Popular : the instruction for search of own purpose for those who like to try new

people scanners: the instruction for search of own purpose for those who like to try new

Here is how: it is not necessary to devote himself to poetry. Just write verses. Write one line before going to bed, and suddenly you unexpectedly for yourself will wake up very much early with desire to write still. If the poem captures you, postpone all the rest. During breaks on coffee get the poem and work on it. And in several days you finish it. And then, perhaps, a month more will not want to write you verses. When do you take lessons of playing a violin? How about the next summer? The sense is that it is possible to be in time everything if it is correct to make the schedule.

Year 3:

Imagine the person who constantly changes the spheres of interest: at first he was fond actor's of skill, then studying by language, then - archeology, then - - production of goods, the real estate and so on became suddenly interesting to it. This is the person who constantly wants to try new, but at the same time he is tormented by terrible sense of guilt: And it is normal? Whether I will oversleep life?

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At requests of readers: must


All got used to keep the photo memoirs in the modern world only on digital gadgets, but very few people think of that as it is easily possible to lose them because of a virus or technical breakage. If you want to keep memorable shots of the life and in old age to show to the children, grandsons, then a Polaroid just irreplaceable thing in this case.

Pleasant bonus of this model & #8212; a small mirror for a selfie. It considerably simplifies life if there is no friend who can make a photo. Besides, in set there is a lace for a hand and a macro-shooting lens.

Since August first there were bright violet suitcases which will make yours travel not only colourful and comfortable, and will help to make one good cause. 50% of cost from it go in to Your Support Fund to the aid of children with heavy to pathologies of development of Institute of pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology.

There is a huge number of types and models of fitness trackers in the modern market, but the few from them are intended for women. Standard digital bracelets the design are suitable for the gym, household chores any more, but in any way for an exit to secular actions or holidays. Bellabeat LEAF breaks all stereotypes and turns the useful gadget into lovely & #171; листовое» ornament.

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New on the website: training in the financial diploma


I have for you a news! planetary scale 

everyone can Take part in this project. It is free.

Thanks for this opportunity! It was registered.

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we Learn to pickle rabbit flesh for a shish kebab and smoking, interesting

we learn to pickle rabbit flesh for a shish kebab and smoking

Meat of a rabbit is associated at most of people with dietary food which is ideal for feeding of little children and the unwell citizens. But here of preparing a fragrant shish kebab from rabbit flesh, nobody even thinks. And in vain! If to know the checked recipes of marinade, then the dish will turn out just magnificent.

Of course, a shish kebab - it is tasty and appetizing, but if to eat it constantly, then even it becomes boring. Therefore if you want to bring a variety and to eat something brand new, you learn to smoke myasko.

The small animal pickled in such a way will turn out very gentle.

Very traditional and habitual product for preparation of marinade kefir is considered. In it soak chicken, pork and, in general, any meat, and rabbit flesh will not be an exception.

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at the request of chitaty: counters of day

counters of day

Sudan & mdash; the country without tourists

the Fast of Peter and Paul proceeds.

Exotic massage: with a sound of the Tibetan bowls and elements of the fighting hopak

& mdash; And you, the lieutenant why you do not laugh?

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Amusing : the dying traditions of the mysterious people

of the mystery of the North: the dying traditions of the mysterious people

The Siberian North thousands of years was inhabited by the surprising people. They ate strange food, wore exotic clothes, believed in unusual Gods. Ancient traditions enigmatically helped them to survive with deadly conditions of the polar region. And here meetings with a civilization did not manage to endure these people. The modern way of life destroyed their culture.

"Therefore the richest funeral argish - to five-seven sledge - were at elderly women. Throughout all the life they sheathed family, fed her, gave to drink. Therefore in a funeral argish, her children, grandsons collected clothes. In these things there was vital force died. Of course. by the time of death, managed to sew new clothes and to make house utensils of her daughter and daughter-in-law" - the scientist explains.

Nganasans held domestic deer only for hunting. Their economy, culture, outlook, religion were exclusively thinly ready for life in harmony with fatally severe nature surrounding them. They never were much. People number in the best times did not exceed several thousand. Them was exactly so much how many the poor tundra could support.

And in general, according to the ethnographer, one of distinctive features of the northern people about which very few people know is a love of children. "Traditionally in the north treated them with huge tenderness, awe. Of course, demanded from them obedience, submission by the senior, but at the same time cared for them and cherished. About any punishments and humiliations of children and the speech went" - the scientist notes.

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Rich becomes not the one who works hard and the one who invests life hack much

to the rich there is not the one who works hard and much the one who invests

So it developed that in our society priorities are brought down.

the Name (obligatory)

Many people set before themselves the purpose - to sharply raise the income. Instead of striving for absolutely other goal - to find financial wellbeing.

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Secrets: 44 world resources of free online education

44 world resources of free online education

Huge base of video lessons in more than 20 languages, all courses are divided into separate lessons with a possibility of viewing of each video irrespective of the fact which you chose a course. The main focus is placed on video as a way of providing information, there are no materials for reading here.

All materials are divided on age and theme groups here, lecture material can be loaded from the website on the computer, and the subject of the offered courses is rather broad.

1. UMass Boston Open Courseware.

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Popular : how to develop will power types of human mentality

how to develop will power types of human mentality

It is the second article from a cycle of articles about consciousness, subconscious and will power. The first article & #8212; & #171; About бессознательном« the second & #8212; & #171; Two types human психики« the third & #8212; & #171; About природе« the fourth & #8212; & #171; Practical упражнения«.

of the Consequence actually the most various. Beginning from the most harmless - a dream and hypnosis, finishing with an eclipse of mind and madness. The person tired out completely submits to instincts and animal motives.

For example: the lower "center" influences sexual desire, at excitement of this "center" we want to have sex. The instinctive type will look for ways of satisfaction of requirement with various ways. At this time the reason will be in an eclipse or in general is disconnected. If there is a strong separation of consciousness, the person can make immoral acts, and after them will regret and ask how he could make it.

In this plan it seems to me silly to follow blindly instructions of "spiritual gurus" that it is necessary to adhere constantly to a post or to be a vegetarian. In this plan me maintenance of balance seems to more correct.

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Is curious: the salary of employees and inspectors of FSIN of Russia in 2018

the salary of employees and inspectors of FSIN of Russia in 2018

What salary at the staff of FSIN in Moscow and other cities of Russia in 2018-2019. How many inspectors, physicians and other workers in prisons and camps earn.

Money pays

small here, and asks for them much. Huge number of affairs in production, constant departures, search and communication with debtors, not always adequate. Salaries need to be raised time in two and to look on each region separately.

Further in video & #171; One day from life профессии» OFPS of Russia:

Further informative video: & #171; How to get in ФСИН»

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