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Published: 19.11.2017
embankment of Sochi

The resort and beach world of Sochi begins with Centralnaya Embankment. Centralnaya Embankment of Greater Sochi is the three kilometer pedestrian Embankment in the Central district of Sochi. It begins from the Southern pier at Marina, rests against an alignment of Pushkin Avenue and reaches for the Eden beach at Delphine Rezort hotel. Centralnaya Embankment Sochi generally passes on Primorskaya Street therefore its national name - Primorskaya Embankment Sochi (Promenade).

the Embankment of Sochi is well-groomed rosaries, attractions for children, magnificent palm trees, cut bushes of boxes, infinite series of cafe. Behind the Pearl beach, the ship and Flibustyer restaurant the embankment passes further and extends along the park of the name Frunze. The most part of Centralnaya Embankment Sochi is in the Central district of Sochi, and from Svetlana boarding house to circus is already Khostinsky District of Sochi. To the Olympic Games of 2014 in Sochi the Embankment was expanded the second time and to it the territory was added to 200 meters on both sides. On Centralnaya Embankment Sochi there are two Rotundas: one is at mooring No. 9 of Seaport in vicinities of Nesebrskaya Street, and another - at the beginning of the park of the name Frunze at Lentyay cafe.

Heart of the resort of Sochi is its smart walking Primorskaya Embankment which has several tiers, and in the central area rises to the Seaside park. Centralnaya Embankment Sochi is the whole architectural masterpiece which unlike other embankments of the seaside cities of Russia lifts tourists on beautiful ladders on several levels. The panorama of the Black Sea from each of tiers opens in own way. On the top embankment of the Seaside park there are many observation platforms from which it is possible to admire subtropical magnificent vegetation of the Center of Sochi and the lower tier of Centralnaya Embankment at beaches.

From Centralnaya Embankment Sochi the panorama of Seaport and Sochi Marina's Grandee with snow-white yachts at moorings opens. The water town of Mayak aquapark, a skyscraper of a housing estate Lighthouse of Alexandria, new hotel 5 * Pulman, the concert hall "Festival", a white round facade of Primorskaya hotel against the background of the modern building of HYATT REGENCY hotel which shot up into the sky & #8212; bright subjects to tourist display at Centralnaya Embankment Sochi. The 17th floor building of "Grand hotel Pearl" with two pools, the Pearl beach, a zone of beach vacation of sanatorium of the Russian Railway Black Sea Coast 5 * & #8212; the best vacation spots on the Embankment of Sochi.

From Marina walking boats, catamarans and yachts on hour walk along the coast to Matsesta sail away. In the summer here it is populous and noisy day and night. Embankment of Sochi beautiful, wide and clean. All Centralnaya Embankment Sochi it is laid out by the beautiful drawing of paving slabs. Graceful lamps, numerous shops on all perimeter, subtropical palm trees, open terraces of cafe with loud music are attributes of summer holiday life of the Embankment of Sochi.

It is possible to reach Centralnaya Embankment Sochi without changes from Sochi and Adler. Parallel to Centralnaya Embankment Sochi there passes the Sochi trunk main - Kurortny Avenue. "Seaport" (the beginning of the embankment), Platanovaya Avenue, Magnolia of Sochi Hotel (the middle of the embankment) and "Circus" (the end of the embankment) - the most convenient stops of public transport for visit of objects of Centralnaya Embankment Sochi. Only the route of bus No. 18 is laid from Marina on Ordzhonikidze's streets and Black Sea that is even closer to the Embankment of Sochi.

Centralnaya Embankment Sochi is a sight of the resort where each tourist has to visit. In the evening you will see the embankment in the light of illumination, reflections of lamps on water and sunset modulations, and at night at Marina you will hear music of fireworks.

Along the Embankment of Sochi more than 15 beaches are located. From Marina opens series of the Sochi Mayak Aquapark beaches with own site of the beach and the municipal Beacon beach. In 1978 with creation of the beach area "Beacon" the beginning of the embankment was artificially expanded. Mayak aquapark & #8212; the only Sochi in the Central district where water entertainments for all family are under the open sky concentrated. Solar patches of light create strange patterns on blue water of the Black Sea. On the city Seaside free beach traditionally in June celebrate the Neptune's holiday. The Seaside beach on the embankment has a sculpture "Neptune".

On the Embankment of Sochi it is necessary to enjoy a view of the Black Sea. On all length of Centralnaya Embankment Sochi free city beaches, beach areas of sanatoria and hotels function in the summer. The embankment of Sochi is a number of shops with souvenirs and boutiques of designer clothes. Vechernyaya Embankment Sochi is a noisy disco of Platforma club in the high sea and fun of tourist "landing" under music which reaches from each cafe. One of sights of Centralnaya Embankment Sochi is the Concert hall "Festival" & #8212; summer main concert venue Sochi.


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