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Published: 15.4.2018
day of the father of 2018: what number, date of a holiday

For full development any child needs a positive example of the relations between the man and the woman which since the childhood is shown it by parents. Looking at the mothers and fathers, kids learn to communicate with representatives of the and opposite sex, to show feelings, to reach compromise and many other things.

For example, in Egypt the holiday will be celebrated 21 numbers of the same month, and in Poland and Jordan - on June 23. In Ukraine, Day of the father in 2018, will be celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of September, t.e of the 16th. At the moment, this holiday is celebrated in 37 countries worldwide. But such popularity overtook this event far not at once. History of a holiday

For the first time this holiday began to be celebrated in the USA. One woman decided to thank the father who could grow up alone six children, having given them good education and the support. She addressed the mayor in whom she lived that for birthday of her father, all people could congratulate the fathers and pay them a tribute of respect. This tradition quickly dispersed on the nearby cities. And in 1964 America celebrated the Day of the father already at the official level. Traditions of celebration in Russia

our country began to celebrate this holiday for the first time at the beginning of the 2000th years. Now it is difficult to define what settlement became the first, in many cities this event, is noted though not officially, but in a big way. In 2014 in Moscow there took place the first open festival devoted to Day of the father in Russia on which a large number of celebrities gathered.

2016 when by this Day, the authorities paid special attention became the following stage in development of a holiday. The subject of paternity was brought up in mass media. A number of awards were handed thanks to what many learned about a difficult fatherly share and a role of fathers in life of their children who for certain reasons are raised without mother. In some cities of the Russian Federation similar rewardings are held more than ten years. Cash bonuses are paid to single fathers and those fathers who especially succeeded in a parental question and certificates of honor are given.

The question of bringing this event to the level of public holidays, rises several years. Possibly, in the list of official festive events of our country there can shortly be new beautiful, but already official date devoted to all fathers.

A congratulation with Day of the father 2018 & #8212; to a videotakzha you look: what number there will be a Mother's Day in 2018 in Russia.

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