the Embankment of Sochi, at requests of readers

embankment of Sochi

The resort and beach world of Sochi begins with Centralnaya Embankment. Centralnaya Embankment of Greater Sochi is the three kilometer pedestrian Embankment in the Central district of Sochi. It begins from the Southern pier at Marina, rests against an alignment of Pushkin Avenue and reaches for the Eden beach at Delphine Rezort hotel. Centralnaya Embankment Sochi generally passes on Primorskaya Street therefore its national name - Primorskaya Embankment Sochi (Promenade).

the Embankment of Sochi is well-groomed rosaries, attractions for children, magnificent palm trees, cut bushes of boxes, infinite series of cafe. Behind the Pearl beach, the ship and Flibustyer restaurant the embankment passes further and extends along the park of the name Frunze. The most part of Centralnaya Embankment Sochi is in the Central district of Sochi, and from Svetlana boarding house to circus is already Khostinsky District of Sochi. To the Olympic Games of 2014 in Sochi the Embankment was expanded the second time and to it the territory was added to 200 meters on both sides. On Centralnaya Embankment Sochi there are two Rotundas: one is at mooring No. 9 of Seaport in vicinities of Nesebrskaya Street, and another - at the beginning of the park of the name Frunze at Lentyay cafe.

Heart of the resort of Sochi is its smart walking Primorskaya Embankment which has several tiers, and in the central area rises to the Seaside park. Centralnaya Embankment Sochi is the whole architectural masterpiece which unlike other embankments of the seaside cities of Russia lifts tourists on beautiful ladders on several levels. The panorama of the Black Sea from each of tiers opens in own way. On the top embankment of the Seaside park there are many observation platforms from which it is possible to admire subtropical magnificent vegetation of the Center of Sochi and the lower tier of Centralnaya Embankment at beaches.

From Centralnaya Embankment Sochi the panorama of Seaport and Sochi Marina's Grandee with snow-white yachts at moorings opens. The water town of Mayak aquapark, a skyscraper of a housing estate Lighthouse of Alexandria, new hotel 5 * Pulman, the concert hall "Festival", a white round facade of Primorskaya hotel against the background of the modern building of HYATT REGENCY hotel which shot up into the sky & #8212; bright subjects to tourist display at Centralnaya Embankment Sochi. The 17th floor building of "Grand hotel Pearl" with two pools, the Pearl beach, a zone of beach vacation of sanatorium of the Russian Railway Black Sea Coast 5 * & #8212; the best vacation spots on the Embankment of Sochi.

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As it to receive , at the request of chitaty

the visa in that to Russians in 2019: as to receive it

If you have a lot of cash (more than five thousand euros), they need to be declared. It is also possible to import tape recorders, TVs, phones, etc. All this is allowed to bring to the country, but only for private use, that is, no more than one subject.

Narcotic medicines, explosives, weapon and other objects which can pose a threat for citizens of the state are forbidden to import.

As for safety, it is not recommended to visit Togo during the periods of political tension in the country. Pre-election days and also the election days can be those. In general against the background of the neighbors the country is considered quite safe. In Togo there were no acts of terrorism and cases of taking of hostages long ago. Only street crime can constitute danger. Therefore it is not recommended to go at night and also to visit rural areas.

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Yulya of a shchedrov, at the request of chitaty

wriggling a shchedrova

When we only got acquainted with Yulya Shchedrova, she at once struck me with an improbable combination of the external fragility and wisdom of the successful business lady.

Yulya founded huge women's club which helps girls to find the soulmate from around the world.

You are ready to become the real magician?

A name (obligatory)

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the Most interesting: you are pregnant what byyut

<"you are pregnant with img src="" title= what byyut of" width="500" height="750" alt="you are pregnant what byyut">

Practically all profile experts are unanimous that during passing of pregnancy certain manipulations and procedures with your body are contraindicated. Moreover, even if the procedure seems harmless at first sight and for it there are no direct contraindications, we to you strongly recommend to consult with the obstetrician-gynecologist who knows all nuances of your pregnancy.

of the Injection

Because it is about excessively aggressive and toxic impacts on skin, against the background of hormonal changes in an organism of pregnant women, such procedures as are directly contraindicated: laser grinding and a peeling, median and deep peelings with use of chemical medicines and also a mechanical dermabraziya. If to neglect the ban and, despite everything, to carry out the desired procedure, in reply your integument can give the inadequate answer & #8212; in the form of emergence of various pigmentary spots which can not pass even after pregnancy.

Under a ban any cleanings where electric current is used: galvanic, ultrasonic and mechanical cleanings. For this reason procedures where the darsonvalization method is used are banned.

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Updating: 3 ways to have green tea to get rid of fat on a stomach

3 ways to have green tea to get rid of fat on a stomach

From all variety of grades of tea green it is recommended for fight against abdominal fat. Of course, it not the some miracle cure capable to alone solve a problem. But if to have green tea regularly, then it will help to accelerate metabolism and process of fight against excess weight.

Why green tea helps to remove abdominal fat?

1. Green tea with mint

Many began to have green tea only to get rid of fat on a stomach. And it is valid, among its many advantages one of main is the help in fight against excess weight. But why so? There are several arguments:

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the Top, from our readers

how quickly to leave off smoking most: top

The first that is necessary for successful refusal of cigarettes - it is desire and strong motivation. If there is no it and you want to smoke further, do not see sense to give up an addiction, then nothing will leave. These councils how quickly to leave off smoking, will be, are useful to those who really want to get rid of the "tobacco demon".

Desire to finish cigarettes at you is, motivation - too, you perfectly understand what enormous harm you do to the health what big risk at the smoker to get a cancer tumor and heart troubles. Also you understand that at refusal of cigarettes you considerably will save money which you will be able to spend for something pleasant, and from you will not smell badly and you will become better to feel.

It is much simpler to leave off smoking quickly most if someone throws together with you. There is a feeling of psychological support. Besides, you with the workmate will be "two in one boat" and each of you will watch that another "was not mistaken". Besides, there is a phenomenon of the divided responsibility when it turns out that each of you partly is responsible for process of refusal of smoking of another. Being responsible for other person, we act more effectively and can quickly leave off smoking.

Often the addiction to cigarettes is psychological. Initially easier to cope, it is necessary to replace an addiction with something another. Every time when there is desire to smoke, chew an elastic band, you eat candy, apple, fruit jelly, nutlets. Quickly to leave off smoking, replace cigarettes with anything another.

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the Best finds of 2018, the most readable

all for real men: the best finds of 2018

The most interesting and necessary gadgets, tools and men's accessories which Layfkhaker found on open spaces of the trade Internet platform of AliExpress within a year.

the Radio set with an excellent ratio "the price - quality". Quite good option for campaigns, airsoft and travel.

Price: from 288 rubles.

Price: from 11 880 rubles.

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Work and vacancies in Serbia for Russians and Ukrainians in 2019, at requests of readers

work and vacancies in Serbia for Russians and Ukrainians in 2019

Serbia & #8212; it is not that country where it is possible to earn from nothing the large sum of money. The standard of living in Serbia is slightly lower, than in Ukraine and Moscow, it is not significantly more salary, at the same time to find normally paid work rather difficult. If to trust the latest data, then unemployment in Serbia reached 20 percent.

If you have a spirit of adventurism, then such type of work for you. Otherwise it is better not to be engaged in this type of activity as it brings a lot of stress and concerns. You never learn whether you will have orders for the next month, and there is always a wish to eat & #8212; and tomorrow, and in a month.

Bravo, everything is right.

For work and legal stay in the country you will need to make out a working visa.

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From our users: why it is useful to spend time alone

why it is useful to spend time alone

In our culture most of people, apparently, do not spend time in silence and without doing anything. They constantly do something or are in contact with someone, distracting themselves in the various ways not to feel loneliness.


a habit every day to spend some time at discretion (not less than 30 minutes are desirable). Find the quiet place in your house to stop, sit down on a chair or lay down on a bed. Switch off all electronic devices, and be convinced that people close to you know that during this period of time you do not want that you were disturbed.

There are several ways how time alone will make your life better:

If we are afraid to face to the inner world, we will never be able to live in harmony with ourselves. We will always feel uncertainty, a stress, a depression. That is why, how it was sore to adjoin to our deep essence, we have to collect bravery in our heart to look from within, and then our life will be completely transformed very positively.

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Is updated: how to hand over, return and change the e-ticket aboard the plane in 2019

how to hand over, return and change the e-ticket aboard the plane in 2019

This moment is regulated by Article 108 of the Air Code of the Russian Federation where the duty of return of money for the ticket is registered and also the concept of a grace period during which the overall cost of the document will be returned is entered.

An opportunity to withdraw the submitted application is not provided by rules of return. Process of compensation of cost of the ticket takes from 10 to 90 days, depending on a payment method, conditions of airline and other factors.

At the same time, some airlines can raise penalties from the clients who are making out return regardless of delivery term. When the client hands over the travel document less, than in 1 day, he will be able to count up to 75% of its cost on compensation. Also it will be required to pay a commission fee.

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