At requests of readers: how to cook porridge for a dog

Published: 11.4.2018
how to cook porridge for a dog

In order to avoid such troubles it is possible to try to feed a dog with one type of grain within several days and if everything is normal, to add it to a constant diet.

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At the same time it is necessary to watch reaction of an organism to various grain. The matter is that some dogs have allergic reactions to some types of grain, usually it is oat flakes or buckwheat. Wheat and yachnevy can cause disorder of digestion in some animals.

Contrary to popular belief that the dog can eat all that is prepared for themselves by people, whether it be various soups, borsch and boiled or fried potatoes are absolutely useless for food of a dog. Boiled potatoes are not acquired by an organism of a dog at all. But it is occasionally possible to give to a dog crude potato as delicacy.

The most optimal variant of a ratio of components in food for a dog is 1/3 grain, 1/3 meat or an offal and 1/3 vegetables.

That porridge brought benefit, but not just filled a stomach, it is worth knowing some rules of its preparation for dogs.

Any low-fat grades (beef, veal, chicken meat), a meat offal (tracheas, lungs, kidneys, a liver) will be the best meat for feeding of a dog. It is possible to use special forcemeat for animals which is made of waste of meat production.

Unambiguously you should not cook porridge from semolina and pearl barley. They are practically not acquired by an organism of a dog, provoke disorders of a digestive tract.

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And though the modern dry feed or canned food for dogs contain a maximum of the useful nutrients balanced for providing a dog with all necessary, the number of the dog breeders giving preference & #171; натуралке» it is very big.

Despite abundance of ready industrial dog food many owners prefer to feed the favourites with so-called "naturalka" - the food cooked with own hand.

Natural food - a great choice, but it is worth remembering that hardly you will manage to balance food of a dog so that to consider all her requirements. Therefore surely add vitamins. For this purpose it is necessary to consult with your veterinarian (as it is correct to choose the veterinarian), who will advise an optimal variant for your pet.

The best grain for cooking of porridge are rice and buckwheat. It is admissible to give also wheat, barley grits and oat flakes. Use of krupyany allsorts - mix from various grain will be the most optimal variant.

"Empty" porridge without a thing will hardly be pleasant to a dog in addition, the nutritional value of such food is low. A dog - by the nature a carnivore who in a diet needs meat.

An offal needs to be given also only boiled thoroughly!

Meat can be added to porridge when cooking, to give crude or welded. Surely boiled thoroughly it is necessary to give pork - in it there can be a causative agent of plague carnivorous, the general disease for pigs and dogs.

It is possible to add pasta, the main thing to grain, be not overzealous. It is very high-calorie product and if your dog leads an inactive life, there is a risk quickly to gain absolutely unnecessary excess weight.

It should be added some salt to porridge when cooking absolutely slightly, only absolutely slightly, not as we got used to salt for ourselves. Dogs cannot give all other spices.

It is better to cut meat at an opportunity small pieces, than to pass via the meat grinder. In the cut look it is acquired better.

It is necessary to add any vegetable oil to ready porridge, it is very useful for leather, wool and eyes of a dog.

The sea cabbage will be useful additive in porridge. Usually it in the form of powder is added to porridge before feeding.

Fans of such approach to food of dogs claim that only such natural food can be useful to an animal organism as it is prepared from fresh products and does not contain preservatives.

The basis of natural food of a dog is made by grain and meat products.

How to cook "natural" food for a dog that it was really useful?

Cottage cheese - a source of digestible protein and calcium can be addition or alternative to meat.

Also vegetables will be useful. Carrots, beet, pumpkin, cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, vegetable marrows - all this diversify taste of porridge and will add a portion of vitamins to a dog.


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