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Published: 17.11.2017
the visa in that to Russians in 2019: as to receive it

If you have a lot of cash (more than five thousand euros), they need to be declared. It is also possible to import tape recorders, TVs, phones, etc. All this is allowed to bring to the country, but only for private use, that is, no more than one subject.

Narcotic medicines, explosives, weapon and other objects which can pose a threat for citizens of the state are forbidden to import.

As for safety, it is not recommended to visit Togo during the periods of political tension in the country. Pre-election days and also the election days can be those. In general against the background of the neighbors the country is considered quite safe. In Togo there were no acts of terrorism and cases of taking of hostages long ago. Only street crime can constitute danger. Therefore it is not recommended to go at night and also to visit rural areas.

Such visa for week term can be issued not only at the airport, but also on any boundary post of the country. The one who drives from Burkina Faso, Ghana, Benin the same documents, as the travelers who arrived by plane have to show on control.

As well as in any other state, the authorities of Togo watch that tourists did not import a large number of some goods. Alcohol can be carried out through border only two liters. Smokers are allowed to take with themselves cigarettes, but no more than 200 for one entrance.

If you want to be late in the country, for extension of permission it is necessary to address to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic. You need to submit the application to migration management. If its decision is made in your advantage, you will be able to be late in Togo for one month.

Travelers with children who are not 18 years old need to enclose in a package of their birth certificate also. If to children it was not executed 16, they have to be entered in the parental visa. As a rule, in maternal. If children travel with one of parents, from the second permission to evacuation of the child is necessary.

The village of Sarakava, national parks Keran and Kva, the valley of the tribe of a tamberm - all this attracts us to the Togolese Republic, better known as Togo.

Visit of the Togolese Republic requires the standard package of documents with some exceptions. It is necessary to bring:

Tourists with experiment of travel on Third World countries, on arrival with Togo contact consular department of the Russian Embassy where get special numbers of personal security.

Video about national languages of Togo.

The difference from similar visas to other countries at the same time is also a shortcoming as the document for only 7 days is issued. It is necessary to pay for it about 20 US dollars. In most cases permission can be prolonged. From documents it is necessary to prepare for presentation:

The visa in Togo is required also in that case when you are in the country transit.

In Embassy of Togo visas are made out within three days. Permission of standard type is given for three months.

All citizens of the Russian Federation to visit Togo in 2019 have to receive the visa. There are several ways of visa processing.

If you on pension, you need also to attach the certificate confirming it. If the guest visa is requested, the invitation from the family or friends will form for its receiving the basis. The invitation from firm is required to those who goes with a business visit.

When crossing border of the state, you will need to fill out the special form of border control. It is rather substantial document in which it is necessary to specify about himself the following:

More simplified option, when there is no need to address to Embassy of Togo, obtaining the entry visa on arrival in the airport is.


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