Weather and temperature in Kaliningrad in November a season 2019, at the request of chitaty

Published: 13.3.2018
weather and temperature in Kaliningrad in November a season of 2019

Kaliningrad absorbed in itself a lot of things: both all charm of the countries of the Baltics, and restraint of Germany, and color inherent in all seaside cities.

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Youth park. The well-groomed big park located on the picturesque coast of the lake with a set of attractions, main of which & #171; turned дом» and the big wheel, from it opens a great panoramic view of the city.

Near the temple there is Immanuel Kant's grave. Around big well-groomed park. Many come to Kaliningrad on a grave of the famous philosopher.

There is both an observation deck, and pier for pleasure crafts. It is a lot of sculptural compositions: Traktirshchitsa, baron Myunkhauzen, Old salt and others. It something average between real Germany and the fairy tale by brothers Grimm.

Contents: What weather in November? Where to spend time? Sights in What to be engaged? Excursions Rest on the beach

Valdau not bad remained since the Teutonic Order, Peter I when went to Europe with Great embassy stopped here. There is a small interesting museum telling about the history of the building and about the people visiting him.

The bunker well remained because it did not storm. Besides the recreated staff interiors there are several museum expositions devoted to the military history of Konigsberg here.

Beach of Svetlogorsk. The paid sandy beach with rather developed infrastructure.

Water in the Baltic Sea at the beginning of a month did not manage to cool down finally yet, the thermometer lowered in water shows +11, then slowly within a month begins to fall and to the first of December reaches +8.

Valdau lock. In the neighborhood of Kaliningrad there are a lot of ancient castles. There is a special excursion route on locks of the Kaliningrad region.

Kaliningrad art gallery. Visit of gallery will pleasantly surprise even the skilled tourist with singularity in approaches to exhibiting of pictures and selection of exhibits.

It is the young museum opened only in 1988. In gallery a big collection of interesting works of the Kaliningrad artists where except pictures there are posters, watercolors, a sculpture.

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In the territory of the park it is possible to have a bite in small cafe.

Kushsky braid. The huge, lasting on 100 km, wild beach for fans to have a rest outdoors with friends. It is in the territory of national park therefore here it is possible to meet both a hare, and a roe.

In Kaliningrad there are a lot of places where it is possible to spend interestingly time and with friends, and all family.

Museum "Blindazh". In the former air-raid shelter the situation of the German headquarters at the time of signing of capitulation at approach of the Soviet troops is recreated.

From here it is necessary to bring something from amber. And in the cold winter evening when outside the window sweeps infinite snow to take warm solar amber in hand and to remember Kaliningrad.

The city is popular with the Russian tourists: here a set of hotels, hotels and guest houses of different level, restaurants and cafe with European cuisine, beaches, monuments of architecture and the museums.

Kaliningrad regional historical art museum. Considering the unique history of these places, you should not be surprised to the fact that here a huge number of interesting exhibits is kept: Neolithic era objects, weapon of the Teutonic Order, furniture of different eras, there is a big section devoted to the history of world wars.

And in the second half of month becomes much colder, the thermometer already falls both up to 4, and up to 2 degrees, and even up to 0. But suddenly again it will become warm, and will return already habitual +8.

Museum of amber. In a serf tower, on the bank of picturesque Lake Superior, there is a museum telling about a surprising stone - amber.

In the museum the unique collection of products from amber presented by the Kremlin Armory is presented.

Beach of Zelenograd. It is convenient that is practically in the city. The beach sandy, big, during a season the people gathers generally here in the evening.

Baltic branch of the State contemporary art "center". The museum is known for the non-standard actions: here and exhibitions of artists avant-gardists, sound artists, and speeches of the Russian and foreign musicians experimenters.

Sand clean, white, slightly pinkish. Its only shortcoming is winds which blow here quite often. There are no habitual beach conveniences.

In November in Kaliningrad the fall is in full swing: on trees there are a lot more green leaves, but under legs the yellow autumn carpet already rustles.

Beach promenade. Long floorings from a larch along the sea, convenient for pedestrians, this beautiful place for walks. From here the great view of the sea opens, in good weather it is possible to watch hunters of amber.

Kaliningrad & #8212; the city with special color. Based by crusaders, it kept almost inaudible aroma of the past in small streets and houses, neighboring hills and ship pines with amber trunks.

On these coast the German colonists in the 19th century began to build the first beaches. They are unique and because there are practically all reserves of amber on the planet and because water is saturated with mineral salts, and it is much less sea salt, and the fact that there are practically no otliv and inflows.

The city is good at all seasons of the year. And in the fall, in November, in rare sunny days it is good to walk on the coast of Baltic, to inhale fresh saltish air, and during a rain, without hurrying, to wander about museum halls.

At night there are already small frosts, to-4, and puddles on asphalt will be covered by the dawn with thin ice. But also warm nights when till the morning +4 keeps are.

Excursion routes in Kaliningrad and its vicinities a set.

You watch in the following roller as Kaliningrad is picturesque in the fall:

Weather in Kaliningrad at the beginning of November: the thermometer persistently keeps on +8, falls only occasionally and that only up to +6. And at night there are no frosts yet, often night time temperature differs from day a little, remaining in the range from 4 to 6 degrees.

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Amber. On sand of this beach it is possible to find small pieces of amber, directly on the beach there are a lot of artificial lakes which remained on the place of extraction of amber. There fish is found. On this beach there is a lot of walking even in the winter.

Museum complex "Cathedral". The Catholic cathedral was destroyed during war and restored quite recently. In the museum of church an interesting collection of coins.

But persistently there are rains, air, apparently, is saturated with moisture, even plaster on walls of old German houses wet, darkened and become gray if several days without any precipitations are, then clouds all the same densely close the sky.

On its three floors 28 halls narrating about origin of amber, about its properties and the history of processing are opened. Also jewelry from this stone is exhibited, began to make them in the Neolithic era.

Kaliningrad is the city of the museums. Most of them modern, original, unusual. Diversify the rest in November with survey of the most remarkable!

Botanical garden. In a city botanical garden a big collection of trees and grassy plants. In November here rare cereals still ear, on trees there are leaves, visitors are not enough and it is possible to take a walk in its avenues slowly.

The biggest section of an exposition - the schedule, works Kukryniksov, Robert Falk, many known western schedules, including Piranezi and Vazareli are stored here.

In the department devoted to national crafts products from Khokhloma are presented, to Gzhel, Palekh and other places. The most interesting section of an exposition - art and the culture of East Prussia.

In November it is good to walk on the beach, on many of them it is possible to rent the boat or the boat and to fish in the sea. And the curative air rich with ions sated with coniferous aromas of pine forests in November still spreads on all coast.

Park of a sculpture. Is on the island of Kant, the park was opened in 1984, having placed here 23 sculptures including Tchaikovsky, Gagarin, Blok's images.

Vistula Spit. The wild sandy beach with a convenient entrance to the sea. Infrastructure is not developed here. But around the beautiful reserved nature which attracts fans of walks till late fall.

Ethnographic complex "fish village". Small quarter from the houses stylized under typical German provincial building.

And it is only absolutely rare as if the precious gift, suddenly will move apart them wind, the bright sun will begin to shine and will stay the whole day in a sky.

There is a soft climate formed by Baltic around the city nature reserves and just beautiful places where it is possible to have a rest in a privacy and with friends.

Citizens come to have a rest after work. Nearby there is an amber pit - a peculiar local attraction.


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