Novelty: what gifts cannot be given for new year 2018

Published: 3.3.2018
what gifts cannot be given for new year 2018

Donation of gifts for New year is the great tradition passing from father to son and uniting many people the one and only thought: what such special to present to the friends and relatives that this gift was remembered to the recipient for a long time?

here for aged people should not be prepared for

A as a gift hours, rejuvenating cream from wrinkles, intimate articles of clothing. Sharp things, such as needles, scissors, knives, pins also belong to forbidden. In some countries to receive as a gift the sharp object in general is considered it is similar to insult therefore it is better to avoid similar surprises. If, you are not sure of the New Year's gift, then it is the best of all to use idle time, but the checked way & #8212; to ask directly the recipient and to learn what gift he most of all would like to receive, within limits of course. See also: what gifts can be presented by New year 2018, the ideas of New Year's gifts.

According to east calendar future 2018 will pass under leadership of one of animals of the Chinese calendar - a yellow earth Dog. This friendly and peaceful being allocated with excellent mind and sense of beauty. The next year, it will be especially successful to think for creation of family and reproduction therefore many astrologers advise of a wedding and it will be good if the New Year's gift is connected with this subject. It is also necessary to remember that it is not necessary to present the soulmate with jewelry on a neck this year. As "to hold down" everything that matters, it has to be struck off the list.

When choosing a gift it is the best of all to begin with what can be presented, and from that & #8212; that it is impossible. Today we will tell you what New Year's gifts cannot be given and that it is possible for New year 2018 (Dog) according to astrologers and on etiquette.

If you wish to present as a New Year's gift something from jewelry, then it is better to stop on beautiful earrings for the girl or on qualitative cuff links for the man, etc. The forbidden New Year's gifts on etiquette

in the future 2018, any addition to family wealth will be extremely desirable. But here to give suitcases, dressing gowns, nightgowns or room slippers for this holiday it is considered bad form, especially for unfamiliar people. If you also wish to give a similar gift, then let it carry more comic atmosphere, than practical. It is not necessary to present to someone as a gift & #8212; a pet if you do not know that this gesture will be really well apprehended. In other words, if you did not agree with the recipient of a gift about such surprise or know that other members of the family of this person can be against, it is not necessary to risk. Especially this year Dogs, it is not necessary to give kittens: say that this gesture can be incorrectly apprehended by the hostess of year that will attract misfortune. What you should not give to the girl or the guy for New year 2018

it is possible to Present to the girl of ornament with pearls, but only if you the father or other her relative. And here having received such gift by New year 2018 from the beloved, on the young lady it is possible to predict tears next year. For men the mirror is considered an unacceptable gift. Also at the man will not cause great joy to receive sanitary products for New year. It is not necessary to go on old cliches and to be limited to some socks, deodorants or it is even worse - toothpaste.


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