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Published: 19.2.2019
official languages which speak in Sweden in 2019

Concerning a question what language speak in Sweden, it is possible to claim safely that, despite considerable inflow of immigrants and universal distribution of English, most of the population continues to use Swedish in daily communication. It is language of east subgroup of the Scandinavian group of the German languages which thorough knowledge is very important for obtaining the full-fledged legitimate status and comfortable life in the Swedish society. At the same time in the country languages of ethnic minorities and immigrant diasporas are also freely used.

Besides Finnish, languages of ethnic minorities in Sweden also are:

Except languages of ethnic minorities, in Sweden there are also languages of immigrants. So, in 2017 Arab which number of carriers exceeded the number of finnoyazychny Swedes became the second in prevalence language after Swedish for the first time in the history. Among other widespread languages of immigrants in Sweden it is possible to note Serbo-Croatian & #8211; inflow of its carriers was especially notable at the time of the conflict in Yugoslavia and also Farsi - language of Iranians and a part of the Afghan population.

First of all, it is the so-called elvdalsky dialect extended among one and a half thousand inhabitants of the commune Elvdalen of the Province of Dalarna in the northwest of Sweden. On the island of Gotland there is a gutniysky adverb which number of carriers are slightly higher. Emtlandsky dialects, very close to Norwegian in the form of Nynorsk (rural Norwegian), are even more widespread in the Province of Emtland of the same name (about 30 000 carriers). In the extreme South of the country in Scania the Scone adverb remained. It is exposed to strong influence of Swedish, however its historical roots are closely bound with Danish.

At the same time Swedish is not uniform & #8211; besides literary Swedish (Rikssvenska, or Standard Swedish), a number of the local adverbs and dialects caused by historical features of development of the country exists.

All listed dialects of Swedish have exclusively regional status and are widespread in provinces owing to historical and cultural circumstances. At the same time official language of Sweden only one is a literary Swedish, unlike Norway where along with Bokmеl & #8211; literary Norwegian, the official status of a state language is provided to also alternative literary form to Nynorsk (lannsmol) created in the 19th century on a dialect basis. Besides Sweden, Swedish has the status of a state language also in Finland (despite small, not exceeding 10%, the number of carriers) and on the Aland Islands having limited sovereignty where almost all population speaks Swedish.

It should be noted that many ethnic Finns among whom occur both natives, and the recent immigrants who are actively using Finnish for daily communication live in Sweden. In 2012 it was language, the second for the number of carriers, in Sweden. However, unlike Swedish in Finland, Finnish in Sweden has no official state status.

Swedish is the most widespread language among all Scandinavian & #8211; the number of the people speaking on it makes 10 million people. Today Swedish continues to remain the most important component of national consciousness. And there is no wonder, as throughout all history of Sweden always spoke most of the population of this rather uniform country in the ethnic plan Swedish.

Nevertheless the Swedish not only language which use for communication in the Kingdom. A considerable part of the population perfectly understands English and German. Especially actively so-called main foreign languages which is among as well French are used in Stockholm, but to understand what else language speak in Sweden, it is worth addressing the ethnic history of this Scandinavian country.

That is why any immigrant counting on successful integration into life of the Swedish society needs to be fluent in Swedish. Regardless of that, the immigrant in the territory of Sweden studies or works, not to do it without good knowledge of Swedish.

Speaking about what language in Sweden is state, it should be noted that such status has the only language - the Swedish which is considered to the family for the vast majority (about 90%) of the population of the country.

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