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Published: 1.6.2018
counters of day

Sudan & mdash; the country without tourists

the Fast of Peter and Paul proceeds.

Exotic massage: with a sound of the Tibetan bowls and elements of the fighting hopak

& mdash; And you, the lieutenant why you do not laugh?

What is read with this material? Street food on the embankment of Kiev & mdash; & laquo; Gastro причал» and DJ-sets

A post without harm for an organism & mdash; councils of physicians and church

The psychotest from Liferead & mdash; recognize character by favourite weather

Fast dishes & mdash; healthy and useful recipes from nutritionists

Today it is time to watch bees & mdash; if it is solar, and not to see them, then soon zadozhdit. And that to honey there was more, near beehives bee-keepers dug in a jug with mead.

Rules of a post & mdash; what Saints taught to

The separate office where it is possible to solve working problems in silence will be a limit of your dreams today and not to be distracted by any irritating trifles.

Apostle Judas Iakovlev, brother Gospodn. The Saint apostle from among 12 ­­­­ Christ's pupils­­. He ­­­ came from ­­ a family of tsar ­­ of David and ­­­ Solomon, was ­­­­ just ­­­­ Saint Joseph's son ­­­­­­­ from his ­ first ­ wife. After ­­­­­ Jesus Christ's Rise ­­­ the apostle Judas ­­­ went with ­­­ a sermon ­­ of the Gospel. ­­­­­­ mdash visited Judea, ­­ Galilee, ­­ Samaria and ­ Idumy, and ­ then &; in ­­­­­­­ the countries of Arabia, Syria and Mesopotamia. ­­­ The certificate remained that ­ the Saint ­ apostle Judas also went with ­­­ a sermon to ­ Persia and there ­­ wrote the ­­ catholic ­­ epistle. It ­­ contains ­­­­ the dogmatic ­ doctrine about ­ the Holy ­­ Trinity, about ­­­­­­­ Lord Jesus's embodiment­­­­, about ­­ distinction ­­ of Angels ­ kind and angry, about ­­ future ­ Last ­ Judgement. ­ The apostle ­­ convinced ­­­ believers ­­ to take care of ­ carnal ­­ sewage, to be ­­­ serviceable in ­ the ­­ positions, ­­ a prayer, ­ belief and ­ love, ­­ stray ­­ to turn on the way ­­ of rescue, ­ to protect ­ itself from ­ exercises ­­ of heretics. Wrote that ­­­ it is not enough ­ only ­ faith in ­ Christ, ­­­ also ­ the good ­ deeds ­­ peculiar ­­­­ to christian ­ teaching are necessary­­­­­­­­­. The Saint died ­­­­ martyrly ­ about the 80th ­ year in ­­ Armenia, in ­­­ the city of Arat.

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& mdash; And I not from your part, companion colonel.

In a smoking-room the colonel tells a joke. All officers, except for one lieutenant, laugh.


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