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Published: 7.11.2017
all for real men: the best finds of 2018

The most interesting and necessary gadgets, tools and men's accessories which Layfkhaker found on open spaces of the trade Internet platform of AliExpress within a year.

the Radio set with an excellent ratio "the price - quality". Quite good option for campaigns, airsoft and travel.

Price: from 288 rubles.

Price: from 11 880 rubles.

Price: 519 rubles.

Price: from 3 622 rubles.

Price: from 472 rubles.

Price: 1 327 rubles.

Stylish qualitative braces with leather elements. The good idea for a gift.

Price: 958 rubles.

It is connected on Wi-Fi to the home router and then copes via the mobile application. It is possible to look through statistics of loading and to create reports.

Price: 2 208 rubles.

The high-quality screw-driver with a convenient metal case and set of 24 bits.

The automobile booster will help to start the car with the sat-down accumulator and also with ease will recharge the laptop, the tablet and other gadgets.

Set of hooks, vertlyuzhok, sinkers, beads and other tackles - only 160 pieces.

Having connected wire earphones to this piece, it is possible to make of them wireless.

The video recorder from Xiaomi with permission of Full HD fastens to a regular mirror. In a set the rear-view camera.

Covers a body with a water-repellent film, protects from pollution and salt mixes in the winter on roads.

Price: 2 087 rubles.

Price: from 1 183 rubles.

A heat-resistant marching mug on 420 milliliters with a cover. It is possible to make tea or to cook soup.

Price: from 837 rubles.

A qualitative multitool on 24 tools. In a set a set of bits and a case.

Price: from 1 165 rubles.

The device for wireless charging of Blitzwolf with support of the Qi standard and Quick Charge 3.0 technology. It is delivered complete with the adapter.

Price: from 260 rubles.

Price: from 2 955 rubles.

Price: from 1 641 ruble.

A flannel dressing gown with a hood for those who want to represent themselves as the Jedi or a sitkh in the cold winter evenings.

On it it is possible to place earphones, a wire from them, hours, the smartphone and the tablet.

Warm gloves from dense waterproof material with a fleece lining. In such it is possible to interact with touch screens.

Price: from 581 rubles.

Price: 1 673 rubles.

Price: from 607 rubles.

With their help it is easy to organize convenient storage of tools.

Powerful accumulator model of excellent quality. There are various options of a complete set. The screw gun, the accumulator, charging and also a thong and a bracket for fastening enters basic. It is possible to add the second accumulator and a case for transportation to it.

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A paintball mask in the form of Terminator's head.

Price: 3 244 rubles.

Price: 831 rubles.

Price: 1 289 rubles.

Big tool kit for car repairs. In a set a convenient case for storage.

A capacious bag for storage or transportation of things in the car. In the spread-out state its dimensions - 52 Ч 38,5 Ч 26 centimeters.

An excellent belt from strong material for fishing or a campaign.

Price: from 1 184 rubles.

Original memory cards of microSD from Sandisk on 32, 64 and 128 gigabytes.

Price: 1 831 ruble.

Price: from 1 234 rubles.

Price: 9 784 rubles.

Wireless Bluedio earphones with support of Bluetooth 4.1, with a resistance of 16 Ohms and sensitivity 110 dB. Work in the mode of reproduction of music till 40 o'clock.

A stylish thermal mug of Xiaomi with the sensor of temperature and a leather thong. Perfectly holds as warmly, and cold and also allows to make coffee.

The laser level with three modes and a roulette on 250 millimeters.

The Xiaomi down-padded coat 90 points with filler from goose down, a fur collar and waterproof top. Available three colors at choice.

Big composite bow. Excellent quality and rich set of delivery.

Price: from 1 120 rubles.

A lunchbox with a removable container and a convenient divider. There is a compartment for a spoon and sticks, devices in a set too. Volume - 1 liter.

The bicycle gadget in the moisture-proof building with the 2,7-inch display. It is available in three options of design with the wire or wireless transmitter. Runs on the CR2032 battery.

The high-quality construction hair dryer with adjustment of temperature and the screen. In a set set snuffled various form. Nearly 1 000 orders and 98% of positive reviews.

Price: from 319 rubles.

Price: 1 500 rubles.

Price: 1 136 rubles.

Price: from 5 916 rubles.

Price: from 817 rubles.


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