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Published: 5.3.2018
the airport southern in an eagle: whether it will function

The airport in Oryol Youzhny was converted from the former military airfield in 1981 which was under construction with calculation to accept planes take-off up to 98 tons. Residents Oryol could fly to Moscow, Minsk, Saratov, Penza, Tula. Once on its platform there were about 50 light AN-2, YaK-40 multi-purpose planes, the Boeing-737. How it turned out what such important powerful enterprise was the bankrupt? Whether there is a plan for its restoration? Whether the airport is necessary to the city?

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in video: The governor of the Oryol region V. Potomsky about the prospects of restoration of the airport.

Video: as the airport Youzhny looks now.

The runway, according to experts, remained very well.

In the report of the aviation engineer A. Ivanov Aerodroma of Russia there are data that in 1992 in Russia there were 1302 airfields of civil aviation, and in the 2012th acting there were only 315. Today the airport of Oryol continues to collapse: in many buildings glasses are beaten out, 1 of hangars burned, despondency, abandonment, the remains of furniture, stands, a lot of garbage everywhere. Only some placements on its territories are leased to businessmen.

Tariffs for internal air transportation in the Russian Federation still push away passengers and therefore demand for tickets remains low. According to A. Ivanov, at many airports of the country no more than 5 runway operations a day are made; 83% are not busy. And besides the airports have to conform to the overestimated requirements of certification.

Concerning Youzhny's recovery there were many promises from local officials. Remember the airport before elections. The governor of the Oryol region V. Potomsky assured that the power will return to search of the investor in 2019, however a competition on the right of concession was not held yet. Some experts consider that considering a present condition of the airport, it should be not restored, and actually to build anew, and on it at least 3 billion rubles are necessary. The project has to have serious economic justification.

Photo: appearance of the airport & #171; Южный» now.

Reanimation of the airport of Youzhny is problematic as about it for the last 20 years the residential district with high houses is built. Today the power considers its revival perspective, and tomorrow can make the decision on use of the territory in 400 hectares in which the airport, in other purposes, for example, under housing construction is located. The earth of the airport is in 6 km from the "center" of Oryol & #8212; a tidbit with very strong expensive (runway), communications and a concrete fence of 13 km. The prosecutor of the region did not give it to dismember 7 years ago. But process of transfer of a big ground of the airport under the guise of concession continues still.

Residents of Oryol remember times when from the Oryol airport there were 27 directions, and 19 of them & #8212; within area, also consider its restoration the generator of business contacts and sign of economic wellbeing. Location of the city, existence of the terminal for an overload of sea containers, automobile communication with the neighboring large cities which are almost at identical distance allows to use it as the logistic "center" serving the Black Earth. Existence of platforms of planes and helicopters of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, health care is important for the modern city.

The hope for restoration of the airport of Oryol appeared in 2011 when it in number 10 of others was included in the Federal program of modernization of air hubs. However in 2013 the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation declared it unpromising.

Construction of the modern terminal was planned, but it did not occur as the Transaero company in 2004 replaced a place of registration with St. Petersburg. After a while at the airport of Oryol there were only old planes. In 2006 he was given from federal property to regional. And funds in the area for its contents were not. As a result the staff of workers was cut strongly down, and there were only rare flights of officials to Moscow.

Today city authorities allowed the Oryol federation of glider sport to make for its development and promoting sightseeing tours over the city by the Dynamic WT9 plane intended for civil aviation. The club organizes demonstration performances of athletes-parachutists with landing on Youzhny's platform.

By new rules for work of the enterprise the certificate was necessary, but means for its receiving were not. Besides, the tax inspection cancelled privileges which the airport used, and counted land tax for the last 3 years. Together with penalties the debt made 300 million rubles, and by a court decision the enterprise was declared bankrupt. Why local authorities did not try to keep the airport? Transactions and plans concerning it were ruined constantly.

In 1988 in the city the first private airline Transaero of Russia which the authorities of Oryol exempted from a half of taxes was registered. In exchange for these privileges at the airport the runway was modernized, and its class grew to the second & #8212; it means that the number of the transported passengers in a year was already more than 400 thousand. In official documents it appeared how international. High officials of area regularly flew to Moscow & #8212; the YAK-40 plane (a governor's board) was for this purpose allocated.

Residents of Oryol continue to use services of air transport in the neighboring cities & #8212; Bryansk and Kursk which are from it at distance of 128 and 170 km, respectively. The future of the airport Youzhny remains uncertain.

In the 80th years Aeroflot was on self-sufficiency. Financial crisis led to transition to the new economic relations and significant decrease in solvency of the population therefore volumes of passenger and freight transportation and demand of small aircraft in the agricultural purposes were reduced more than twice. Inflation of 1993 led to new increase in tariffs and, despite the reorganization measures undertaken by the government, the prestige of civil aviation fell.

In 2009 D. Medvedev suggested to include Youzhny in the program of development of aircraft of Russia. It was planned to make it an attractive hub. In a year of the public of the city the model of the airport was presented, but because of a lack of means further it business did not progress, and in 2010 the management of Rosaviatsia made the decision to exclude Youzhny from the State registry of civil airfields.

For modern Russian airlines profit is made by generally international transport, and internal is considered as economically unprofitable.

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