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Published: 5.6.2018

I have for you a news! planetary scale 

everyone can Take part in this project. It is free.

Thanks for this opportunity! It was registered.

You will be able to hear my interview with Irina Mayskaya on Tuesday, October 4th, at 21:30 Moscow time.

The leading authors, trainers and teachers in the field of the personal growth, training in the financial diploma, achievement of spirituality, optimum health and other spheres of life will gather on this project.

Thanks, Alexander! I will surely seize this remarkable opportunity!

With each of Experts the host of the project Irina Mayskaya will conduct interviews to which it will be possible to listen on the air or in record on the Internet.

Dear Alexander! Your excellent initiative also allow to use new communication with you!

Prior to a meeting be live!

I was invited as the Expert to an interview in the international project "Life Palette" which will pass in the Internet from September 20th to December 6th, 2011

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You can also ask me any questions interesting you, it is only necessary to be registered according to this reference:

To get access to an interview or the reference to record for listening to convenient time, pass HERE


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