Secrets: 44 world resources of free online education

Published: 25.5.2018
44 world resources of free online education

Huge base of video lessons in more than 20 languages, all courses are divided into separate lessons with a possibility of viewing of each video irrespective of the fact which you chose a course. The main focus is placed on video as a way of providing information, there are no materials for reading here.

All materials are divided on age and theme groups here, lecture material can be loaded from the website on the computer, and the subject of the offered courses is rather broad.

1. UMass Boston Open Courseware.

14. New York University:

16. Gresham College: /

6. Coursera: /

32. Brigham Young Free Online Courseware:

8. Stanford iTunes U.

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8. Connections Academy:


40. Weber State University:

25. Alison: /

Still article on a subject:

Reference: Learning Space: The Open University.

31. Master Class Management: /

43. NPTEL:

With service you can spend more effectively the salary and reach bigger quantity of the financial purposes in the set terms. Control of trivial expenses will help to be in the chips in any times. Tachometers of a financial state give evident granting about the current financial position taking into account debts and the credits. Begin to treat reasonably money already today!

11. Free World U:

15. Open Yale Courses: /

12. CosmoLearning: /


6. Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative.

28. Google Code University:

41. Universaid Colombia:

13. OpenCulture:

35. FlexiLearn: /

A wide choice of video content and lectures from Stanford University. For training you need the account in iTunes service and corresponding ON.

7. Tufts Open Courseware.

3. USQ Australia Open Courseware: /

38. TU Delft: /


2. Khan Academy.

Reference: Free-Ed.

Reference: /

5. EdX: /

29. e-Learning Center: http://www.e-learning"center".com/free.htm

Were tired to look for courses and to go on seminars from regional "gurus" and "teachers"? At the same time you want to improve the knowledge of English, but there is no opportunity to pay remote education at the foreign university? Anything terrible: at your service - more than 50 websites which allow to listen and watch online lectures free of charge on the whole range of specialties and the directions.

Here too there is a division into courses and lessons + a possibility of search of pages and groups in Facebook and on other websites for students who study the same course.

33. University of Michigan Open:


Other courses with a possibility of free viewing / loading of lecture content and self-education:

27. GCF LearnFree: /

Reference: /

21. University of the People:

24. The Library of Congress Files:

22. Academic Earth: /

18. JHSPHOpen: /

30. Saylor: /

44. Getting Started:

20. Udacity: /

1. Utah State Open Courseware: /

9. K-12: /

Here for access to materials of the training character it is necessary to create the account on the website. It is supposed that the user studies material independently, there is no tuition fee, but there are no instructors / teachers also and examinations which should be handed over to them.

On this website registration is not necessary, lecture material is available in a format of slides.

37. Capilano University:

34. NLC Open Learning Courses:

26. Webcast Berkeley: /

Reference: /

2. Kutztown On-Demand Online Learning:

Free courses on psychology, biology, political science, history, mathematics and a number of humanitarian disciplines with access to the list of occupations, the recommended literature. Shortcoming: this resource has no videocourse or the presentations following the results of stated within the lectures.

Reference: /


23. Textbook Revolution:

39. United Nations University:

Reference: /

To get to this institute, people from around the world spend a set of money and efforts. However, also free courses are available here. Material is available to downloading with the indication of structure and duration of a course. Perfectly will suit those who want to try in the sphere of technical and applied sciences and wish to be engaged in intensive self-education.

Reference: /

What makes us busy actually and how to become more free.

10. GED for Free: /

19. Open UW: /

17. Notre Dame Open Courseware: /

36. Nixty: /

3. MIT Open Courseware.

4. University of California Irvine Courseware:

7. Udemy: /

42. Kendal College:


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