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Published: 23.5.2018
how to develop will power types of human mentality

It is the second article from a cycle of articles about consciousness, subconscious and will power. The first article & #8212; & #171; About бессознательном« the second & #8212; & #171; Two types human психики« the third & #8212; & #171; About природе« the fourth & #8212; & #171; Practical упражнения«.

of the Consequence actually the most various. Beginning from the most harmless - a dream and hypnosis, finishing with an eclipse of mind and madness. The person tired out completely submits to instincts and animal motives.

For example: the lower "center" influences sexual desire, at excitement of this "center" we want to have sex. The instinctive type will look for ways of satisfaction of requirement with various ways. At this time the reason will be in an eclipse or in general is disconnected. If there is a strong separation of consciousness, the person can make immoral acts, and after them will regret and ask how he could make it.

In this plan it seems to me silly to follow blindly instructions of "spiritual gurus" that it is necessary to adhere constantly to a post or to be a vegetarian. In this plan me maintenance of balance seems to more correct.

Through these power "center"s influence can be made. The impulsive type makes direct reaction to influence through any of these "center"s.

Process of life includes the victim of some for the sake of survival of others. At all levels there is an eating by some others. Anyway, even eating it is exclusive plants, we do harm to live. In life there are certain laws which we are not able to change, and it is possible which to change and it is not necessary. Be at us broader views, we perhaps could understand the reason why life of one look is based on death of other types.

In the examples given earlier it is possible to understand that there are various ways of external impact on us, and the influence is stronger, the sincere force or communication of consciousness and subconsciousness for counteraction have to be bigger. Therefore the person in this plan is stronger, the bigger influence can sustain.

The greatest enemy of the conscious person - the impulsive, robotic person in us. It is necessary to be able to subordinate him to spirit, without listening on its protests.

Those who are accustomed to listen to the body, well know, that our motives are connected with conditions of certain parts of a body. In east exercises I call them chakras. For example: the lower chakras are responsible for the most ancient instincts of reproduction and self-preservation. Therefore at a fright we feel weight in a stomach. The sensual "center" to be in a breast and all emotional love experiences are followed by numbness, weight or ease in a breast, depending on experience type. Mental activity can cause the same feelings, but already in the head.

Also very interesting influence of excitement of the "center" of thinking in a brain. At its activation it is possible "to drown" in obsessions. These ideas, also as feeling of hunger, an instinct of self-preservation or reproduction, can eclipse reason completely. And the thought can be created by you or is imposed from the outside. That is can put some idea to you and you will become her captive. It is so-called psychological dependence.

In last article it was told about influence of consciousness and subconsciousness, about their difference and interaction among themselves and also the conclusion about importance of strong-willed control over instincts was drawn. The constant training of consciousness allows to control all motives of a body and the ideas imposed from the outside, allows to move to the purpose and not to spend time and energy for derivations.

But reflexes it is possible to take under control, also as train animals, by their schooling.

Therefore, to development of will it is necessary to approach systematically and constantly.

It is possible to draw a good analogy to muscular force. There is the general stock of energy the weight allowing to lift. Than more this stock - the we can make the bigger number of repetitions. Also there is force peak - ability to lift the maximum weight.

Further, the power "center" in a stomach & #8212; excited by feeling of hunger. By strong-willed effort it is simpler to suppress this feeling, than former, but it is also capable to eclipse reason. Therefore if to bring it to critical condition, there are such things, such as cannibalism. In the normal state of mentality, the person of a bottom that did not make such acts. But the shortage of spiritual power which weakens communication between reason and subconsciousness leads to the fact that the person cannot realize the actions. Here, by the way, why the long post is harmful without preliminary preparation and ability to accumulate spiritual power by means of breath, absorbing it from the external environment. Without it, it is possible just to become the madman with brain anemia.

As well as muscles have power reserves of ATP, the will has power stocks. And they to be restored or by means of a dream and breathing exercises.

Food is an important element for replenishment of power stocks of our muscles and bodies. But, in the same way it is important also for our will.

It is clear, that in pure form we will not see any of these types. But it is possible to track domination one or the second in mentality of the person. You can track the type watching the actions.

If we does not use will, it slabnt. If we use it - it amplifies.

Depending on development of consciousness it is possible to allocate impulsive type of people and conscious type of people. The first are under control of instincts, their reaction is expected and predictable. If to strike them, they hit into the answer, satisfy requirements of a body at the first motivation. The conscious person - reacts not instinctively. All its feelings pass through a reason prism therefore reaction to the same action can differ, and dependences on conditions and moral installations.

Automatic actions. When we go the familiar road and our will has nothing to do, and only reflexes direct our movements. Habits, everything that we do, without cerebrating. In it couples, our subconsciousness works, and the reason does not take part.

Each of us can feel the breath impact. Breath - a power source. It is what feeds us and fills with spiritual power.

It is possible to call communication of consciousness and subconsciousness spiritual power. If communication strong - it is possible to develop superfeelings if communication weak - we sink into a sleep for restoration of forces. The composition of blood affects spiritual power. Therefore food and breath - important elements for its development.

Different types of food, I awaken various forces in the person. Meat products awaken instinctive forces, and vegetable food develops intellectual. And depending on the purposes, consumption of this or that food will be reasonable. For example, the dreamer who cannot bring the ideas into a realistic plan of actions in any way: the lean and strict vegetarian, is simply obliged to give to the organism of instinctive forces. Without it at it it not to turn out to work. If, on the contrary, fan of meat: strong and courageous, but short-sighted person. If he begins to eat to vegetable food, then him the new ideas and the shocking opening - as a result of active work of the cogitative "center" will open.

Heavy food in large volume leads to feeling of pleasure, but at the same time eclipses thoughts. It is impossible to get inspirations on a full stomach, all vital forces leave on digestion of food.

Fast breath accelerates work of heart, and makes active the nervous "center"s. And vice versa slow deep breath calms. Fast breath provokes action, and slow and deep - thinking and observation. Slow breath includes our consciousness, fast - instincts.

In the same way and with a strong-willed force. There are power stocks which we can restore by means of a dream or breathing exercises and there is a strong-willed peak - the ability resists external influence. The trained athlete can lift, say, 200 kg whereas the ordinary person if does it, or is not able to make it, or will get a severe injury.

If clear business is about accumulation of sincere forces and qualities, then that all at some point understand importance of food.

If we indulge the to a mortal body, and we will put immortal spirit in slavery - we will do a disservice to ourselves. We will become slaves to matter, and in the future enormous work because of present carelessness is necessary to us.

When habits and templates of behavior make the most part of life - we are not reasonable beings: we are robots & #8212; the automatic machines programmed on performance of the objects set by others will.

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To indulge instincts, to meet desires on prime necessity. If we indulge subconsciousness impulses, we gradually lose our force. There is very simple law of life: what we use - develops, what we do not use - atrophies. It is the universal law of evolution allowing to develop surprising abilities and to get rid of unnecessary. This law works, both at development of muscular force, and at development of spiritual power.

In the same way a post or abstention is sexual: not trained person will not be able to master a post within 30 days and if is able, will get a trauma, and perhaps very serious.

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