Popular : the instruction for search of own purpose for those who like to try new

Published: 9.6.2018
people scanners: the instruction for search of own purpose for those who like to try new

Here is how: it is not necessary to devote himself to poetry. Just write verses. Write one line before going to bed, and suddenly you unexpectedly for yourself will wake up very much early with desire to write still. If the poem captures you, postpone all the rest. During breaks on coffee get the poem and work on it. And in several days you finish it. And then, perhaps, a month more will not want to write you verses. When do you take lessons of playing a violin? How about the next summer? The sense is that it is possible to be in time everything if it is correct to make the schedule.

Year 3:

Imagine the person who constantly changes the spheres of interest: at first he was fond actor's of skill, then studying by language, then - archeology, then - - production of goods, the real estate and so on became suddenly interesting to it. This is the person who constantly wants to try new, but at the same time he is tormented by terrible sense of guilt: And it is normal? Whether I will oversleep life?

If you you had ten lives, kind of you disposed of them? Take a pencil, the sheet of paper and write, than you would be engaged in each of these lives. If to your head it is more than ten professions, then please! Do not limit yourself in anything. And now let's look at this list. It can look so: "The poet, the musician, the successful businessman, the scientist-Sinologue, the cook at restaurant of high kitchen, the traveler, the gardener, the husband and the father, the journalist conducting a talk show".

2. Available time

To what life you would give 2016? What life will you live the second? What can you be engaged every day on twenty in (or less) minutes? And than - on days off? What can you be engaged from time to time in?

Year 1:

About divers and volume how to understand what you want, read in the book "What to Dream of"

Exercise 1. The organization of time for the person who has too many hobbies

But for scanners it sounds approximately so: "You can take the book coloring or colored pencils, but neither that nor another together". Scanners know that life does not stint. For that matter, life is too generous, and from the choice the head is turned. But we have a way to cope with it.

Probably, it is unpleasant to you to see how time rushes by, and you reached nothing. Did not become more qualified cynologist, the realtor - the authoritative expert you did not become in anything. It seems, you without five minutes the expert in one sphere, and right there another begins to interest you. You note that your age-mates who have no more talents and opportunities moved ahead far, and all of you still stand on start.

Scanners often distract, in particular, because they awfully hurry. But though to you it is not necessary to spend time for stay in a stupor, it is not necessary to hurry at all because: 1) it is more time, than you think; 2) haste is unproductive; 3) a part of your problem is caused by what it is possible to call "time fever". It is a kind of hysteria because of which you consider that you owe each hour and promote every minute to the fact that you want and everything needs to be done at once, time will end soon. You have no feeling of future and slow current of time, usual for many. Drawing up lists only aggravates a problem, and calendars should be used circumspectly, otherwise they will be overflowed by plans which will be enough for ten people.

As in our culture specialization and determination of divers are appreciated, we too often think that scanners - people who just do not want to work properly. This silly misunderstanding, the approved stereotype.

Look back to the past. Possibly, the card of your life can look so: in 2009 you were engaged in mountaineering, in 2010 - you were carried away by antiques, in 2010 - you began to play a violin, in 2011 - got a job on radio and so on. Some year you went to the cinema constantly, and then two years did not go in general? You know, perhaps, it also is the most correct way to live. It is necessary to learn to respect wisdom of the natural instincts because they allow to enter perfectly in life everything that it is necessary for you.

If this person reminds you himself, then we congratulate - you the typical scanner. What is it and as with it to live - one of the chief motivational speakers of the world - Barbara Cher in the book "What to Dream of" tells.

Perfectly! It is optional to choose one profession. Very soon you will find a way to live each of these lives.

Often only problem of scanners - to find work where it is possible to use their specific talent. Tests for career guidance usually do not reveal scanners. Time and ingenuity is necessary to find a niche for the scanner - work which will contain all its numerous interests. But results are worth it. Scanners are also poets and also librarians, authors of documentaries, travelers, great sellers, good managers and teachers presented by nature. We are taught that it is possible to make a vital choice only once.

It seems to many scanners that time is not enough and if not to make something right now, then in the future just there will be no time. Relax: time will be enough for all your numerous "lives". You have more time, than you believe.

So as we already spoke, you inherent "scanner" - the person who enjoys the amazing, infinite variety surrounding us. But you do not realize that this dear calling. You did not understand yet that to be the scanner - talent and a key to very good life. Scanners want to try everything. They with identical enthusiasm study structure of a flower and the theory of music. They love peripetias of travel. And policy artful designs. For scanners the Universe is a treasury where millions of works of art are stored, and there will hardly be enough life that them to see all.

And in general to be engaged in life in a set of different things quite perhaps. Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and Ted Turner knew about it. It is necessary just to see that time it is much bigger, than you imagined.

Quickly answer the following questions about each of your to ten (or more) lives. Do not deliberate too long. Write down the first that will come to mind. (It is possible to use the same life several times.)

If you want to begin business, but also to see the world, it is possible to combine it or to embody consistently: now business, then travel.

Expensive scanner, do not undertake anything to change themselves. Do not think that himself should be "broken" under inquiries of this world. Think better of how to arrange life to enter in it your numerous talents.

Having answered these questions, you gain more realistic impression how people are engaged in different things if they the "people of the Renaissance" similar to you. Perhaps, you stop thinking within "or-or": "How I will be able to refuse everything and to devote myself to poetry both to learn Chinese and to play a violin that still there was time for business and travel? Yes, and still to learn to prepare dishes of high kitchen and to be engaged in gardening?"

4. Draw the map of your life

1. Ten lives

Year 2:

To calm down, you need to make the fast-implemented plan for three years. As soon as you understand that it is possible to submit a step for steps new lives, you will calm down.

3. Make the fast-implemented three-year plan

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