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Published: 15.3.2018
counters of day

As they say, there is no such toiler who would not dream to stay a little bit the unemployed in the ponedelnichny morning. But you should not confuse unemployment and an extraordinary compensatory leave. Today & mdash; day of protection of the unemployed and the help of

Is probability that the chief specially hides the current state of affairs. It is necessary most to understand a situation not to get into an awkward situation.

Try to do everything possible for preservation of the normal relations with colleagues. If the conflict exists also mdash; it needs to be solved urgently.

That was time of pioneers. Since 1893 developments of a novelty conducted at engineering plant on famous Friedrich Krupp's money. The inventor hardly established how to increase the efficiency of the internal combustion engine and in January, 1898 opened the plant on production of diesel engines.

But it is even better in Japan & mdash; there jobless only 2,5% of the population, all at business. Even in the Czech Republic unemployment rate in the 2018th, according to Eurostat, did not exceed 2,4%. And there is enough work, also with guest workers share! Birthday of the diesel engine.

On January 28, 1897 tests of the internal combustion engine of new type were crowned with success. German inventors Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel went to it about 20 years. Graduated from Technical School in Augsburg, deserved a grant in Royal Bavarian Polytechnical institute and in 34 years submitted the application for obtaining the patent on & laquo; new rational thermal двигатель».

To lose work meant to many categories of the population hundred years ago to ruin family. Labor unions, social insurance funds and labor exchanges were given to workers not easy. In Ukraine here 9,7% of the population go in the status of the unemployed, having mentors on career guidance, an opportunity to be retrained on different courses and to receive money for start of own business. Beauty!


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