of the Hairstyle for a rectangular face, at the request of chitaty

hairstyles for a rectangular face

The rectangular face type meets quite seldom. Such beauties among models enjoy wide popularity on podiums and their persons often decorate luster covers. Strong and strong-willed lines of girls will not leave indifferent not only fashion designers and photographers, but also ordinary men. In order that it is correct to give these interesting and non-standard lines, girls need to know the principles of selection of a hairstyle for squared persons. The correct laying will make lines softer, will a little reduce a high forehead and will smooth a massive chin and cheekbones.

Knowing several secrets on creation of the correct hairstyle for a rectangular face, young ladies will be able to change only a few minutes prior to unrecognizability. To visually smooth an accurate outline of the person and to move emphasis on hair - the main objective of laying for the extended face. For a long time beauties of the whole world use these methods. Why and to you not to try?

The rectangular face which is quite extended down therefore a main objective of laying - to make the most harmonious a ratio of length and width of the person. That is why it is better to refuse free locks and curls for long-haired girls. To vertical lines in a hairstyle better to say "no". Hairstyles for a rectangular face type have to have as much as possible horizontal lines. It is the line of a bang and a set of levels of a hairstyle.

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From our readers: where to take money day the first training in the mountains of Dombai

where to take money day the first training in the mountains of Dombai

Today the Equator of our improving training adventure in the mountains of Dombai - there passed exactly a half and the countdown went, in 4 days it will come to the end.

Provided the first part of a svy training on personal finance - sorted the subject "Where to Take Money" on the example of sales via the coupon websites. But at first I designated highlights during the work with money.

Legs hoot - from our hikes to tops and falls. HERE - admire the PHOTO!

Time, as usual, flies also our task - to receive a maximum from stay in this fantastic place.

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Piekha Edyta Stanislavovna, new

pyekha Edyta Stanislavovna

Edyta's parents beat with Poles, but lived where the father miner could find to himself work. Edyta was born in the French remote place in the miner's town. The father early died of occupational disease, after the father also the elder brother left. Mother some once again married a time later and gave birth to Edyta to the brother, and then all family moved to live to Poland to the miner's city of Bogushuv. Here Edyta graduated from school and with honors pedagogical lyceum. In parallel with study she played sports and sang in local chorus. The honors pupil Piekha was sent to continue education in the USSR, to be exact to Leningrad. Having arrived on psychological faculty I LIE, Edyta knowing French, German and Polish, diligently learned Russian. She registered also in university choir where she was made almost at once the soloist for a beautiful and unusual timbre of a voice. Exactly thanks to this chorus she met the destiny. Alexander Bronevitsky came to one of performances of collective and invited Edyta to work in ensemble of students of Conservatory which he at that time directed.

in the Summer of 1976 the singer cardinally changed

the life - it left Bronevitsky and collective, having been engaged in solo career. It was not difficult because by then the best poets and composers wrote for it songs. Almost all these compositions got to gold fund of the Soviet and Russian platform, there were more than 20 vinyl records, forty countries of the world waited for a star with tours. Piekha performed with a hit "Huge Sky" even in Afghanistan, Honduras and Bolivia.

On New Year's Eve 1956 the Polish student with triumph executed the legendary "Red bus" which was shown on local television. Next day Edyta woke up well-known. From this point actually vigorous concert activity of Piekha also began. It had to be transferred to the correspondence faculty not to throw study because of the big employment. The Friendship ensemble which soloist she became gave the uncountable number of concerts, at first in Leningrad and over the country, and then and in other countries of the world mostly in socialist. The singer even happened to appear on stage of Olympia in Paris in those days. In alliance with Bronivitsky, as a part of "Friendship" which name it thought up Edyta Piekha worked 20 years. For this long period only three albums were recorded.

Alexander Bronevitsky who became also the father of her only daughter Ilona (1961) was the first husband of the actress. Ilona who became an actress too presented to mother of the grandson Stas (1981) and the granddaughter Erica (1986). The great-granddaughter from Erica is Vasilisa (2013). The great-grandson from Stas is Pyotr (2014). The second husband (from 1976 to 1983) - the athlete, the champion in run, the captain of KGB, Gennady Shestakov the Third husband (from 1994 to 2006) - the person from Presidential Administration Vladimir Polyakov. Loved Edyta Stanislavovna since youth. Got acquainted with it, having presented it several songs of own composition. Piekha estimated and married it. Divorced because learned - songs were written not by him, and other author for money.

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New on the website: the ideas for an interior the hands

the cozy house the hands: the ideas for an interior the hands

We prepared for you several great ideas for the cozy house by the hands which practically do not demand expenses, only of desire, love to beauty and it is a little diligence. Read and be inspired!

? Issue it from garlands, small toys, snowflakes, origami and other directly on a wall or a door of clothes. If there is a suitable pencil, trace a fir-tree contour on the painted surface or wall-paper (which can be washed) or on a tile in kitchen.

Weave out of braid strips - so much how many you want width, there are usually enough 10-12 pieces. Fix braids since both ends by bright scrunchies, then sew them the long parties among themselves, using secret stitches. Soft, volume and very cozy rug will turn out!

Decorators prefer to make New Year's wreaths of bright materials and ready decorative accessories: artificial flowers and berries, plastic framework, purchased Christmas tree decorations, candies. But you can use what is near at hand, and it is not necessary even to visit special shops for design.

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Wedding dance of the bride with the father began quite usually a minute later guests were shocked by the events, amusing

wedding dance of the bride with the father began quite usually a minute later guests were shocked by the events

Wedding & #8212; it is day which with love and joy each family couple remembers! This day has to become memorable for guests and parents. The wedding has to be filled with smiles and a positive! But how to make this day unforgettable? Many call the host for a holiday. But to this wedding it is not necessary any the host! Dance of the father and daughter so amused all guests. It is unlikely they will forget this day.

Watch with

positive video, receive a positive and share it with friends!

At first they executed classical dance of the father and daughter, but look that occurred in a minute! Suddenly music was replaced, the father with the daughter put on sunglasses, and the real show began! The man anneals! This couple just strikes with the positive and cheerfulness. It seems to me that it is much more abruptly than traditional sentimental dances. Perhaps, newlyweds should note it. And than to you your wedding was remembered? Tell about it in the comment.

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Popular : official languages which speak in Sweden in 2019

official languages which speak in Sweden in 2019

Concerning a question what language speak in Sweden, it is possible to claim safely that, despite considerable inflow of immigrants and universal distribution of English, most of the population continues to use Swedish in daily communication. It is language of east subgroup of the Scandinavian group of the German languages which thorough knowledge is very important for obtaining the full-fledged legitimate status and comfortable life in the Swedish society. At the same time in the country languages of ethnic minorities and immigrant diasporas are also freely used.

Besides Finnish, languages of ethnic minorities in Sweden also are:

Except languages of ethnic minorities, in Sweden there are also languages of immigrants. So, in 2017 Arab which number of carriers exceeded the number of finnoyazychny Swedes became the second in prevalence language after Swedish for the first time in the history. Among other widespread languages of immigrants in Sweden it is possible to note Serbo-Croatian & #8211; inflow of its carriers was especially notable at the time of the conflict in Yugoslavia and also Farsi - language of Iranians and a part of the Afghan population.

First of all, it is the so-called elvdalsky dialect extended among one and a half thousand inhabitants of the commune Elvdalen of the Province of Dalarna in the northwest of Sweden. On the island of Gotland there is a gutniysky adverb which number of carriers are slightly higher. Emtlandsky dialects, very close to Norwegian in the form of Nynorsk (rural Norwegian), are even more widespread in the Province of Emtland of the same name (about 30 000 carriers). In the extreme South of the country in Scania the Scone adverb remained. It is exposed to strong influence of Swedish, however its historical roots are closely bound with Danish.

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Novelty: secrets of really cheap flights

secrets of really cheap flights

If you fly one and to you not essentially to sit at a window or at pass, then it is possible not to choose places.

Sights of Brunei: palace of the sultan

What should know the tourists going to Laos

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Novelty: advice which will help from a headache at a meteorizm

advice which will help from a headache at a meteorizm

At first properly warm up muscles around a neck and shoulders.

Caffeine can narrow blood vessels around a brain that causes migraine. More, than 3 cups ground or 5 soluble will cause problems. Try to reduce quantity, or to pass to drinks without caffeine. Remember that bitter chocolate, of course, is useful to heart, but also contains caffeine and is one of products - provokers of a headache.

To master that outside the window, we cannot. But the microclimate, useful to your golovushka, can create houses to everyone. Very often we cannot master a headache without drugs just because we are not able to relax. From here and constant overstrain. Allocate "unloading" minutes - at least 20 minutes after the working day listen to pleasant background music (better without words not to concentrate on sense of a song and not to begin to sing), you study by the yogovsky principle to control breath (to breathe a stomach, "to force down" a breath rhythm - it helps to reduce stress). And the most important - should accustom itself to be cleaned for a short time the head from all foreign thoughts! According to scientists, in a day we acquire only 5-7% of the necessary information, all other thoughts are empty efforts.

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At requests of readers: last-minute tours from Almaty straight to Turkey and Thailand

last-minute tours from Almaty straight to Turkey and Thailand

Rest in Israel

The travel to India - is far better to go and where to stop?

Culture and art of Japan - the best sights for the tourist

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Life hack: a training in the USA for students and experts

training in the USA for students and experts

Training in the USA can make you the priority candidate for receiving a prestigious highly paid position. Those times when all citizens of the country received approximately identical salary, remained behind. Between the lowest and highest level of the salary the abyss was formed. To you to choose, live for kopeks, or to afford everything that it is necessary for soul.

Also within 20 days it is necessary to be registered by the SEVIS system. As a rule, the sponsors sending students of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS and experts abroad help trainees to issue all necessary documentation.

Instead of the reference it is possible to provide officially issued letter of the dean of medical institute in which it has to be written that the practicing person can be allowed to participation in treatment of patients. However, all its actions have to be controlled by strictly licensed medical experts.

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