of 20 hilarious photos of animals after which you for a long time will forget about autumn melancholy, from our readers

Published: 1.5.2018
20 hilarious photos of animals after which you for a long time will forget about autumn melancholy

"Last night I went to a concert when something ran in front of my car. Whether it is necessary to say that I missed a concert, but now I have a dog"

How, morning?!

And again cats, hugs and dream. Ideal picture

"My brother shows us each picture of a corgi seen on Reddit. Today my father surprises him with a new puppy!"

There are only several ways to cope with autumn melancholy: to walk in the fresh air under sunshine (but there can be cloudy weather), to have tea or coffee with sweets (but from sweet gain weight) or to consider hilarious pictures with animals. And as contemplation of touching muzzles causes increase in working capacity, you can devote with clear conscience to this pleasant occupation several minutes.

The first strawberry

Adaptation in new family - it is always difficult

- Of what you think? - It seems, it is time to shift bones in more reliable hole.

The monsieur, I did not eat 10 days

And among crabs there are fearless heroes

But when the owner returned

"When we brought a kitten home, decided that we will not allow it to lie in a bed. The kitten won"

"I always come back home after work at 17:30. My husband sent a photo of her muzzle at 18:00 when I did not come home, having lingered on a conference"

Little mouse milota

A photo on the preview of mac_is_crack/Reddit

But the sincere smile works encouragingly

We in Milayaya.ru do not miss an opportunity to look through photos of nice cats to increase efficiency of work. Also are ready to show once again to you a selection moustached, striped and winged.

So about what we spoke?

Hey, you what breed? Did you on protein additives so grow up?

Brave follower of Bear Grylls

And this dog was taken away from a shelter. And he trusts people again

"He constantly thinks that the door is closed. We should pretend that we open it that the dog could enter"

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