whether Can apply a pepper plaster at pregnancy and as to do it, amusing

Published: 9.4.2018
whether it is possible to apply a pepper plaster at pregnancy and as to do it

Treatment of various diseases at future mothers is very problematic because these or those drugs can be harmful both to the woman, and to her kid. In this regard even for fight against banal cold it is necessary to see a doctor who taking into account the state of health of the woman will pick up the necessary medicines.

In this regard the pepper plaster which is absolutely harmless at treatment of catarrhal diseases, diseases of airways is better to use


It is applied and to fight against cellulitis, but pregnant women should not apply it in such purposes - it is recommended to use medicine only in case of need. For disposal of pains in a back the plaster is used as the warming-up means improving blood circulations in the sick site at the expense of what the state of health of the person significantly improves. Thanks to ability of medicine to get deeply into muscular layers it is used for activization of certain points of a body.

In a case when cold overtook, future mother, certainly, needs to overcome an illness, it can give complications which will negatively affect the kid. For example, if at incubation of the child temperature increases, it can threaten with oxygen starvation of the kid. In such situations in order to avoid the use of aggressive medicines it is possible to apply a plaster. The advantage of medicine in this case exceeds possible harm, but it does not cancel the fact that without instruction of the doctor it is impossible to use it.

Together with it it is possible to apply also other methods of treatment and medicine. For example, you should not ignore such checked ways of treatment as plentiful drink of warm liquids (tea with honey, milk), the use of a lemon, a bed rest, etc. Putting oksolinovy ointment on a mucous membrane of olfactory body and intake of polyvitamins will allow to reduce risk of developing of cold. Especially these councils are relevant during the periods of epidemics or in a condition of presence of the sick person at your environment.

They are not enough, but it is necessary to consider cases at which it is impossible to use a plaster in order to avoid negative consequences.

In the presence of thrombophlebitis, a varicosity it is necessary to use means only on doctor's orders and very carefully irrespective of, you are pregnant or not. To understand whether you can use personally a pepper plaster at pregnancy, make the sensitivity test to medicine components. Attach its small piece to any part of a body, except for a groin, armpits, the internal surface of hips.

Strengthen the immunity, you need to share it with the future kid, and in the presence of a disease urgently get rid of an illness not to do much harm to the baby.

What contraindications to use of a pepper plaster?

The pepper plaster represents the usual rubber means impregnated with the corresponding extract (pepper). Its basis - the fabric made of cotton or linen on which the rubber glue representing a sticky part of means is applied.

That medicine brought the maximum benefit, it is necessary to use it correctly. As to do it, it is specified in the operation manual of a pepper plaster, including, at pregnancy. At dry cough and other symptoms of catarrhal or viral diseases it is necessary to attach means on a breast (its top part). Before it to make skin it is necessary to degrease. Cologne or other alcohol-containing substance is for this purpose used.

At different treatment of illnesses the pepper plaster at pregnancy is used. Nevertheless, it is necessary to show accuracy at its use because to that there are contraindications and restrictions.

For this purpose the plate needs to be divided into small pieces and to fix in the right places. This way belongs to methods of nonconventional medicine. In official medicine means can be used for treatment of catarrhal diseases, bronchitis, cough. For this purpose it is necessary to apply lotion or alcohol to skin, to put a plaster and not to remove the last within 2 days. When he acts, it is necessary to apply children's cream to skin.

Active ingredient makes local impact and is exclusive through an integument. It consists in anesthesia and warming up thanks to what and treatment is possible. Besides, in sore points blood circulation is normalized.

Despite its relative safety, being in "interesting situation" to the woman it is worth knowing about some precautionary measures. Owing to the fact that medicine renders the warming-up effect you should not attach it to a waist. The blood circulation strengthened in this area can become the provoker of an abortion, especially if to it there are prerequisites in connection with the pathological course of pregnancy. If you used other means for treatment, they did not help and only the plaster can solve your problem, surely consult with the doctor about features of use of medicine.

Some future mothers prefer to this means methods of traditional medicine. As a rule, it is about use of grass broths, infusions. Often they really are effective, but many of herbs contain substances which can do much harm to the kid or even to provoke an abortion.

As for fight against excess weight and cellulitis, means is applied to improvement of a metabolism in problem zones.

It is rather safe as its components are natural.

Enter their list:

In the absence of irritation, unpleasant or even do not take off pain it within 2 days. The instruction to means says that at manifestation of burning, irritation and other unpleasant feelings the plaster needs to be removed then to process leather by means of vaseline.

If to use of a plaster there are indications, do not ignore this method of treatment.

Then wipe this site of skin, separate means from a protective film and paste on a body, having a little pressed.

Thanks to the rendered effect, means is applied to fight against a number of illnesses.

It renders effect thanks to a kapsin - the active ingredient which is a part of essential oil of pepper. The making drugs are not capable to get into blood therefore, asking the doctor a question of whether it is possible to use such means as a pepper plaster at pregnancy, you will hear affirmative answer.

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