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Published: 13.4.2018
disposal of sufferings

Words will wound and words treat, in at one time them bring suffering, in other disposal. By force of habit, which was developed for years, we connected words with the experiences. When I speak the word "nose", some part of my mentality unconsciously, almost imperceptibly from my personality concerns it attention. When I tell "suffering", I do not feel concrete pain, but its echo fleetingly rushes in consciousness. The more particularly words reflect the maintenance of mentality, the more brightly show its contents. If you are equated to dirt, some deeply suppressed experience which is associated with this dirt can wake up a pain echo. Sometimes, the more vigorously the person denies in himself some quality, the more brightly this quality in it is shown in a suppressed look. Suppression - one of mechanisms of psychological protection. And here, besides I am not sure that my subjective understanding of this process is similar to understanding which in suppression is put by psychoanalysts. Owing to long-term introspection, I consider suppression as global process by means of which the person denies reality that finally and is the reason of all his sufferings. And work with this process can lead to disposal of sufferings.

Relaxing, I beheld own experiences, paying special attention to those areas in which relaxation happened most difficult. Plunging attention into these areas, I saw that the most painful experiences which I unconsciously suppressed, just exactly there disappear in order that to muffle them. We fix the endured events in experiences. Some "difficult" feelings which we refuse to live, appearing, at once do not pass, and kind of get stuck in our unconscious dead freight.

All our desires are our unrealized energy, our potential which rests against mental blocks. And by the way, as an example, desire to wear out is a vital energy which encounters one of mental blocks in throat area. That this energy did not torment, the talker the chatter spends energy in a conversation. Similar processes happen in our thinking. We continuously stay in mind dreams, and we are eager to receive impressions to burn mental energy which presses on thin blocks, being shown in boredom, melancholy and despondency.

Honesty with itself, helps to open mental blocks therefore in psychological consultation the frankness of the client is so important. But to demand this frankness nobody not in the right. The person has to ripen and want to solve the problem. Otherwise, opening others wound, it is possible to get it in the neck to face unwillingness and unavailability of the person to work with these experiences. If there is no readiness to digest suppressed material yet, but the protective mechanism of suppression is already broken, the person will try to restore this mechanism in every way. Restoration of such protection - process tiresome, but sometimes - appropriate.

At some point something induces you to return to daily occurrence. There are left unfinished affairs. "Karma" of responsibility induces to watch a body and to direct it diversely. And you accept it. Why not? Being in ""center"" of experiences, everything loses value. You do not need to know the latest news. This desire, I am sure, was caused by unconscious thirst for "source" of your experiences. And to you it is not important any more, there will be you "there", or will return to the habitual world. But something induces to return, and some part of mind is sure that and it is necessary. Then, in the world there can be a zabyvaniye. A part of mind remembers that "there" in depth себя… there was something very important, intimate - the reason only. But that it was, at first mind to remember and understand not in forces.

Perhaps, you heard an ordinary phrase of psychologists that "all of us - it is from the childhood". It means that the most part of trends and laws under which our personality functions today was put in our childhood. Sometimes, our biggest achievement is our biggest neurosis, compensating which we in this life try to obtain something. The most part of neurosises is put in the childhood because young awareness is not ready to the most part of complex experiences which happens to it.

Slightly above I already spoke about the "magical" force of words. This tool is available to everyone. You can keep the diary, communicate with the close friend, independently analyze, but one sincere desire to understand itself can be insufficiently. Ourselves do not notice how ourselves deceive ourselves. Therefore it is most effectively possible to use force of words near the person who can help to reveal self-deception.

Suppression of experiences is a blocking of the natural course of mental processes that in turn leads to various psychosomatic illnesses. Suppression, in general, reminds a suffocation of the life. Work with the psychologist, physical activity and work - only a part from the disposals methods and simplification of life. Below I will try to describe additional technology of disposal of sufferings, blocks and clips which used a long time.

So, for disposal of sufferings, removals of tension and the solution of problems quite approach such methods as: work with the psychologist, intimate outright communication, maintaining diary, physical activity, sport, work, study, relaxation and contemplation.

It was extremely uncomfortable, but interesting experience. But in it there are no pain and any suffering. Each such twisting lasted several minutes and later gave disposal and relief. Perhaps, it is also called disentangling of knots of a karma. How many such small knots in me I do not know. But, it seems on them all my human person as something live keeps.

If we work with suffering, we sort a sarcophagus which was imposed on the small smoking mental NPP in the early childhood, the opened dull ache at some point develops into an acute pain. Sometimes it is humiliation, shame, fear, a fright, or despair, sometimes - the whole congestion of contradictory experiences which the children's mentality refused to digest, and as a result hid in unconscious. Clarification, disposal, a catharsis happen through exacerbation of "disease". Not for nothing Japanese say that "the suffering is a seed of joy".

Having appeared in the "center", in a source of the experiences, you keep the puppeteer for threads. What directed directed you all life and forced to make decisions under the influence of dissatisfaction, in your hands now - at your stare. You at the same time, as if in the "center" of a tornado. Around the whole world rushes at a fearful rate from the past in the future. But you stay here and now, in a rest point, allowing to occur what occurs, without interfering, without correcting, you do not push, do not hold, do not press and do not pull, and is simply weakened, having released all threads, remain yourself in yourself.

This practice is good the fact that it is optional to you to dig in your past and to get from there concrete situations. You work with experiences directly. But this practice will suit not everyone. For its use the person already has to have a certain level of sobriety and keenness. And then, as I was convinced, after all it is much simpler to study many blocks by means of verbal methods, in the conversation opening an essence of habitual delusions. Probably, not for nothing the nature gave such tools?

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When you got for a wall of blocks and feel ""center"", you have no desire to give up practice, to go and distract because you feel the reason of this desire "to distract". You get into the "center" of the reasons for all possible motives something with something to do. But, staying in this "center", everything suits you also occasions to change life does not arise any more.

This extremely entertaining experience is similar to some wave bundle of nerves which continuously fluctuates in attempt to find balance. But this restless "piece" seems by the most nature - it is absolutely unstable, and just due to this instability she also lives. Wanted to think up for it the name, but changed the mind. I feel that without the name this phenomenon will be simpler to be understood.

So, approaching practice. Many times, practicing relaxation, I reached one extremely interesting experience. In literature did not meet anywhere its description therefore it is not sure that such experiences are inherent in all in general. Perhaps, it is connected with some individual regularities on which the mentality of the certain person functions. Therefore all of us though are similar, but at the same time everyone in something is unique. Considering this context, it is worth understanding that is not some universal psychological reference book, and subjective expression of understanding of the ordinary person.

In life I still often feel dissatisfaction which whenever possible I try to use as motivation for statement of the purposes. Sometimes this dissatisfaction spontaneously is suppressed and becomes the reason of some absolutely superficial experiences - fussy irritability, alarm. And only calming the mind, I understand, or "I remember" why I live. Perhaps, now, it is necessary to integrate all this somehow.

Somewhere on the website I already said that pain and suffering should be distinguished. Pain is intensive experience which we take out rather easily while in it there is no suffering. The suffering arises at the mental level. At the heart of suffering there is a suppression of experiences.

The code I approached it to "initial experience" again and again, felt how something in me tries to block it, being forgotten in thoughts. But gradually I managed to remain "there" longer and longer. And these minutes I felt literally so as if something me unscrewed on a spiral, overturning in space. Sometimes it was similar to long flight in some thin plane. At the level of feelings it is remotely similar to experience which arises when our extremities flow after long sitting on the place.

All this time you wanted something, you went somewhere, moved, stirred, and all this occurred to satisfy eternal dissatisfaction, or just to be forgotten in habitual vanity of life and not to feel suppressed suffering.

Perhaps, you will be able to remember the moment when felt psychological suffering and felt how dull ache wanted to be strengthened, transferred to sharp to feel clearer this experience. At this time the person unconsciously feels that quite so - through aggravation he will be able to pass through suffering and to come to simplification.

Extremely important point in this practice consists in beholding that feeling which the mind tries to suppress. It is also the most "painful" point of initial experience. And if you feel how you want to rise, distract, leave, so you miss this ""center"", so you stand at "wall" where there is a suppression from which there is a suffering, but do not feel that specifically you suppress behind this "wall". And behind this wall - that initial experience with which everything began.

Sublimation is a process of "transformation" of rough "energy" in distinguished. It is one of sides of our development. To sublimate vital energy, it is necessary to redirect it on the solution of vital tasks. Training and work are necessary for our development. In addition, this type of activity saves us from sufferings because spends energy which inflicted suffering. Physical exercises, also - one of the most useful ways of burning of energy which maintains health and strengthens will.

At some point I found out that directing attention to the most painful point of own being, I cease to feel страдание… just because in this point - in the source of suffering - there is no suffering yet. To eat simply a certain experience which is suppressed. What experience is?

Meditation, in this sense is a touch deprivation in which we distract attention from superficial impulses to allow to proceed to the course of vital energy naturally. On the one hand practice of meditation allows to grope a source of sufferings and causes aggravation of experiences, on the other hand gives disposal of them. About it I wrote in separate article "A Warning of Experiences in Process of the Personality".

The mentality got used to suppress pain, and does it unconsciously, in the background. And now, when you do not suppress, and conscious attention get into an events essence, at first the attention continually spontaneously slides off from subject to contemplation on a thought. This soskakivaniye is and there is a suppression. When so occurs, you want to finish practice. It is very subtle aspect of understanding, like which, you will be able to remain in a source of experiences longer and longer.

When we endure something what our mentality cannot cope with, we unconsciously narrow "channel" of perception in which there was this phenomenon. So we suppress experiences and we create mental blocks and clips. Such suppression brings suffering, dull suppressed ache. At this time mental energy, kind of encounters the block which we created on its way. Resting against this block, energy accumulates and strengthens pain. Usually instead of relaxing and allowing vital energy to move freely, we start over again suppressing already created dull ache, filling up it with a new cascade of blocks.

Being an adult, possessing more or less developed mentality, the person copes with experiences more effectively therefore "archaeological" excavation own unconscious, sometimes, is very appropriate. It is possible to imagine it in an image of the storeroom which is protected by the toy monster. The small child was frightened of him in due time, escaped away, having slammed behind himself all possible doors. Over the years he wound himself, and in process of growing, gave short weight the guard seen in the childhood the matured images about terrible monsters. And when decided to go to the fears to a meeting, having overcome own frightening imaginations, faced that harmless toy monster.

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Disposal of blocks releases suppressed energy and expands consciousness. That is, not only that self-knowledge leads to disposal of fears, we at the same time also become wiser, more attentive and stronger in every respect. And that new clips did not appear, in general it is worth treating everything calmly, accepting such as is, without distortions and turnings. It helps to keep mental health and allows to react to life soberly.

That is, "initial experience" which we could not accept after the first suppression causes the dulled pain, then on this dulled pain, we pile the second portion of blocks, at all losing one of mental channels of perception. The subconsciousness dump as an assemblage of suppressed neurosises is so formed. All this very approximate picture of the events, - the symbolical card of one of limits of our many-sided mentality.

We love "interesting" movies. And those movies in which there are images burning our mental energy most intensively seem to us interesting. Than images of mind are thinner, especially "advanced" are necessary pictures that to burn these images. But especially resourceful, philosophical mind can find symbolics, suitable for own devastation, in any phenomenon. All spheres of entertainments are directed to devastation of our consciousness. On the one hand, so we "remove stress", on the other hand - we lose energy which could be directed to self-realization.

How to define, the person is ready to work, or not? Here, unfortunately there are no accurate criteria - except unique - own sincere desire to deal with the problems. How sincerely the person wants disposal? Sometimes it depends on duration and intensity of experiences - sometimes just it is necessary to be satiated with the neurosis to feel wholly its uselessness in own life.


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