From our readers: fashionable autumn dresses

fashionable autumn dresses

As there is no wish to leave comfortable summer dresses. But even in rainy autumn weather each of us can look for 100%. This surprising selection of warm dresses will help you to be inspired for updating of basic warm clothes.

B 2017 knitted dresses became a self-sufficient trend. Many beauties are afraid to put on similar things, thinking that they will make look fat. Designers dispelled these prejudices totally, having created collections of knitted dresses especially for slender women. The velvet captivated many couturiers last year. Nevertheless on recent fashion shows this material meets enviable frequency: from a velvet sew dresses, make jewelry, to them decorate footwear. Dresses from wool, tweed and jersey very much show to advantage with autumn boots or boots. Eminent couturiers presented to our attention several models in classical tweed scale and also in bright shades. Dresses with a predatory print at all not sign of a tasteless image. At the height of fashion not only clothes with a natural animal color, but also bright unusual shades. Leather dresses do not leave podiums. Putting on such dress, it is important to know that it cannot be combined with other accessories from this material. An exception - only footwear and a bag. And what autumn dress was pleasant to you most of all? Surely share the opinion in comments!

Autumn dresses - 2018

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9 rekomendats_y a yak of a nakachata of breasts garantovano, is curious

9 rekomendats_y yak of a nakachata of breasts garantovano

М’ ides of breasts & #8212; one z nayvazhliv_shy groups м’ yaz_v in ours t_l і, і it is not marvelous, shcho to soul bagatyokh to ts_kavit, a yak of a nakachata of breasts.


є vishtovkhnut to a lever b_lsha at vprav і, Alya Pribira є navantazhennya z breasts.

Yak і m_st, dozvolya є to you vichavit to a b_lsh lever, Alya Pribira є navantazhennya z breasts.

Sin_m v_dznacheno kr_plennya peredn_kh deltas to klyuchits_.

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Amusing : counters of day

counters of day

As they say, there is no such toiler who would not dream to stay a little bit the unemployed in the ponedelnichny morning. But you should not confuse unemployment and an extraordinary compensatory leave. Today & mdash; day of protection of the unemployed and the help of

Is probability that the chief specially hides the current state of affairs. It is necessary most to understand a situation not to get into an awkward situation.

Try to do everything possible for preservation of the normal relations with colleagues. If the conflict exists also mdash; it needs to be solved urgently.

That was time of pioneers. Since 1893 developments of a novelty conducted at engineering plant on famous Friedrich Krupp's money. The inventor hardly established how to increase the efficiency of the internal combustion engine and in January, 1898 opened the plant on production of diesel engines.

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Weather and temperature in Kaliningrad in November a season 2019, at the request of chitaty

weather and temperature in Kaliningrad in November a season of 2019

Kaliningrad absorbed in itself a lot of things: both all charm of the countries of the Baltics, and restraint of Germany, and color inherent in all seaside cities.

the Fascinating travel by car across Russia can become for you the most interesting adventure in life! How to plan a route and where to go? Details & #8212; here.

Youth park. The well-groomed big park located on the picturesque coast of the lake with a set of attractions, main of which & #171; turned дом» and the big wheel, from it opens a great panoramic view of the city.

Near the temple there is Immanuel Kant's grave. Around big well-groomed park. Many come to Kaliningrad on a grave of the famous philosopher.

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at the request of chitaty: 5 recipes in house conditions

how to prepare beaters: 5 recipes in house conditions

Such traditional Japanese dish as beaters, thanks to the delicacy, usefulness and low-caloric content was easily included into the menu of the modern person. Beaters are suitable as for fast having a snack and lunches at office, and for buffet receptions, parties or romantic dinners of the house.

Then accurately we bend a mat and we overturn it, as a result of this manipulation of a croup it appears from below, and from above - seaweed.

To make rice for beaters as it was described in the recipe above. To wash cucumber in warm flowing water, to wipe and cut strips. The eel to clean and slice thin on half-centimeter.

All other ingredients are considered as additional and already depend on the concrete recipe.

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Popular : penalties for overdue registration of the foreign citizen in the Russian Federation in 2019

penalties for overdue registration of the foreign citizen in the Russian Federation in 2019

The Russian Federation, as well as any other state of the world, seeks to control entrance and departure of foreigners on the territory and also movement of guests from other countries. One of instruments of this management is the penalty for overdue registration of the foreign citizen. Violation of the migration legislation is punishable, can subject to sanctions both the visitor from other state, and the citizen of the Russian Federation on whose living space the violator lives. The size of a penalty depends on circumstances and the region in which offense was recorded.

the Penalty for overdue registration is imputed to the foreign citizen by bodies of the Office of the Federal Migration Service in case it breaks the mode of accommodation or stay set by the legislation in the territory of the Russian Federation. At the same time he can be turned out out of borders of the country.

Penalty. I paid 2 thousand.

I was late with registration extension to the child for one day what threatens us?

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Selection: services and applications which will help you to keep New Year's promises

services and applications which will help you to keep New Year's promises

Holidays ended. It is a high time to roll up sleeves and to undertake performance of goals!

8. CoinKeeper. One more personal manager by means of whom it is possible to consider expenses, to control the budget and to set the financial purposes.

1. BBC Learning English. A resource with materials for studying both basic, and business English.

6. Alison. Free access to courses on business management, finance and economy, health care, personal development, IT, studying of languages.

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whether it Will function, life hack

the airport southern in an eagle: whether it will function

The airport in Oryol Youzhny was converted from the former military airfield in 1981 which was under construction with calculation to accept planes take-off up to 98 tons. Residents Oryol could fly to Moscow, Minsk, Saratov, Penza, Tula. Once on its platform there were about 50 light AN-2, YaK-40 multi-purpose planes, the Boeing-737. How it turned out what such important powerful enterprise was the bankrupt? Whether there is a plan for its restoration? Whether the airport is necessary to the city?

you Watch

in video: The governor of the Oryol region V. Potomsky about the prospects of restoration of the airport.

Video: as the airport Youzhny looks now.

The runway, according to experts, remained very well.

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Novelty: what gifts cannot be given for new year 2018

what gifts cannot be given for new year 2018

Donation of gifts for New year is the great tradition passing from father to son and uniting many people the one and only thought: what such special to present to the friends and relatives that this gift was remembered to the recipient for a long time?

here for aged people should not be prepared for

A as a gift hours, rejuvenating cream from wrinkles, intimate articles of clothing. Sharp things, such as needles, scissors, knives, pins also belong to forbidden. In some countries to receive as a gift the sharp object in general is considered it is similar to insult therefore it is better to avoid similar surprises. If, you are not sure of the New Year's gift, then it is the best of all to use idle time, but the checked way & #8212; to ask directly the recipient and to learn what gift he most of all would like to receive, within limits of course. See also: what gifts can be presented by New year 2018, the ideas of New Year's gifts.

According to east calendar future 2018 will pass under leadership of one of animals of the Chinese calendar - a yellow earth Dog. This friendly and peaceful being allocated with excellent mind and sense of beauty. The next year, it will be especially successful to think for creation of family and reproduction therefore many astrologers advise of a wedding and it will be good if the New Year's gift is connected with this subject. It is also necessary to remember that it is not necessary to present the soulmate with jewelry on a neck this year. As "to hold down" everything that matters, it has to be struck off the list.

When choosing a gift it is the best of all to begin with what can be presented, and from that & #8212; that it is impossible. Today we will tell you what New Year's gifts cannot be given and that it is possible for New year 2018 (Dog) according to astrologers and on etiquette.

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Secrets: I do not want family and children, and people around haunt me

family and children, and people around haunt me" width="500" height="334" alt="I do not want family and children, and people around haunt me">

If you the young man and at you is not enough in any way courage to start talking to the beautiful young lady, then especially for you I have article "How to Approach to Get Acquainted with the Girl".

How you think what pluses and minuses is in family life? And what advantages lonely people have?

Today there is a huge amount of social norms too. If the woman builds career - the bitch who does not want to make family. If early married - flew. If does not want the child - yes that you for the woman in general such.

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