What is a stress and as to fight against it, life hack

Published: 17.4.2018
what is a stress and as to fight against it

A detailed explanation what is a stress what types it happens what its reasons and symptoms, and as to fight against it.

the Most effective ways of fight against a stress are:

What is neurosis and how to struggle with neurosis?

That is, the stress is a reaction of a human body which long time is under pressure of adverse factors and influence of big loadings.

The stress has the pronounced symptoms therefore to cover the nonsense, the laziness, unwillingness to take the responsibility reaction of the organism to external pressure - means to deceive itself.

To solve problems, so far they did not turn into category of unsolvable.

Selye decided that all this is applicable to a human body and began researches, fortunately, not in public, and - on rats.

Animal activists for certain will call the Nobel laureate the sadist and the fleecer and somewhere will be right, however the science is often unmerciful to dumb animals.

Once the chief understood that even long-term friendship with Lucie's uncle will not force it to keep at itself in the state this useless creation and with a rebuff in style "yes you though know what is a stress, the idler" dismissed the young lady.

For example if the motor of the car makes a strange sound, then it is necessary to go immediately to car service but not to wait until the car becomes and it is necessary to invest enormous money in repair.

Elimination of the reasons of a stress.

Alas to understand what is a stress, it was possible exactly thanks to brutal experiences of the scientist.

So, Selye drew conclusions that internals of rats give in to pathologies not from the influence of electric current, water or loud noise, and as a result of reaction of an organism of rodents to them.

Separately each of these symptoms is not terrible, but diagnosing at itself at least 5 signs from the list has to set you thinking: but whether a stress at me.

Selye's experiences were that he tormented rats in various ways (a loud sound, immobilization, current, water), and then did necropsy of an experimental rodent which showed that internals of a rat changed, most often stomach ulcer was found in them.

Such I worked with one. It was the most stupid creations, arranged in our company on acquaintance which could not carry out a uniform task. Called her Lyusya.

For certain still primitive people who long did not manage to catch a mammoth suffered from nervous tension and a stress though they and did not understand a condition of the organism.

You do not bear responsibility for all negative of mankind. To believe that everything at you will be good, you as nobody, you deserve happiness.

Now you know what is a stress and, I hope, will not begin to flaunt this word to the place and out of place.

Were tired - have a rest, it is too much duties - give a part to someone, quarreled with the husband - reconcile, etc. To see a positive even in negative points.

To filter information which you absorb.

Of course, reaction of a human body in the form of a stress does not appear in itself.

You can safely claim that you have a stress if you:

For anybody not a secret that the small dose of adrenaline is useful to a human body that he cheered up, stirred up, woke up at last.

Distresses are harmful stresses which are caused by an overstrain.

Most often arises when the person cannot establish cooperation with society.

The reason of its emergence - excessively strong emotions (both positive, and negative) with which the person cannot cope. Information - reaction of an organism to some unexpected information, most often - negative. Administrative - a trouble of all heads who daily should make important decisions. Who the first understood what is a stress?

Of course, the stress existed always.

Single distresses do not do big harm to an organism, but if you a long time do not leave this state, then the stress can develop into something more dangerous, a depression, for example.

Also classify stresses depending on factors which provoke their emergence:

The word "stress" is a tracing-paper from the English stress that is translated as tension, loading, pressure.

What of the reasons would not lead to appearance of a stress, you have to find such medicine quickly to normalize a condition of the organism and any more never to suffer from this dirty trick.

And you know why?

Because this word as if a board, often like to cover the inability to work, solve problems, to carry out the direct duties idlers, hysteric women, hitropopy and other useless persons.

Eustressa are useful stresses which give a positive impetus of energy to our organism.

I decided to dot one's "i's" and cross one's "t's" once and for all and to explain the history of origin, symptoms, the causes, types of a stress and ways to struggle with it.

How to get rid of a stress: 5 best decisions

I wanted to write article about what is a stress long ago.

And here when the task of the management seemed to it especially difficult or drew in a deadline, Lyusya fell into a nervous state and shouted all around: "I have a stress. I cannot do anything".

The stress arises for quite objective reasons:

But closely this problem researched only in the first half of the XX century.

All of us breathed a sigh of relief because such valuable cooperation when you have to perform not only the work, but also Lyusina, tired all of us.

For the first time to understand and describe what is a stress, managed the winner of an award of Nobel Hans Selye in 1936. To it the term "stress" was used as technical and meant resistance of some material to external pressure.

I not accidentally started a conversation on unpleasant people that like to be covered with a stress.

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