we Learn to pickle rabbit flesh for a shish kebab and smoking, interesting

Published: 3.6.2018
we learn to pickle rabbit flesh for a shish kebab and smoking

Meat of a rabbit is associated at most of people with dietary food which is ideal for feeding of little children and the unwell citizens. But here of preparing a fragrant shish kebab from rabbit flesh, nobody even thinks. And in vain! If to know the checked recipes of marinade, then the dish will turn out just magnificent.

Of course, a shish kebab - it is tasty and appetizing, but if to eat it constantly, then even it becomes boring. Therefore if you want to bring a variety and to eat something brand new, you learn to smoke myasko.

The small animal pickled in such a way will turn out very gentle.

Very traditional and habitual product for preparation of marinade kefir is considered. In it soak chicken, pork and, in general, any meat, and rabbit flesh will not be an exception.

Therefore let's talk about how it is correct to pickle a rabbit that meat was juicy today.

Put in the prepared marinade previously washed out and cut by pieces myasko. Mix bowl contents that all rabbit was covered with filling. Add the crushed onions and tomatoes to capacity. Still slightly to a promeshayta also remove time in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours.

It is necessary for preparation:

Now we will speak how to pickle in wine of a rabbit step by step:

Peel onions from a peel, cut thick rings. Wash up a tomato and also crush rings.

That's all recipes for today. Now you know how it is correct to pickle a rabbit on a shish kebab and for preparation in an oil lamp.

It is possible to make marinade for a rabbit shish kebab and from sour cream.

For preparation of a shish kebab it is required:

For this purpose take the following components (at the rate on 1 kg of meat):

Step by step process of preparation will look so:

To prepare a rabbit in kefir for you it is required:

As soon as there will be time, it is possible to string meat. It is recommended to do it, alternating rabbit flesh to rings of tomatoes and onions. Here and all secret. Now you know how in sour cream to pickle a rabbit, we go further!

The carcass of a rabbit can be pickled in various fillings, but the first recipe which we will discuss, will demand use of wine.

Choose filling which to you is more to liking, and cook the most delicate dietary meat independently. Enjoy your meal!

And for those who do not know how it is correct to pickle a rabbit for smoking, we will speak the recipe further.

Here it is so possible to pickle a rabbit in wine. After rabbit flesh becomes impregnated with marinade, it needs to be got on a skewer only. And that myasko was juicy and fragrant, in preparation time flavor it with the marinade remains. On taste the shish kebab will turn out matchless and the question of how appetizingly to pickle a rabbit, will disappear by itself.

If all ingredients at you available, then it is possible to start preparation:

In deep ware pour out sour cream, add the crushed garlick segments, salt and favourite seasonings there (red and black pepper, caraway seeds, a coriander, etc. is recommended). Mix all ingredients.

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