at the request of chitaty: sights of Priozersk season of 2019

Published: 9.1.2018
what to look in the Leningrad Region: sights of Priozersk season of 2019

In 1 day in Priozersk and vicinities it is possible:

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Popular recreation facilities:

The city is a part of the Leningrad Region and is located on the Karelian Isthmus between coast of sleeves of the Vuoksa River.

Priozersk was located in a northwest part of Russia.

Not only in the city, but also in its vicinities there is a set of interesting monuments. The area passed to another from hands of one state more than once, and this fact was reflected in many historical objects.

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Gastrotura including to Karelia began to enjoy wide popularity. Read about gastronomic tourism in Russia here.

Owing to the general borders, the Russians living in the northwest often visit Finland. Read here what Finnish enjoy a Spa hotels bigger popularity.

Priozersk & #8212; the quiet quiet town in the Leningrad Region attracting travelers from all corners of the country and even abroad.

It is possible to distinguish the following from popular excursions:

The city has rich history & #8212; it was founded in the 13th century, and during this time absorbed in itself(himself) lines of the Finnish, Karelian, Russian cultures. Therefore the main attractions of Priozersk reflect live history and reflect different national lines.

Thanks to the rocky area in Priozersk the mountain skiing & #8212 prospers; here routes for beginners and fans of outdoor activities are laid.

In honor of the blessed savior on the island the Konevsky monastery was constructed.

Popular countries

Recreation facilities in Priozersk perform two functions & #8212 at once; entertaining and improving. Here come to restore the health, in a holiday or for holidays.

Increase the card, having pressed it.

Priozersk territorially though is in the Leningrad Region, but winters here in Karelian snow. Many tourists go to the city in the winter to go skiing or teams, to roll about in snow, to meet New year and festive vacation.

Contents: Priozersk on the card Where is? Excursion regions of the Sight of the city and vicinities & #8212; a photo and the description Architectural objects Religious constructions the Museums Natural monuments Where still to descend and what to be engaged in? What to look in one day at? What to do to the tourist in the winter? Recreation facilities

Except the main attractions Priozersk can brag also of interesting leisure: here both fishing, and rest in sanatoria, and a travel on the Karelian woods.

In the territory of Korela the set of historical and architectural objects, including, the museums and towers is located.

The good place for quiet rest, I would go there. Was tired of the Turkish false fun, I want to visit something Russian ancient.

You can see even more sights of Priozersk in this video:

Quite often in Priozersk historical reconstruction and medieval festivals are held. If carries, it is possible to get on one of such actions.

In the winter fishing on the lake and the rivers is popular. Many even compete on a catch & #8212; who will catch more.

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It is possible to reach the town from St. Petersburg:

The distance from Priozersk to St. Petersburg equals to 145 kilometers.


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