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Published: 7.6.2018

All got used to keep the photo memoirs in the modern world only on digital gadgets, but very few people think of that as it is easily possible to lose them because of a virus or technical breakage. If you want to keep memorable shots of the life and in old age to show to the children, grandsons, then a Polaroid just irreplaceable thing in this case.

Pleasant bonus of this model & #8212; a small mirror for a selfie. It considerably simplifies life if there is no friend who can make a photo. Besides, in set there is a lace for a hand and a macro-shooting lens.

Since August first there were bright violet suitcases which will make yours travel not only colourful and comfortable, and will help to make one good cause. 50% of cost from it go in to Your Support Fund to the aid of children with heavy to pathologies of development of Institute of pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology.

There is a huge number of types and models of fitness trackers in the modern market, but the few from them are intended for women. Standard digital bracelets the design are suitable for the gym, household chores any more, but in any way for an exit to secular actions or holidays. Bellabeat LEAF breaks all stereotypes and turns the useful gadget into lovely & #171; листовое» ornament.

As well as many gadgets which are keeping track of activity, Leaf notes the passable steps and time of a dream, but something does it special for women. It traces the period of periods and an ovulation, offers the special exercises for breath directed on decrease in a stress.

Such happiness costs 429 hryvnias.

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In suitcases of size S PowerBank with a power of 4 000 mAh is built-in, and it will be enough for the whole two recharge of any gadget. The suitcase of such size can be taken with itself aboard the plane. Also, there are M and L sizes with the built-in scales. More you should not worry about overweight and in panic to look for the place where it is possible to weigh the baggage. Safely fold new clothes, plates and fragile souvenirs, such small suitcases are made of strong plastic which are almost afraid of nothing.

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In the stories about Harry Potter, the writer Rowling claims that wizards often use charms for loss maglovsky (people who cannot use magic) things. Usually it is small, but very important things, for example, keys, a purse. If you often fall a victim of these pranks of the magic world, then the search charm of Zeaplus Nut is necessary for you. Such charm of Nut should be attached to a thing, important for you, and to synchronize by means of Bluetooth with your phone.

The price of the Bellabeat LEAF fitness tracker is 3500 hryvnias

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank automatically adjusts the exit to the device and a brand to which it is tied. So, whether it be the smartphone, the tablet, the MP3, digital camera or the device from Apple, HTC, Google, Samsung, Blackberry or any other leading brand, you have nothing to worry.

We advise Fujifilm Instax Mini 9. Release the instant camera in six flowers: flamingovy, smoky, lime, gentle-blue, lemon, dark blue and classical white. And five modes of shooting will help to take qualitative pictures, it is unimportant where: at a night party, a solar picnic or in rainy, cloudy day. Even the child can deal with such device: to turn on the camera, to choose the correct mode, to aim at an object and to make a photo. Two minutes later you will receive a photo which over the years will not fade, will not turn yellow, and is not afraid of water yet.

As soon as the important thing with a brelok moves away on very long distance, you will receive the sound, light, vibrating signals on the smartphone, with exact location at once. It perfectly works with Android 4.3 above and also iPhone 5 above.

The design of the tracker cannot but please. It is possible to buy bright orange, smoky blue or rose-red.

All working women who have to get up early in the morning, complete household chores and hurry for work, understand pain of not completely charged phone. As life with smartphones became much simpler and easier, even a mark lower than 50% force to worry.

napomn that in the small apartment there is always not enough place therefore unnecessary things are put on a balcony, doing the real chaos there. We found several cool ideas on registration of a balcony which turn it into a small corner of paradise.

This brand was already fallen in love to the singer Nadia Dorofeyeva, the leader Dasha Kolomiyets, a didzheyka to Karina Istomina and the singer of LAYAH.

Price of size S & #8212; 4400 hryvnias, M & #8212; 4900 hryvnias, L & #8212; 5400 hryvnias.

Such clever ornament can be worn as a bracelet, a pendant or as a brooch, and its charge lasts for half a year, later it is just necessary to replace old batteries.

Therefore, be you a businesswoman, the student, the housewife whom disconnected electricity, this PowerBank will quickly return your phone to life. The size as the business card, portable charging is very simple in carrying and by sight very laconic. Power of this & #171; крохи» will be enough for two chargings of your smartphone. Besides, nine levels of protection will save PowerBank from short circuit or an overstrain.

The modern woman does not represent the life without flights. And what travel without suitcase?

The price is 299 hryvnias.

The Ukrainian Have A Rest brand created incredibly comfortable, stylish, beautiful and, the most important, highly technological suitcases. Already on the moment of collecting you will teach a powerful travel-charge.

Besides, in the modern world it is simple not to do without gadgets. Learn what applications considerably to facilitate to you life and, even, will bring order to your case.

Such camera costs 2500 hryvnias, the cartridge on 10 photos - 280 hryvnias.


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