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Published: 9.11.2017
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The first that is necessary for successful refusal of cigarettes - it is desire and strong motivation. If there is no it and you want to smoke further, do not see sense to give up an addiction, then nothing will leave. These councils how quickly to leave off smoking, will be, are useful to those who really want to get rid of the "tobacco demon".

Desire to finish cigarettes at you is, motivation - too, you perfectly understand what enormous harm you do to the health what big risk at the smoker to get a cancer tumor and heart troubles. Also you understand that at refusal of cigarettes you considerably will save money which you will be able to spend for something pleasant, and from you will not smell badly and you will become better to feel.

It is much simpler to leave off smoking quickly most if someone throws together with you. There is a feeling of psychological support. Besides, you with the workmate will be "two in one boat" and each of you will watch that another "was not mistaken". Besides, there is a phenomenon of the divided responsibility when it turns out that each of you partly is responsible for process of refusal of smoking of another. Being responsible for other person, we act more effectively and can quickly leave off smoking.

Often the addiction to cigarettes is psychological. Initially easier to cope, it is necessary to replace an addiction with something another. Every time when there is desire to smoke, chew an elastic band, you eat candy, apple, fruit jelly, nutlets. Quickly to leave off smoking, replace cigarettes with anything another.

And still you can learn a secret of how it is possible to eat everything and not to recover. Read about the principles of intuitive food and easily grow thin without diets.

Of course, at sharp refusal there will be withdrawal pains as nicotine causes physiological dependence. This substance participates in processes of cellular metabolism. And, if it arrives from the outside from cigarettes, then the organism itself ceases to produce it. Therefore after sharp refusal the nicotinic withdrawal pains begin. The person becomes irritable, nervous, the mood sharply changes, worsens health, there are problems with intestines, there is cough, the immunity worsens. All this will not pass until the body does not adapt to the changed conditions and will not begin to produce necessary substance.

All this, of course, frightens, but smoothly from cigarettes not to manage. It is better to throw once, two weeks to suffer, and then to be healthy, than to put constantly itself at risk of a heart attack and lung cancer.

Usually smoking is associated with a certain ritual. People smoke when it is boring when wait when they are nervous. Or, for example, for many to smoke a ritual in the morning with a cup of coffee on a balcony. Or during the day to come with other smoking employee to a smoke break - to communicate, have a rest.

It is necessary for time so much quickly to leave off smoking and the organism was completely cleaned from nicotine. If you hold on two weeks, then then will not begin to smoke any more. At least, your organism will have no need for it any more. And further everything depends only on your desire and the personal choice.

Also read how it is easy and correct to tide up. Advice is given by the master in the organization of house space. It appears, cleaning can not always be unpleasant and tiresome. If it is correct to carry out it, then process will be for pleasure.

It is necessary to refuse all these rituals, having replaced them with anything another.

All these nicotinic plasters, chewing tobacco, electronic cigarettes are ineffective. They all the same contain nicotine which will not allow to get rid of dependence. Therefore it is just necessary to get rid of nicotine - once and for all.

But it is necessary to know about consequences of refusal to be ready to consequences, and to understand how to cope with them.

Intensive trainings will help to cope with a stress. During sports activities, the fair amount of good hormones - endorphin, dopamine, serotonin is thrown out blood. They kill pain, improve mood, reduce symptoms of nicotinic withdrawal pains.

Psychological trick: the positive reinforcement is always more effective, than negative. People with much bigger pleasure do something for the sake of an award than because to be afraid of deprivations or negative result.

If all this at you already is, then came it is a high time to learn the opinion of psychologists experts who told how it is correct to leave off smoking.

Often the refusal of smoking is associated with increase in weight. Actually, there is no direct dependence between nicotine and a set of weight. Partly, of course, smoking dulls appetite which wakes up after refusal. But not it becomes the overeating reason.

It turned out to save on refusal of cigarettes? Great. Please yourself with a gift on that money that usually you spend for all new and new packs. Mini-gifts will be a positive reinforcement of how to leave off smoking in house conditions, and therefore it will be easier and more pleasant to do it.

Nothing forces the person to work so surely as good motivation. For someone care of health, for someone - significant monetary economy will become this factor, and someone will make it for the sake of darling. Choose that is most powerful for you, and always remember for the sake of what you leave off smoking.

People recover from the fact that they replace cigarettes with junk and high-calorie food - chips, fast food, cakes and candies. It also causes the amendment. It is just necessary to control what gets to you into a mouth. Let it will be apple, but not cookies.

To throw gradually is a myth which does not lead to refusal of smoking. Therefore it is necessary to leave an addiction sharply. Choose date when you do not light any more, and do not depart from the plan. But do not delay the next Monday or any holiday. Let this date will come, for example, tomorrow or every other day that you had time morally to get over that more cigarettes in your life will not be.

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