Rich becomes not the one who works hard and the one who invests life hack much

Published: 27.5.2018
to the rich there is not the one who works hard and much the one who invests

So it developed that in our society priorities are brought down.

the Name (obligatory)

Many people set before themselves the purpose - to sharply raise the income. Instead of striving for absolutely other goal - to find financial wellbeing.

For some reason at us it is considered to be that there can be the investor only the one who saved up the considerable sum of money.

Prepared small video with the story about how it is correct to invest (to create the essential financial capital, income from which will provide completely you and your family).

For this reason in all the publications I highlight that "To the rich there is not the one who works hard. And the one who invests much".

Shared the experience in it - as I managed to automate the investments:

You watch all details and also a photo and video from our previous arrivals HERE

I invite you to join our annual exit "Workshop on personal finance and investments".

It would seem, these purposes are very similar. But, nevertheless, they differ (and radically):


I suggest you to think of the future - in particular, you already solved where you will spend the summer holiday next year?

The real investor looks forward far at the expense of what he receives amazing results.

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