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Published: 25.2.2019
pyekha Edyta Stanislavovna

Edyta's parents beat with Poles, but lived where the father miner could find to himself work. Edyta was born in the French remote place in the miner's town. The father early died of occupational disease, after the father also the elder brother left. Mother some once again married a time later and gave birth to Edyta to the brother, and then all family moved to live to Poland to the miner's city of Bogushuv. Here Edyta graduated from school and with honors pedagogical lyceum. In parallel with study she played sports and sang in local chorus. The honors pupil Piekha was sent to continue education in the USSR, to be exact to Leningrad. Having arrived on psychological faculty I LIE, Edyta knowing French, German and Polish, diligently learned Russian. She registered also in university choir where she was made almost at once the soloist for a beautiful and unusual timbre of a voice. Exactly thanks to this chorus she met the destiny. Alexander Bronevitsky came to one of performances of collective and invited Edyta to work in ensemble of students of Conservatory which he at that time directed.

in the Summer of 1976 the singer cardinally changed

the life - it left Bronevitsky and collective, having been engaged in solo career. It was not difficult because by then the best poets and composers wrote for it songs. Almost all these compositions got to gold fund of the Soviet and Russian platform, there were more than 20 vinyl records, forty countries of the world waited for a star with tours. Piekha performed with a hit "Huge Sky" even in Afghanistan, Honduras and Bolivia.

On New Year's Eve 1956 the Polish student with triumph executed the legendary "Red bus" which was shown on local television. Next day Edyta woke up well-known. From this point actually vigorous concert activity of Piekha also began. It had to be transferred to the correspondence faculty not to throw study because of the big employment. The Friendship ensemble which soloist she became gave the uncountable number of concerts, at first in Leningrad and over the country, and then and in other countries of the world mostly in socialist. The singer even happened to appear on stage of Olympia in Paris in those days. In alliance with Bronivitsky, as a part of "Friendship" which name it thought up Edyta Piekha worked 20 years. For this long period only three albums were recorded.

Alexander Bronevitsky who became also the father of her only daughter Ilona (1961) was the first husband of the actress. Ilona who became an actress too presented to mother of the grandson Stas (1981) and the granddaughter Erica (1986). The great-granddaughter from Erica is Vasilisa (2013). The great-grandson from Stas is Pyotr (2014). The second husband (from 1976 to 1983) - the athlete, the champion in run, the captain of KGB, Gennady Shestakov the Third husband (from 1994 to 2006) - the person from Presidential Administration Vladimir Polyakov. Loved Edyta Stanislavovna since youth. Got acquainted with it, having presented it several songs of own composition. Piekha estimated and married it. Divorced because learned - songs were written not by him, and other author for money.

Edyta Stanislavovna daily for many years went a fast pace not less than 20 km. By recognition of the star, she finished herself so: "If you want to live, Dithat, then has to go".

Having won the first prize "A jade plate" at the Cannes musical fair the singer opened a door of the USSR on the European platform. She also the first sang the foreign song in Russian. ("Only you"), it the first in the union removed the microphone from a rack. And still she began the first variety singer to celebrate in Russia which introduced tradition on the stage the birthdays. To this day, every year at the end of August to it assign many thousands St. Petersburg BKZ "October. Up to 2011 Edyta Stanislavovna actively went on tour over the country from Kaliningrad to Khabarovsk, and also visited with concerts the countries of the FSU and beyond. Piekha was entitled the honored actress in 1969, national - in the 1976th.

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