From our users: why it is useful to spend time alone

Published: 3.11.2017
why it is useful to spend time alone

In our culture most of people, apparently, do not spend time in silence and without doing anything. They constantly do something or are in contact with someone, distracting themselves in the various ways not to feel loneliness.


a habit every day to spend some time at discretion (not less than 30 minutes are desirable). Find the quiet place in your house to stop, sit down on a chair or lay down on a bed. Switch off all electronic devices, and be convinced that people close to you know that during this period of time you do not want that you were disturbed.

There are several ways how time alone will make your life better:

If we are afraid to face to the inner world, we will never be able to live in harmony with ourselves. We will always feel uncertainty, a stress, a depression. That is why, how it was sore to adjoin to our deep essence, we have to collect bravery in our heart to look from within, and then our life will be completely transformed very positively.

As we were children, much of us had to pass through difficulties in life some of which inflicted on us huge suffering and emotionally injured. Later, to avoid any further sufferings, many of us tried to suppress very much our emotions connected with traumatic experience. But how many we would not drive away them, they are still hidden deeply in our mentality, all the time urging us to pay attention to them, but we even for a moment do not wish to focus on them. We are afraid to come into contact with our emotional world, and we try to avoid it in any possible ways.

So far you at rest, in silence, begin to pay attention to the feelings, feelings and thoughts. If you did not make such thing for a long time, there is a probability that you will begin to be nervous soon - your body can begin to shake, the disturbing emotions can begin to be shown and undesirable memoirs will emerge. If when it occurs, do not hurry to run from what occurs whatever frightening it it seemed. Understand everything that you test: physically, emotionally and intellectually.

Spending time alone on a regular basis, you will learn to live in the world with yourself. You will cease to distract the mind on superficial things on which you spend the time and energy, and you will not want to close yourself from life any more - on the contrary, you will be able to test every moment to the full extent, squeezing out juice of life, not feeling chained to burdensome fears of the past. You will cease to try to hide the deepest parts of your mentality from yourself and people around, pretending to be someone, you will freely feel to express the authenticity, having found out that nothing remained to hide.

In effect, we try to escape from ourselves. It is not surprising that there is no every time when we accidentally appear alone and nobody, we quickly begin to feel uncomfortablly. To avoid this discomfort, we hurry to make something that will distract us from itself. It is the main reason why so many people watch TV within several hours endlessly or thoughtlessly surf on the Internet. Or why so many people feel overfatigue. Or why there are a lot of persons interested to be constant in the presence of other people. It also explains why before going to bed at night, many of us use sleeping pill to avoid opposition from more dark part of our mentality. We so are afraid of ourselves that constantly we occupy with something our minds.

But why people always feel need to distract from themselves? Generally because they came off the one who are they.

Be not afraid to face the past traumatic experience. The hidden memoirs have to emerge in yours consciousness, and it is quite probable that they will awaken many suppressed emotions which will force you to burst into tears, feel grief and will bring myriads of thoughts which will excite your mind. But when all these memoirs will be taken out consciousnesses, healing process will begin. Through this process you will begin to test internal harmony. You will feel physically weakened, emotionally cleaned and morally well rested. You regenerate in a healthy condition of life.


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