Work and vacancies in Serbia for Russians and Ukrainians in 2019, at requests of readers

Published: 5.11.2017
work and vacancies in Serbia for Russians and Ukrainians in 2019

Serbia & #8212; it is not that country where it is possible to earn from nothing the large sum of money. The standard of living in Serbia is slightly lower, than in Ukraine and Moscow, it is not significantly more salary, at the same time to find normally paid work rather difficult. If to trust the latest data, then unemployment in Serbia reached 20 percent.

If you have a spirit of adventurism, then such type of work for you. Otherwise it is better not to be engaged in this type of activity as it brings a lot of stress and concerns. You never learn whether you will have orders for the next month, and there is always a wish to eat & #8212; and tomorrow, and in a month.

Bravo, everything is right.

For work and legal stay in the country you will need to make out a working visa.

If you visit Serbia by the invitation of the citizen of the country, then in it cases the visa is not required to you too. You will need to show the invitation on crossing of border. Copies of the invitation will not approach & #8212; show only the original.

Dear author! Did you write it for citizens of Ukraine or absolutely long ago? It seemed to me that stay is limited for 30 days.

For record - gasoline in Serbia very expensive so there is no sense to take motorists with itself the car.

However on it the list of requirements does not come to an end. It is necessary to prove everything that you will perform best of all the specified work, however it is not necessary to lie too as sooner or later the truth will be opened and you can just be dismissed. Also you should prepare a certain package of documents to give them to special instance which will help to find to you work.

Minuses & #8212; lack of stable earnings if demand for your services suddenly falls, you receive a minimum of money that by itself is bad as you need to pay housing and something is.

The visa to entry into Serbia is not necessary to citizens of Russia and Ukraine, to be necessary for them only the international passport. In some cases, at you can ask to show air tickets in the opposite direction. It is possible for tourists in Serbia is without visa of 90 days.

You should reconcile to the fact that you as the foreigner you will systematically spend the considerable sums of money. Enters this sum: an insurance, filing of applications on the right of stay, charge for long-term stay and many other things. Figures constantly change, but one can be told precisely - will cost all expenses "pretty penny". By the way, if you came to work not one and with family, then taxes are paid also for them too. And that strange & #8212; for children and disabled people, it is necessary to pay too.

Vlad, good afternoon! At the moment conditions for visa-free stay of citizens of the Russian Federation in the Republic Serbia following: for owners of diplomatic and service passports & #8212; up to 90 days, for owners of usual passports & #8212; up to 30 days.

Certainly, it is the important fact. The employer will prefer the worker who will understand that to be created around him.

And the fourth, last option & #8212; it is remote work, that is work on the Internet. There is a lot of good points: first, you should not appear every morning in a workplace at any office, can freely travel around the country, the main thing that the area of coverage of the Internet did not come to an end. Secondly, the sum of your salary entirely depends only on you, so if to make effort, then you can earn quite quite good money.

In the summer & #8212; work by the sea, in the winter & #8212; in ski resorts. But also here earnings not really high, also taking into account that as food prices and housing raise promptly. Nevertheless, for those who wants to have a rest a little by the sea and at the same time though to earn something & #8212; it is a great option.

Following option & #8212; it is seasonal work. This type of employment will be relevant more in Montenegro as in Serbia tourism is poorly developed.

That else for & #171; any нормальный»? And on foot, by bicycles or on public transport silly perhaps move?

The most advantageous option & #8212; it when you are invited to work under the contract in some company. In this case you will have guaranteed rather high salary and normal working conditions as all these points register in the contract which you have to read.

However, the chance that will offer you work on the contract, is not really small as many people from Russia wish to work there. Russians love Serbia because of comfortable climate and the friendly people.

By the way, the company will pay rental housing hardly so the size of expenses at you will increase several times.

Last council very much & #171; ценный» & #8212; any normal person will move across Serbia on a car. The price of gasoline is approximately twice higher than the Russian.

If you were lucky to get such job, then you will have a salary in the amount of 1000 up to 4000 euros, sots. the package, the health insurance, some employers pay even services of telephone communication, in some cases you can receive the office apartment and the car. Do not think that all so kind employers, everyone individually makes the contract, and you need to read it attentively.

This option much realistichny, than previous & #8212; search of full-time employment on an equal basis with local population. Here it is necessary to warn you at once, you have to know ideally Serbian, otherwise will prefer other person why to employ the worker who cannot normally communicate with people.

Seasonal work in Serbia & #8212; work which will be suitable for youth more. It is connected with the fact that such work belongs to a row changeable, it has no fixed salary and the prospects of career development. Adults usually want, any stability in life.

Today Serbia is a participant of the South Stream project. If this project is implemented, then in Serbia to appear about 2.5 thousand jobs. Thus, you will have an excellent chance to find continuous and well paid work.

The minimum wage in Belgrade varies from 250 to 350 euros, at the same time a living wage & #8212; 800 euros. In Montenegro the situation is a little better as the most part of Montenegrins lives due to tourism: lease apartments to tourists, sell self-made souvenirs and offer sightseeing tours.

The diplomaed teachers of Russian have quite good chance to find a constant source of income. It is also possible to get a job in finance company in the Russian department. However it is not necessary to think that you will have the same salary, as well as at the others. On that money which you will receive it is hardly possible to make ends meet.

In Serbia everything is expensive: housing, gasoline, and salaries very small.

If you decided to find work in Montenegro or Serbia, then you should face a large amount of difficulties on the way. The chance that you will regret about this act is very high. Therefore it is necessary to think and count everything & #171; за» and & #171; против» not to appear, so to speak, with a chipped washing-tub.


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