with the ex-participating of the show Bachelor-5 Ramina Eskhakzay became the following bright novel by Vitaly Kozlowski. The singer saw her on a cover of the magazine and through mutual friends invited to have supper. Quite so also one of the most headline stories of its relations began.

After the New wave interest in Vitaly Kozlowski continued to grow at breakneck speed. In 2005 it released the first album Cold night. Alan Badoyev acted as the director of the eponymous clip. The actor decided to support the collection by the first solo concert. The decision was correct as the album became Cold night gold & #8212; it was sold out in circulation more than 60 thousand copies.

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We will remind, earlier in Network actively discussed news about what became known how many money Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin spend for training of the 5-year-old twins - the son Harry and the daughter Elizabeth.

After cancellation of the contract of the right for all songs and Kozlowski's car got to Kondratyuk. Vitaly ignores this fact, and continues to execute old hits. In turn, the former producer constantly files a lawsuit against the performer for copyright infringement, and wins them. Vitaly Kozlowski refuses to pay compensations for what departure from the country till 2099 was forbidden him.

After nine years of close cooperation Vitaly Kozlowski terminated the contract with the producer Igor Kondratyuk who put a new telerecord of Ukraine. After the collaboration termination the long history of infinite judicial proceedings between them also began.

Lovers looked very happy, together attended secular actions, and in March, 2017 Vitaly made Ramin proposal. They began preparation for a wedding celebration. The happy bride already tried on a wedding dress, but everything was cancelled. Suddenly she terminated an engagement. Ramina Eskhakzay who told all truth about life with the singer, said that it is not ready to marriage and does not want to force events.

Recently Vitaly Kozlowski publishes a set of provocative photos on the official page in Instagram, causing I drill negative emotions of users. Some connect his behavior with problems in private life. Recently the actor left the bride Ramina Eskhakzay.

Since then Vitaly Kozlowski's heart is free again, and he does not miss any opportunity that to show it. As we know, the love will unintentionally appear suddenly when you do not wait for it at all.

Ramina acted in the clip I Release on. Couple had many frank scenes and, according to eyewitnesses, Kozlowski and Eskhakzay did not hide passion to each other. Also the video clip my desire is devoted to it.

2008 marked start of its first All-Ukrainian round for Vitaly Kozlowski. The singer presented the concert program Think only of that. Vitaly was present at Beijing at the Olympic Games in support group of the Ukrainian athletes. Performance of the first official anthem of combined Ukraine became a special mission of Kozlowski on the Olympic Games.

After this pit of the actor went uphill. In 2004 it had chance to present Ukraine on a song contest the New wave. About the statement of his candidate Kozlowski learned in only 4 days prior to the festival. Together with songs of Chornobrivts_ and Shakespeare will write not about us, the 19-year-old singer took the eighth place from sixteen. Quite good result.

Vitaly Kozlowski was born on March 6, 1985 in Lviv. Actor's father Vitaly Sergeyevich Kozlowski & #8212; very kind and gentle person, by profession & #8212; electrician. Vitaly Kozlowski's mother, Tatyana Nikolaevna, strict and basic woman. Vitaly admitted more than once that he got irascibility and impulsiveness of character from mother.

When to future singer was 14, his mother went on earnings to Italy. This event allowed it to become the actor. According to Vitaly if mother remained in Ukraine - would not allow to sing to him.

In the same 2005 Vitaly Kozlowski got the prestigious award Song of Year and also got to the three of the most handsome men of Ukraine. In 2006 the performer presented the second album Nerozgadan_ of a sna. He repeated success of the first, too having become gold. Vitaly Kozlowski participated in many television projects, including: Tants_ z z_rka, Narodna a z_rka, Z_rka + Z_rka, Z_rkovy blows, _gr patr_ot_v.


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