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Published: 23.2.2019
the cozy house the hands: the ideas for an interior the hands

We prepared for you several great ideas for the cozy house by the hands which practically do not demand expenses, only of desire, love to beauty and it is a little diligence. Read and be inspired!

? Issue it from garlands, small toys, snowflakes, origami and other directly on a wall or a door of clothes. If there is a suitable pencil, trace a fir-tree contour on the painted surface or wall-paper (which can be washed) or on a tile in kitchen.

Weave out of braid strips - so much how many you want width, there are usually enough 10-12 pieces. Fix braids since both ends by bright scrunchies, then sew them the long parties among themselves, using secret stitches. Soft, volume and very cozy rug will turn out!

Decorators prefer to make New Year's wreaths of bright materials and ready decorative accessories: artificial flowers and berries, plastic framework, purchased Christmas tree decorations, candies. But you can use what is near at hand, and it is not necessary even to visit special shops for design.

This ornament especially well looks in the hall. Its traditional place - on an entrance door, but it is possible to suspend such ornament on a wall, over a mirror or even on a case door. The main thing that by the sizes the wreath was on the place, space has to be not less than the radius of the wreath around.

Provide support of eaves: take out a pipe from old eaves and insert a branch into fastenings, or glance in shop of building materials and pick up such fastenings separately - on an anchor basis.

Pillows with amateur covers will become the main decoration of a monophonic interior of the bedroom, nursery, a corner for rest in the living room. Pillows on sofas, beds, chairs happen the most different forms - classical rectangular and round, east rollers and in an image of soft toys.

Put under a fir-tree the real boxes with gifts, large spheres, cones. In several tiers stretch garlands, fix by a transparent adhesive tape. Top a figure with a brilliant star. The fashion for such fir-tree scenery the hands in an interior of the cozy house appeared in Europe, try also you this simple way. When include sparks, your two-dimensional fir-tree will please not worse real!

So if hend-meyd the design won your heart, do not postpone, and safely undertake the embodiment of any idea - it is sure bets which will make your house warmer and cozier!

One of the most economical ways to lay a nice rug on the floor of the hall, nursery or kitchen is to make it their old t-shirts or children's cotton tights. Cut a strip from the prepared materials (perfectly if it are contrast shades of fabric) length which is 1,5 times more, than length of future product.

Decoupage call pasting of surfaces paper for gifts, wall-paper, napkins, newspapers, journal cuttings and just interesting pictures. To change kitchen, the dining room, the living room or any other room, a little assiduity and art taste is necessary.

How still to make the house is cozier the handles? Walls with painting or wall-paper without patterns and ask them to decorate with something. Decorative panels return to fashion now from the 90th so begin to master the equipment of a macrame if you do not own this wonderful hend-meyd style yet.

Modern panels in an interior look volume, quite often hang up them near the wall lamp which creates fancy shadows from relief ledges of a macrame, applique, a dried flower, paper silhouettes of a panel in the evenings.

Begin needlework with material selection: for integral decoupage prepare paper or a self-adhesive film, so that was enough with a stock, for applique - a set of cuttings and color tissues in color scale necessary to you. Carefully cut out the most successful pictures on a contour and glue on the central places. Paste over with less expressive pieces the first layer - a background.

Knitting - a great way not only to dress up, but also to update an interior. You can dress up chairs, chairs, a back of a bed and a leg of a stool, having knit for them lovely socks - all this at the peak of popularity now.

That furniture with decoupage looked more effectively, it is possible to cover a finished product with a thin varnish coat or glue finishing primer for walls. Remember that decoupage demands accuracy and accuracy in spite of the fact that sometimes it looks slightly carelessly and chaotically.

The New Year's wreath is ready!

Than you decided to decorate their covers, know that in some strict interiors use of one-two flowers on all set of pillows is admissible, and less whimsical styles (a country, eko, the loft) allow diversity up to that any small pillow does not repeat on color and a decor.

The secret of a charm of these vases is in creating a set from 5-7 pieces, having used threads with an identical or close color combination. We wind a usual bottle with impressive threads on glue, the last layer is spread especially attentively that threads laid down beautifully. We tie a bow, we put a dried flower, cones, branches, we have on a dresser, a table or a bedside table group - and here you have a successful color accent in an interior!

It is very simple to make such details houses:

Knitted covers on furniture are equally good for rooms in ecostyle, the loft, Scandinavian and a country. Yes, threads will go much, but also several years will serve such things. Choose monophonic models of covers with relief patterns - braids, cones, etc.

Try to make a stool of magazines - they rather dense and have the necessary weight, the seat will turn out reliable. Pick up a pile for the growth, for the lower basis use a wooden board (it is possible finishing) or a tray. Prepare a flat pillow upward. We take two belts further and we pull together a design down - nothing difficult!

Use technicians of an embroidery, scrappy sewing (patchwork), appliques, fulling from wool, try to sew a pillow in the form of a snake, an owl, a cat's figure. As well as in the previous cases, success of an interior with amateur bagatelles will depend on that, how skillfully and accurately you will manage sewing.

It is possible to decorate a window in the small bedroom, the nursery or in kitchen if or in the park you found a beautiful branch in the forest - it can become fashionable eaves in ecostyle and will not cost to you kopeks!

That the branch looked beautifully, it has to be long (edges come for a window contour a little) and to have the straight line form. Small bends are allowed, but so that curtains did not sag on an arch. For strong support of textiles thickness has to be not less than 3 cm. Dry up a branch, paint in desirable color and begin to hang out blinds!

It is possible to arrange an occasional seat for sitting literally from everything - it interior designers in style well know the loft. Piles of books of a wide format, a deposit of glossy magazines, wooden boxes, chessboards and even targets for darts become a make-shift. That here so with a highlight to arrange the cozy house with the hands, do everything most simply, but work accurately and thoroughly products.

Twist a beskarkasny wreath from straw or dry branches, decorate it with an elegant bow and the dried citruses.


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