of the Dress from guipure evening, wedding, for full, popular

of a dress from guipure evening, wedding, for full

Do you want to update clothes, and you do not know how to make it? Add the next highlight to your dresses, and think of acquisition of a dress from guipure. Undoubtedly, they will make any girl of more womanly, and will in passing give her a certain charm.

needed to be understood Now in what case it is possible to put on a dress to look always appropriate. Generally, guipure is considered magnificent fabric. Therefore do wedding and evening dresses of it. Wedding options look perfectly, and irrespective of model. First, it is influenced by snow-white color though lately fashionable all shades violet, caramel, peach and light pink. Secondly, this fabric is well combined with satin, tulle, decorative beads and pebbles.

There is a myth that allegedly textured fabrics are not suitable for stout women. It is not absolutely right. Everything depends on what dress will be chosen by a pyshechka.

We begin:

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the Interesting facts, from our readers

useful properties of banana: interesting facts

It is necessary to eat "paradise" fruit with care with that who has a renal failure as this pathology quite often is followed by a giperkaliyemiya - the increased potassium content in blood, and it is fraught with various complications. If potassium level in an organism is exceeded, it is better to replace bananas with "safer" fruit.

Probably very few people think of that, the most habitual fruit among which banana is especially popular are how useful to our health. Meanwhile useful properties of bananas can be used even in treatment of some illnesses. As these fruit influence an organism and whether there are contraindications to their use?

As it was already told above, banana & #8212; good prophylactic of cardiovascular diseases, but for those who already underwent a heart attack has thrombophlebitis and a varicosity in the anamnesis, this product becomes harmful as enhances viscosity of blood. With blood circulation violations it can be very dangerous to people. For the same reason doctors do not advise to be fond of bananas and to men: a large number of these fruits in a diet can provoke problems with erectile function.

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New heading: not to dismiss the employee and to survive

how to form the team of professionals: not to dismiss the employee and to survive

And in the conclusion. At the end of March of this year the Microsoft corporation started a chat boat in twitter. Name of its Tay. It communicated with people of Earth, seeking to understand their essence and to fall in love with them. However (attention, a drama turn begins) already by the end of the first day of communication with people of Earth the boat began to hate people, and the Microsoft company with shame had to delete records of the robot and his message to sleep.

There is a habit since the childhood to trust books. I came into book and looked at shelves on management. Ichak Adizes told me from pages of the best-seller: "Employ different!" Be not afraid supposedly if participants of team do not resemble you. They can be stronger than you, they can look in other party from you, but look at the hands - fingers different too, but serve you equally well.

Love, because itself would like to work in the turquoise organization. What does it mean? Means, to work with people who love you and appreciate. And whom you also love and appreciate, and all of you the friend for the friend and with each other (very meow, pussycats pussycats, fyr-fyr).

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of 5 herbs for strengthening of sexual desire, at requests of readers

5 herbs for strengthening of sexual desire

Read also: We return the female sexuality and sensuality!

This plant are widely used in traditional medicine for treatment of states which affect quality of the sexual relations. It promotes balance of production of estrogen at women, helps to emit natural lubricant in an intimate zone that sex was more pleasant. Dyagil also improves blood circulation which promotes excitement and an erection at men.

It contains a large amount of magnesium and zinc, the minerals necessary for balance of activity of sex hormones.

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Amanda lepor, novelty

amanda lepor

Besides, Amanda Lepore after operations continues career in fashion industry. The bottle of its spirits, for example, costs up to 1000 dollars.

Amanda Lepor in youth, continuing to remain physically the boy, studied in college. She liked to do a make-up to herself, but not someone. Then, in 16 years, future star began to sew to order suits for strippers. Suits it is possible to call hardly these millimetric pieces of fabric sheathed by beads and rhinestones. As payment took hormonal medicines. Their saw is a lot of as soon as it is possible. The breast. & #8220 began to grow; Мисс” Lepor dressed up in baggy things not to show change in a body. But when mother saw her after a shower and asked that it, she answered: "I do not know. They just grew up". Amanda Lepor obtained to herself the boyfriend of the plastic surgeon who did not throw her, having even learned that it she the man. From this point also the epic of war of Armand with the male body began.

Amanda Lepore in the childhood was the most ordinary boy by the name of Armand. Later she admits that she always considered herself the girl, and did not understand why on it diligently pull men's wear. In family where mother was a schizophrenic to dig in morale of the son there was nobody. The father worked eternally, providing family. Trying to apologize somehow for crazy mother, he allowed the son to buy to himself dolls. The father considered that the child just lacks maternal care. He thought so up to 11 years of the boy, at this age Armand said that he wants to change sex.

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Before to fall in love with you, I has to fall in love with itself, from our readers

before to fall in love with you, I have to fall in love with myself

All of us were taught that it is necessary to love others, but did not teach at the same time that we have to fall in love with ourselves first of all.


for yourself: If the love "presses", it means not your size

Your friends are people who will never bring you and to whom you can trust. People who, actually, also need to be appreciated.

Use the loneliness to devote time completely to themselves. You can learn a lot of things about yourself. It will raise your self-assessment. You will believe in yourself and the forces, and you fall in love with yourself without everyones условий…

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Updating: how to darn a hole on jeans

we prolong life to favourite trousers: how to darn a hole on jeans

Jeans became universal clothes for men, women and even children for a long time. Very often, having found for itself ideal model of panties which emphasizes all advantages of a figure and does not hold down the movement, the person carries a thing, practically without removing.

appliques very simply - by means of the hot iron which melts glue and densely connects a slip to fabric of your jeans Fasten. The only minus of use of such stickers - fragility. Through several washings the picture can fall off, but that it did not occur, you can fix applique by small stitches.

It is necessary for work:

Now let's talk about usual darning. It can be made on the machine or hands.

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Aspects of cultural dialogue, discussion

Yugra - Finland: aspects of cultural dialogue

Participation in work of the XIX Russian-Finnish cultural forum which took place in the Finnish city of Savonlinna was accepted by delegation of Yugra. Its subject & #8212; "Formation of a cultural and tourist product and steady tourism".


Besides, by Museum of Nature and Man at a forum presented two more projects dated for a Year of theater-2019. Negotiations with heads of the district organization of Turku of society "Finland-Russia" and the associations "Magic Theatre 13" of Helsinki as a result of which the preliminary agreement on reception of the Yugra graffiti artists by the Finnish side within the annual festival of street art in Turku and the organization of a visit to Khanty-Mansiysk of the master of illusion of Tatu Tyni from Helsinki for discussion of issues of cooperation in use of new IT technologies in theaters and the museums of Yugra is reached took place. Also Finnish side showed big interest in cooperation with Yugra in the sphere of ethnographic and cultural tourism, reported in district department of public and external relations.

More than 450 representatives of culture from Finland and Russia participated in a forum. This year 108 projects were presented, including 3 the delegation of the autonomous area presented.

Source: https://myopenugra.ru/news/culture/yugra_finlyandiya_aspekty_kulturnogo_dialoga /

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Novelty: what bankers differ from vampires in

in what bankers differ from vampires

Still article on a subject:

The credit is an economic demonstration of trust. Today, if I want to develop new medicine, nothing prevents to take me a loan in bank or to address private investors and venture funds.


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Anim's and animus, popular

anima and animus

I think, the fact that we perceive the world dualno & mdash is not news; through the opposite poles making, nevertheless, a whole. One of such dualities & mdash; conscious/unconscious. Another & mdash; men's/women's. And, as the man consciously defines himself as the man, it follows from this that in its unconscious there is a feminine, it is kind of paradoxical did not look. To the contrary, the woman in unconscious has a machismo. This idea is not new and belongs not to me. Into practice of psychology by the first it was entered by Carl Gustav Jung, having called these parties of human mentality & laquo; Анима» and & laquo; Анимус». & laquo; Анима» in Latin means also laquo; душа» and word & laquo; Анимус» & mdash; men's form of this word. Anima & mdash; this feminine in the man, and Animus & mdash; a machismo in the woman.

What simple thought & mdash; everything that is in your imaginations & mdash; it also is you. Otherwise from where it would undertake there? Most of people prefer to deny it, associating themselves only with that part of imaginations which is pleasant to their Ego. But, actually, these dreams and imaginations, and especially them & laquo; неприемлимая» component & mdash; key. A key to at last to see and recognize what is in ourselves. A key that at last to realize opposite poles of all our emotions and desires and to see them entirely and without illusion of duality.

But if you dare to make it... Remember the most strong and most pure feeling of love which you felt when you for the first time fell in love. That pressing, enthusiastic, boundless feeling. Also present that at the same time there is no jealousy, any desire to possess, any fear of loss, any fear of refusal, both any fear at all and mdash; because you at the same time feel the same and in the same degree from a love object which also is you (yours Anima/Animus). And it has no relation to self-admiration or narcissism, no. And to a split personality & mdash; too not. Consciousness at the same time is complete, actually, for the first time really completely as the person ceases to deny a part of, and it is not about selfish love of the Ego to the Ego, and about pure, true love between men's and a feminine of itself. And this feeling remains with you forever & mdash; because you cannot stop loving yourself any more. It is possible to live, without loving itself & mdash; all of us, unfortunately, managed it after we in the childhood were disaccustomed to accept and love itself (all of us were able to do it unconsciously). But having passed this way to integrity it is conscious, you any more never stop loving yourself.

For example if you want to punish others, it means that you want to punish yourself. But desire to punish itself cannot exist in itself & mdash; it has the second pole & mdash; Anima's desire to be punished (if we speak about the man). And this pole is not opposition to the first, on the contrary, together they make whole as two poles of a magnet make a uniform magnet. For this reason it is possible to go for years to psychologists, to do these or those practicians, and to tell one thousand times to itself: & laquo; I do not need that myself наказывать» & mdash; but it will be useless until Anima at the same time does not tell in unison: & laquo; I do not need being наказанной». But how she can make it if the man does not recognize not only the fact that his Anima wants to be punished, but even its existence?

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