the Most interesting: the countries where it is possible to bathe and sunbathe

where to have a rest and where to depart at the sea in October, 2019 without visa cheap: the countries where it is possible to bathe and sunbathe

In October in Egypt there is excellent weather: in the afternoon temperature rises up to 30 degrees, warming up water at seashores - up to 26. Thanks to it it is possible not only to spend time on the beach, but also to visit the interesting sights.

Thanks to the affordable prices of accommodation and flight not only those who have very high salaries, but also Russians with the average level of income can arrive here.

Treat pluses of rest:

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Top, secrets


We hammer memory of the smartphone with the most suitable travel-tools capable "to make" any travel!

A across Russia and the CIS a good alternative - 2Gis.

And still Irina cannot submit the list of useful applications without WiFi Map because it - real Wi-Fi-addicted, a local sim card to buy not hunting  the Concept very simple: people share passwords from access points worldwide. Not to get to a dead zone where the point is, and there is no connection, it is necessary to use filters it seems "the most popular" or "recently connected".

Development of ability to cheap reserve tours demands a couple of conditions. First, to define optimum date of a departure on the basis of the calendar of the prices. Secondly, to check the nearest airports, perhaps, there is a sense to fly not from Kazan, and from Samara. Thirdly to read article about 10 rules of purchase, and only then to yuzat the application on tours 

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Bad Nivkh fairy tale of a harmony, new heading

bad Nivkh fairy tale of a harmony

Lado cried here:

- Depart from me you, a dog smelling! How with it will I live? Feeding your dogs, I will trample all legs …

Since then every spring she arrives, shouts, calls the mother - and does not dozovtsya.

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of Video how to be a creator, at requests of readers

video how to be a creator

Dear TV viewers, we devoted last air of "the Revival Force" to creative human nature, created just like God. We discussed the issues devoted to this interesting subject.

How to understand a phrase: "are created just like it"? As well as in what the creative nature of the Creator in us is shown? How to be a creator (family, work, church) in everyday life? How to show in itself Christ in relationship with people? By what motives should the Christian be guided, going to success? How to learn to use the potential to live according to Christ's precepts?

On the air from Israel of "Sil Voskreseniya" answered these and other questions: the leader - the president of TBN TV channel Victoria Nikitinga-Shin, the co-host Evgeny Tayts, pastors of youth church "ICF Tel Aviv" of Tel Aviv Sergey and Natalya Mazhuga.

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of 15 recipes of a quick tasty dinner interesting

15 recipes of a quick tasty dinner

You need at most 35 minutes.

Pour in sesame oil, sauces of a shrirach and soy, honey and rice vinegar. Bring to boiling and let's sauce thicken a little. Add pelmeni and properly mix with vegetables.

Preparation time: 20 minutes.

Then put carcasses in a big frying pan with 1 tablespoon of the olive oil heated on average fire. Strew fish with rosemary and the crushed garlic gloves and fry on both sides before emergence of a golden crust.

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at the request of chitaty: sights of Priozersk season of 2019

what to look in the Leningrad Region: sights of Priozersk season of 2019

In 1 day in Priozersk and vicinities it is possible:

Read article about what else fascinating places to visit in Karelia.

Popular recreation facilities:

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Toxic bank deposits, discussion

toxic bank deposits

Bank deposits (deposits) for several years turned from a safe way of enhancement of money into dangerous "roulette" in which investors are forced to play with owners of banks.

Watch with

my short video about it

How not to get to a financial trap, having chosen the "wrong" bank which advertizes the "wrong" deposits?

Show reasonable care, care for safety of the nakopleniiya, be attentive and accurate when choosing bank, competently use a financial instrument under the name "bank deposit" - you learn about all this from my course "Bank deposits. How to avoid mistakes and to protect the money"

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Answers to your questions, discussion

answers to your questions

On Wednesday evening held very saturated webinar "Answers to your questions" devoted to analysis of questions of the beginning investors.


KIND TIME OF DAY! NOW I RESOLVE the ISSUE OF the OPPORTUNITY to ALIVE VISIT YOUR SEMINAR "The first steps of the beginning investor. How not to lose the money".

Do you have in mind a budget hotel and that not far away? I will be grateful for information. By the way, a question, probably very relevant How to visit Moscow and to save on hotel?

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Meat in French in an oven how to prepare, with potato, the recipe with tomatoes, pineapple, with mushrooms and cheese, new on the website

meat in French in an oven how to prepare, with potato, the recipe with tomatoes, pineapple, with mushrooms and cheese

It is required:

How to prepare:

Then meat in French can be used apart from calorie, and instead to enjoy an astounding dish. Prepare tasty dishes and derive pleasure. Enjoy your meal! If the offered recipes were pleasant, put likes and write in comments.

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Life hack: work and vacancies in Bahrain for girls and men in 2019

work and vacancies in Bahrain for girls and men in 2019

Both the young girl, and the adult guy cannot find good work in Bahrain. In this country all conditions for effective earnings in several industries are created at once. As whom it is possible to work?

Hello, I look for work, I live in Bahrain, I know English badly, I will be glad to the offer: +97335443525.

Why some girls cannot come from Russia to Bahrain?

Trainer's work (the handball coach) interests.

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