the Most interesting: professional advice

how to tame a parrot to hands: professional advice

One of the most popular feathery pets are wavy popugaychik. These curious and very sociable creations are capable to subdue any, even ardent opponent of pets. With the advent of a parrot the house is filled with joy and ringing chirping of these bright, cheerful birds.

Even the most unsociable and careful wavy parrots cannot live without communication therefore sooner or later it will be given. You surely tame him to hands just on it a little more time will leave.

Do not wait that the parrot will get used to you for couple of days, stock up with patience and everything will turn out.

If the bird cannot understand what needs to be done, slightly touch her tummy between pads, and she willingly will get over on a finger.

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we Achieve the objectives in new year with weekly number 1, discussion

we achieve the objectives in new year with weekly number 1

You watch how it looks from within:

Once I received the letter from one consultant (we will name him Stepan) with the following request: "Igor, you could not make me same well-known in my area as far as you are famous in marketing? You in marketing No. 1. I want to be No. 1 too, but in the area". Shortly before our meeting with Stepan I with great pleasure for myself opened a mayndmepping (creation of memory cards) and therefore made the explanation in the form of the card. And Weekly Number 1 from Number 1 was born.

- To find out strong and weaknesses

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Work and vacancies in Crete for Russians and Ukrainians in 2019, from our readers

work and vacancies in Crete for Russians and Ukrainians in 2019

Crete - surprising beauty the island which is a part of Greece. Crete is known not only the beautiful nature, tender climate, unique color, but also history. This island attracts many people thanks to the fact that it is considered Zeus's homeland - the Greek god and the master of the world.

Earlier the work permit was the separate form. Not so long ago the legislation changed. According to innovations permission is automatically specified in the issued residence permit to the foreign citizen. The residence permit looks in the form of a sticker which is pasted in the international passport of the foreigner.

Having addressed to specialized agency on selection of a suitable vacancy, it is worth preparing initially that it will be required to pay at least 10 percent from estimated revenue for services of the recruiting agency. Therefore you should not hurry to ask for the help experts, it is possible to find a suitable vacancy independently on the Internet.

Can get the social security number (in Greece "AMKA") via the website

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Selection: obuvnitsa the hands

obuvnitsa the hands

Obuvnitsa (a case or a shelf for storage of footwear) has to be in each apartment, this iron rule. Otherwise even in the tidiest dwelling chaos and lawlessness will set in. The obuvka scattered on the hall spoils not only appearance of the house. Having put favourite shoes on a regiment or having removed in a special box, you will keep order and purity, will protect footwear from encroachments of pets and dirty soles of inaccurate children.


the hands

Certainly to make independently! The banquette device very simple is a wide low stool with a soft seat. Everyone who though owns joiner's skills a little and is able to handle a needle. & #169 can make a banquette; Depositphotosobuvnitsa from PVH-trubesli desire to keep footwear in the put place is, and there is no money for quality wood or moisture resistant plywood, it is possible to make a creative obuvnitsa of ordinary sewer pipes easily. Everything that is required - to cut, zashkurit and stick together! Such plain design will help to keep purity and order in the house without excess expenses. Kaloshnitsakaloshnitsa will become the excellent decision for a balcony! Footwear on such shelves perfectly dries, but they borrow much more the place, than a case or, for example, a rack. Though in the last it is possible to put much more shoes and boots.

Having included a little imagination, it is possible to turn a boring box or wooden to a pallet into a functional obuvnitsa with a soft seat, a hanger, a mirror and even additional boxes for shoe accessories. If to you our selection attracted, do not forget to share it with friends.

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of Mikrobleyding - full illusion of natural eyebrows, a new heading

mikrobleyding-full illusion of natural eyebrows

of Mikrobleyding - the modern equipment of a permanent make-up of eyebrows. Becomes in exclusively manual way and generally in saloon conditions. The Mikrobleyding is called still a hairpin permanent make-up. During the procedure the master traces each hair in the direction of growth, giving it the individual thickness, length, saturation.

At a mikrobleyding the integrity of an integument is broken. Therefore there is a risk to catch herpes, hepatitis and even AIDS. Do not risk the health, visit only expensive institutions providing full sterility. In St. Petersburg professionally and responsibly the studio of a permanent make-up of Valida Mamedova approaches business. The salon practices modern technicians of a permanent make-up. All masters have licenses, certificates and diplomas of the international competitions.

The name a mikrobleyding came from the English words "micro" and "blade", that is "small" "edge". The master by means of the tool with a microedge does small cuts in the form of a hair. Then injects into them the painting pigments. The effect of natural eyebrows is as a result gained. The Mikrobleyding though is considered a novelty in the field of a permanent make-up, experts already managed to develop three technicians of implementation of the procedure: European - the master traces hairs, identical on length and color, at the fixed distance, in one direction; East - the master draws hairs of different length, thickness, saturation degree. The direction is chosen chaotic. For realness several hairs can be beaten out from a row; 6D - a combination of a manual and hardware permanent make-up. Hairs are drawn by the handle a maniple, and shading becomes the machine. Mikrobleyding 6D

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Amusing : the general theory of relativity of Einstein this year is 100 years old

of the general theory of relativity of Einstein this year there are 100 years

The well-known general theory of relativity of Einstein this year is 100 years old, and it still remains fundamental fundamentals of physics and astronomy. Einstein published this theory in 1915, and it formed a cornerstone the basis of understanding of scientists of origin and evolution of the Universe. Still it inspires scientists of the whole world on search of answers to the most curious questions of physics and astronomies which are left without answer.

It - and it became a subject of close attention on one hundred years.

"As all proofs of dark energy use the equations of the general theory of relativity, there is an opinion that the new theory of gravitation will help to explain observations - he adds. - Opportunities include the modified theories of gravitation with additional measurements".

"Why expansion of the Universe accelerates? The most possible option - the cosmological constant (or an equivalent of energy of a vacuum of empty space) moves space acceleration" - Spergel writes. - "Other option - the developing scalar field fills space (like Higgs's field or the field of inflation which quickly expanded the Universe in its early days). Both of these opportunities are united in itself by "dark energy".

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What is a stress and as to fight against it, life hack

what is a stress and as to fight against it

A detailed explanation what is a stress what types it happens what its reasons and symptoms, and as to fight against it.

the Most effective ways of fight against a stress are:

What is neurosis and how to struggle with neurosis?

That is, the stress is a reaction of a human body which long time is under pressure of adverse factors and influence of big loadings.

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What of number, date of a holiday, new heading

day of the father of 2018: what number, date of a holiday

For full development any child needs a positive example of the relations between the man and the woman which since the childhood is shown it by parents. Looking at the mothers and fathers, kids learn to communicate with representatives of the and opposite sex, to show feelings, to reach compromise and many other things.

For example, in Egypt the holiday will be celebrated 21 numbers of the same month, and in Poland and Jordan - on June 23. In Ukraine, Day of the father in 2018, will be celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of September, t.e of the 16th. At the moment, this holiday is celebrated in 37 countries worldwide. But such popularity overtook this event far not at once. History of a holiday

For the first time this holiday began to be celebrated in the USA. One woman decided to thank the father who could grow up alone six children, having given them good education and the support. She addressed the mayor in whom she lived that for birthday of her father, all people could congratulate the fathers and pay them a tribute of respect. This tradition quickly dispersed on the nearby cities. And in 1964 America celebrated the Day of the father already at the official level. Traditions of celebration in Russia

our country began to celebrate this holiday for the first time at the beginning of the 2000th years. Now it is difficult to define what settlement became the first, in many cities this event, is noted though not officially, but in a big way. In 2014 in Moscow there took place the first open festival devoted to Day of the father in Russia on which a large number of celebrities gathered.

2016 when by this Day, the authorities paid special attention became the following stage in development of a holiday. The subject of paternity was brought up in mass media. A number of awards were handed thanks to what many learned about a difficult fatherly share and a role of fathers in life of their children who for certain reasons are raised without mother. In some cities of the Russian Federation similar rewardings are held more than ten years. Cash bonuses are paid to single fathers and those fathers who especially succeeded in a parental question and certificates of honor are given.

The question of bringing this event to the level of public holidays, rises several years. Possibly, in the list of official festive events of our country there can shortly be new beautiful, but already official date devoted to all fathers.

A congratulation with Day of the father 2018 & #8212; to a videotakzha you look: what number there will be a Mother's Day in 2018 in Russia.

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From our users: disposal of sufferings

disposal of sufferings

Words will wound and words treat, in at one time them bring suffering, in other disposal. By force of habit, which was developed for years, we connected words with the experiences. When I speak the word "nose", some part of my mentality unconsciously, almost imperceptibly from my personality concerns it attention. When I tell "suffering", I do not feel concrete pain, but its echo fleetingly rushes in consciousness. The more particularly words reflect the maintenance of mentality, the more brightly show its contents. If you are equated to dirt, some deeply suppressed experience which is associated with this dirt can wake up a pain echo. Sometimes, the more vigorously the person denies in himself some quality, the more brightly this quality in it is shown in a suppressed look. Suppression - one of mechanisms of psychological protection. And here, besides I am not sure that my subjective understanding of this process is similar to understanding which in suppression is put by psychoanalysts. Owing to long-term introspection, I consider suppression as global process by means of which the person denies reality that finally and is the reason of all his sufferings. And work with this process can lead to disposal of sufferings.

Relaxing, I beheld own experiences, paying special attention to those areas in which relaxation happened most difficult. Plunging attention into these areas, I saw that the most painful experiences which I unconsciously suppressed, just exactly there disappear in order that to muffle them. We fix the endured events in experiences. Some "difficult" feelings which we refuse to live, appearing, at once do not pass, and kind of get stuck in our unconscious dead freight.

All our desires are our unrealized energy, our potential which rests against mental blocks. And by the way, as an example, desire to wear out is a vital energy which encounters one of mental blocks in throat area. That this energy did not torment, the talker the chatter spends energy in a conversation. Similar processes happen in our thinking. We continuously stay in mind dreams, and we are eager to receive impressions to burn mental energy which presses on thin blocks, being shown in boredom, melancholy and despondency.

Honesty with itself, helps to open mental blocks therefore in psychological consultation the frankness of the client is so important. But to demand this frankness nobody not in the right. The person has to ripen and want to solve the problem. Otherwise, opening others wound, it is possible to get it in the neck to face unwillingness and unavailability of the person to work with these experiences. If there is no readiness to digest suppressed material yet, but the protective mechanism of suppression is already broken, the person will try to restore this mechanism in every way. Restoration of such protection - process tiresome, but sometimes - appropriate.

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At requests of readers: how to cook porridge for a dog

how to cook porridge for a dog

In order to avoid such troubles it is possible to try to feed a dog with one type of grain within several days and if everything is normal, to add it to a constant diet.

It is useful to read: Disorders of digestion at dogs: how to prevent and how to treat?

At the same time it is necessary to watch reaction of an organism to various grain. The matter is that some dogs have allergic reactions to some types of grain, usually it is oat flakes or buckwheat. Wheat and yachnevy can cause disorder of digestion in some animals.

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