of Mikrobleyding - full illusion of natural eyebrows, a new heading

Published: 21.4.2018
mikrobleyding-full illusion of natural eyebrows

of Mikrobleyding - the modern equipment of a permanent make-up of eyebrows. Becomes in exclusively manual way and generally in saloon conditions. The Mikrobleyding is called still a hairpin permanent make-up. During the procedure the master traces each hair in the direction of growth, giving it the individual thickness, length, saturation.

At a mikrobleyding the integrity of an integument is broken. Therefore there is a risk to catch herpes, hepatitis and even AIDS. Do not risk the health, visit only expensive institutions providing full sterility. In St. Petersburg professionally and responsibly the studio of a permanent make-up of Valida Mamedova approaches business. The salon practices modern technicians of a permanent make-up. All masters have licenses, certificates and diplomas of the international competitions.

The name a mikrobleyding came from the English words "micro" and "blade", that is "small" "edge". The master by means of the tool with a microedge does small cuts in the form of a hair. Then injects into them the painting pigments. The effect of natural eyebrows is as a result gained. The Mikrobleyding though is considered a novelty in the field of a permanent make-up, experts already managed to develop three technicians of implementation of the procedure: European - the master traces hairs, identical on length and color, at the fixed distance, in one direction; East - the master draws hairs of different length, thickness, saturation degree. The direction is chosen chaotic. For realness several hairs can be beaten out from a row; 6D - a combination of a manual and hardware permanent make-up. Hairs are drawn by the handle a maniple, and shading becomes the machine. Mikrobleyding 6D

The Mikrobleyding - the popular saloon procedure. Why saloon? Yes because at home qualitatively and sterilely it is not possible to make a permanent make-up of eyebrows. Private masters offer the services in lower quotations, but on it their advantages also come to an end. The girls working at home do not give any guarantees to the client. From home-workers it is difficult to achieve compensation for poor performed work. All stages of disinfection are not observed because of improper conditions for work.

After a mikrobleyding of a wound heal up to 5 days. Special leaving of an eyebrow is not demanded. It is not recommended to wet them or to tear off a crust, it will pass by itself. The effect 6D keeps of 1 year and longer. Everything depends on the speed of cell regeneration. At an eyebrow mikrobleyding gradually and evenly lose saturation. There are no sharp changes of shades or asymmetric fading.

With the advent of such procedure as a mikrobleyding it became even simpler to look bright and well-groomed. The novelty in the field of a permanent make-up is suitable for women of fashion of all age. The era of continuous eyebrows passed, in fashion naturalness now. The Mikrobleyding - creative approach to creation of natural forms. With its help it is possible to correct, change or from scratch to recreate eyebrows.

Equipment 6D of a permanent make-up of eyebrows the most expensive. High price is explained by complexity of implementation of the procedure, durability of result, esthetic appeal. The displaced equipment of a permanent make-up demands two-stage holding a procedure. At first powdery dusting becomes. The master influences pointwise, entering a pigment into the upper layers of the skin. Then the handle manipury traces the hairs imitating the real eyebrows. For bigger realness the expert combines pigments of different shades. Eyebrows turn out dense, volume and expressive.

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