Novelty: secrets of really cheap flights

Published: 17.2.2019
secrets of really cheap flights

If you fly one and to you not essentially to sit at a window or at pass, then it is possible not to choose places.

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If not to choose the place, to you the system will appoint it free of charge, but at the choice. I.e. if you fly together, then the system will seat you in the different ends of the plane. And it is impossible to change onboard.

At the boarding gate the Victory has a calibrator of hand luggage. Under those ridiculous sizes of 36 x 30 x 27 centimeters. Also cover from above. Therefore not just the bag has to enter there, but also the cover has to be closed freely.

But those who already once flew on "Victory" understand that it is not final price.

I already flew on it time 10 and now I will share how to minimize additional losses of money.

Total, to the cost of the ticket of "Victory" it is necessary to add only 499 for baggage and 149 rubles for the choice of the place. The overpayment turns out only 648 rubles + 2% charge to the total price for payment by the cash card.

Admissible sizes of free hand luggage just tiny. Under them only small ladies' handbags, man purses or bags under the camera get.

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Not such and a big overpayment if flight costs only 2-4 thousand rubles against 10-15 thousand at other carriers which have a paid baggage too.

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Everything, is the only way to bring on board a bag slightly more limits. Now we pass to the checked-in luggage.

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Everywhere on the website it is written that it is impossible to carry by more bulky hand luggage, even for money. Though one and a half months ago at the airport to me suggested to bring a big backpack on board for 2200 rubles. I do not know, this exception or it works always. When booking on the website it cannot be paid.

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But I like to sit at a window and so that from a window not only wings were visible. Therefore it is ideal to choose places in the rear of the plane, on only 149 rubles for the place there.

And only today, till midnight, it will cost only 780 rubles, instead of 1560.

At payment on the website there are 2 options: 1 - baggage up to 10 kg for 499 rubles 2 - baggage up to 20 kg for 1499 rubles.

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Therefore it is necessary to hand over all in baggage.

Or order a package for 1470 rubles where also still enter our 2 ready travel: & #171; Way of Russians художников» and & #171; The Budgetary Disneyland and a relax in термах» for those who will want to prolong the travel from Munich:

The bag with the laptop with the screen from 15 inches does not pass any more! But with the laptop there is a small cunning, will tell separate point.

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If there is a wish to put things more, than 10 kg, it is necessary to ask itself a question, & #171; and what from heavy things it is possible to buy on the place cheaper than 2000 rubles? & #187;. And everything, at once favourite shampoos, etc. stay at home.

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Not to overpay superfluous, add an option to 10 kg. Someone will think that it is not enough. But the philosophy such is farther: The option of 20 kg is 2000 rubles more expensive there and back.

Recently rules changed that "at last" the hand luggage became free. Actually, free of charge to bring on board practically nothing will leave.

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But if to lay out the laptop from a backpack, to put it on diagonal (in a different way does not enter), and to push things and a backpack in the put state in empty seats, then the lid from above is closed!

Yours faithfully, Alexander Filyov, head of

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Especially, with light baggage to travel much more pleasantly. Just in case, for overweight a payment 500 r for 1 kg.

At payment of the ticket on the website "Victories" the insurance will be by default included. It is necessary to remove ticks and to refuse it. It is useless expenditure of money, it is worth reading conditions. And you and so will make the health insurance in a travel separately.

I have a backpack in which the laptop, and a small amount of things. The backpack in itself does not get.

If a trip more, than for 3 days, I always take with myself the laptop. But in baggage I do not like to hand over it, suddenly, will break. Therefore here small cunning.

Fly favourably!

For payment the checked-in luggage in modern realities it is already necessary to treat as an ordinary procedure. Baggage now paid not only at "Victory", but also at many other airlines of Russia and Europe.

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