Secrets: I do not want family and children, and people around haunt me

Published: 1.3.2018
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If you the young man and at you is not enough in any way courage to start talking to the beautiful young lady, then especially for you I have article "How to Approach to Get Acquainted with the Girl".

How you think what pluses and minuses is in family life? And what advantages lonely people have?

Today there is a huge amount of social norms too. If the woman builds career - the bitch who does not want to make family. If early married - flew. If does not want the child - yes that you for the woman in general such.

And there is a girl who married in a hurry in eighteen years. The guy was idle moreover and to drink not the fool. Family at them absolutely disjointed and unhappy. And here it pulls this burden, suffers and constantly complains.

Listen to yourself. Perhaps, you just did not meet the suitable person yet? To start a family - business important and responsible. Here the faithful, honest, loving partner is necessary. In search of it you will be helped by article "Where to Meet the Good Man".

Children already from small age are trained that when you grow up it is necessary to make family, children, the housing, a big dog and other. It is considered normal, correct and socially acceptable. Nobody asks a question and that if to me well alone. Nobody ever asks whether the family is necessary to you.

There is no private life in general? Cannot you understand yourself in any way? Do not despair and do not lower hands. For a start study article "What to Do if There Is No Private Life". You surely will understand that an exit is from any situation.

To build the family relations an important issue and very difficult. Only you decide to go to this fascinating travel or to izborozdit sea open spaces on the single yacht. Be sure of themselves and do not allow others desires to interfere with your life.

Requirements of parents, pressure of society, insistance of friends is not the reason to rush to a whirlpool with the head in family life, especially if you are not ready to it. You should not make any acts only because so speak and others want.

I very long learned to spend time alone with myself. I will take phone and I will call somebody, I will include cinema, I will get into the Internet. To learn to be alone with itself is a hard work.

If you have children, precisely you should not hurry with a divorce. Children very difficult endure break in relations of the parents. But also to remain in family where there is no happiness и&hellip for a long time;

I have a familiar guy who slowly does the business, has a wide range of friends, it has excellent relations with relatives, sometimes there are mistresses. But he is not going to make family. He does not want to raise children. And he has on it good reasons. He initially asked not to interfere with his life and to respect its choice.

To keep family after betrayal of the wife, it is necessary to admit the fact that the relations at the deadlock and them need to be reconstructed. If you are ready to work over them, to understand this question, & hellip;

Moreover, such horror stories as "old to nobody the necessary maiden", "in old age nobody will give water appear". And how many happy, joyful sayings about a close-knit family? Millions.

On me, so this very important quality - ability to be to one. Also there is nothing terrible that to you it is comfortable in a similar situation.

Trust the inner voice!

There was a custom to give the girl aged of fourteen years for rich and not always the young barin earlier. The more favourably it was possible to marry the daughter, the parents were happier. Parental benefit. They brought up a pier, forces spent, now let and the daughter will bring benefit. And somebody asked the daughter whether this old barin who grumbles is necessary to her and behind each skirt in the village runs?

I always considered that it is much more difficult to person to learn to live in harmony with himself, than with other person. Today very seldom people who really understand that such comfortable loneliness meet. Someone else is always necessary, the company, fun, the TV as a last resort. The person forgot to be alone with himself.

Hello, dear readers! Recently the woman a question asked me: to me 31 years, but I do not want family and children, and all my relatives insist, what should I do? I thought, and the truth, on us press social obligations, expectations of our parents, someone else's requirements and many other things all the time. How in all this to understand, hear the desires and to understand own requirements? Why the loneliness is equated to a sin? About it today the speech in article will also go.

I welcome you, my dear readers! Today I would like to open a secret - how to be myself always. For a start we will understand how to understand ourselves and to come to internal harmony, and потом…

The same can be told also about men. Married - the henpecked. Did not marry - the ladies' man, it was not acquired still, all to him to stare at legs. Builds career - the careerist of anybody except himself does not think. And, so further indefinitely.

To have or not to have family - to solve only to you. Think the head, solve, do not listen to "kind" advisers. To you to live then with the made decision.


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