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Published: 29.4.2018
how to tame a parrot to hands: professional advice

One of the most popular feathery pets are wavy popugaychik. These curious and very sociable creations are capable to subdue any, even ardent opponent of pets. With the advent of a parrot the house is filled with joy and ringing chirping of these bright, cheerful birds.

Even the most unsociable and careful wavy parrots cannot live without communication therefore sooner or later it will be given. You surely tame him to hands just on it a little more time will leave.

Do not wait that the parrot will get used to you for couple of days, stock up with patience and everything will turn out.

If the bird cannot understand what needs to be done, slightly touch her tummy between pads, and she willingly will get over on a finger.

Sits down to accustom a little birdie on a hand simply, the most important to do it gradually, following the following rules:

How to tame a wavy parrot to sit down on a hand? It is necessary to begin process of domestication to hands with the offer to the pet of delicacy through cage rods. For the first time the parrot, most likely, will refuse the offered goodies from care.

If the bird refuses flatly to pay attention to the offered delicacy, it is possible to go some other way - to try to interest him in a toy. 95% of parrots adore being looked in a mirror and to feed the imagined "friend" or "girlfriend".

Usually process of domestication to hands takes three weeks, however especially rested individuals refusing to make contact sometimes meet. How to tame a parrot in this case? The most important in this case - to have patience and not to despair.

As soon as the popugaychik began to eat delicacy through rods, it is possible to try to feed him from hands in a cage. It is better to do it in the morning when the pet is hungry. Delicacy needs to be stretched, at first having clamped it fingers, holding at the same time a hand palm up, then on the opened palm. There will pass some time, he will get used and will regale willingly from your hands.

The most important rule of training of wavy popugaychik is the patience. You should not hope that the bird at once will begin to sit down on a hand and quietly will feel at the same time. For a parrot, as well as for any other bird, stay in a hand of the person is a big stress. First the bird is afraid of hands and in general any active movements near its shelter cage.

Kind of soon we wanted to enjoy close communication with a bird, on domestication of a parrot not one week is required. In spite of the fact that these birdies are very sociable and inquisitive, they also are very careful!

Have patience and sooner or later your favourite will thank you gentle and devoted friendship!

Except wavy pets very often also get red-breasted parakeets who also have abilities to onomatopoeia. How to tame a red-breasted parakeet? Generally process same, as well as with wavy individuals unless it takes more time.

But sooner or later even the most mistrustful and rested parrot will be tired to sit in the cage and will go for contact. The most important - to do everything gradually, without haste and by rules.

The most important to include imagination and surely there will be a subject which will interest your birdie.

The main sign that the parrot already got used to life on the new place and to you is the quiet meal in the presence of the owner. As soon as the bird does not turn on your approach to a cage any attention and continues or begins to eat, it is possible to pass to the following stage of domestication.

It is also possible to offer the pet will tinker with a lid from a small bottle or a cap from a ball pen. Parrots just delighted with a game with such objects!

This weakness of the pet also needs to use for domestication to hands. Try to enter slowly a hand into a cage with a small pocket mirror. It is necessary to do it very accurately not to lose trust of the pet, otherwise everything will need to be started anew.

It is possible to begin to accustom a bird to sit down on a finger further. For this purpose it is necessary to thrust accurately a hand into a cage with the extended forefinger and to substitute to a pole on which he sits. Usually parrots quickly understand what want from them and safely get on a finger.

And there is a question how to tame a parrot to hands and what is the time on it it will be required?

Especially small children rejoice to the new pet, however joy dies away a little when it becomes clear that it is closer to make friends to the new favourite it will turn out at least in a month, the bird needs time that she began to trust you and to communicate quietly, without feeling danger to the life.

You should not despair, next day it is necessary to repeat attempt. Sooner or later the curiosity will get the best and the bird will give up. Also do not forget to talk to the favourite at this time, calling him tenderly by name.


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