Novelty: advice which will help from a headache at a meteorizm

Published: 15.2.2019
advice which will help from a headache at a meteorizm

At first properly warm up muscles around a neck and shoulders.

Caffeine can narrow blood vessels around a brain that causes migraine. More, than 3 cups ground or 5 soluble will cause problems. Try to reduce quantity, or to pass to drinks without caffeine. Remember that bitter chocolate, of course, is useful to heart, but also contains caffeine and is one of products - provokers of a headache.

To master that outside the window, we cannot. But the microclimate, useful to your golovushka, can create houses to everyone. Very often we cannot master a headache without drugs just because we are not able to relax. From here and constant overstrain. Allocate "unloading" minutes - at least 20 minutes after the working day listen to pleasant background music (better without words not to concentrate on sense of a song and not to begin to sing), you study by the yogovsky principle to control breath (to breathe a stomach, "to force down" a breath rhythm - it helps to reduce stress). And the most important - should accustom itself to be cleaned for a short time the head from all foreign thoughts! According to scientists, in a day we acquire only 5-7% of the necessary information, all other thoughts are empty efforts.

4. Control the use of products with caffeine

If the pain pulsing, then it is possible to put ice or a wet towel to temples - there pass important arteries which supplies with blood a cerebral cortex. Small decrease in temperature allows to dull quickly a headache, the expert of CNN Health advises. On the contrary, if pain is pressing - that it is necessary to put something warm on the back surface of a neck - it will create outflow of blood and will lower pressure.




The fabrics surrounding a brain consist for 90% of water therefore their dehydration leads to irritation of nerves and pain. At the shortage of liquid in an organism blood is condensed that aggravates reaction to weather even more. Drink 1,5-2 liters of water daily. If you have a snack, surely wash down firm food with water.

Self-massage from a headache

Then forefingers with slight circular motions massage nadbrovny arches from a nose bridge to the "center".

It is better to do it sitting. On all points it is necessary to pressure with an average force of 1-1,5 minutes everyone. So, if hurts you:

It is scientifically proved that if the person often suffers from headaches and at the same time at least 2-3 times a week are allocated by a little time for massage, then attacks at him will be at least twice more rare and much weaker. Massage restores blood supply and allows an organism to relax - and it removes spasms - the main reason of pain. Besides massage of the head - it is very pleasant. Do it by smooth circular motions - moving ahead from a nape to a forehead. And the bio-point which is responsible for normalization of pressure is under an occipital hillock.

4. Do not eat cold food

1. Massage

The Lobpervy point is located over a nose bridge - in the middle between eyebrows. Develop a thumb a nail down and a small pillow press. Further find the point located on the median line of the person is 1-1,5 cm higher than front border of growth of hair. Pressure her a thumb small pillow. From above examine the brush with densely put fingers. Between big and index the muscular hillock is formed. In its "center" there will also be a point necessary to us. Strongly press on it a thumb of other hand. Do massage of points on both hands alternately.

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Find a point under an occipital hillock. Massage it slightly longer - 2-2,5 minutes.

6. Attention - on nuts, beans and ginger

Pains of tension arise because of stagnation of blood in the field of a vorotnikovy zone and therefore that muscles become numb and "turn into stone". Everything is simple! We warm up a neck, raising the head up, then lowering down, then to the right-to the left and finally we do by the head circular motions. And in a final point of each movement we do by a neck the sipping movement and we fix a neck and the head in such situation for about 10 seconds. Then five seconds of rest also we start the following movement.

A microcell magnesium regulates inflow of blood to a brain and sugar level in blood. It contains in fresh green vegetables, tomatoes, nuts, beans, porridge. Together with B6 vitamin puts the autonomic nervous system in order and reduces meteosensitivity (it is possible to buy a vitamin complex with these substances). Also it is good to that who is tormented quite often by headaches to eat ginger more often. Its active agent - kapsaitsin blocks effect of some substances causing inflammation of blood vessels and migraine. Also kapsiatsin contains in seeds of mustard and chili pepper.

7. Create a microclimate

2. Extension

Grope a pole on a temple - it is and there will be a "solar" point which is especially esteemed in the Chinese massage. It is better to mass these points at the same time middle fingers. The following point is located on the head directly behind the top point of an ear. Press on both points at the same time a small pillow of a middle finger.

3. Warm - cold


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