the Most interesting: eggs in moderate quantities bring only benefit

Published: 21.11.2017
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In at one time was considered that eggs which contain a lot of cholesterol promote increase in level of cholesterol in an organism that leads to development of cardiovascular diseases.

Holesterin represents zhiropodobny connection which is constantly developed in an organism.

80% of cholesterol are produced in a liver and only 20% of cholesterol come to an organism as a part of animal products. Therefore the main danger is constituted not by(with) consumption of cholesterol as a part of food, and existence in a food allowance of a large amount of saturated fats which stimulate development in a liver of bigger amount of cholesterol.

Many people consume also bigger amount of eggs without prejudice to health, but to define maximum admissible level of consumption of eggs further researches are necessary.

Consumption from 1 to 3 eggs in day provides a number of advantages to health and has no significant effect on cholesterol level in an organism.

However the last researches showed that in moderate amounts of egg do not lead to increase in risks of cardiovascular diseases, and delusions concerning these products were a consequence of a lack of understanding of functions and the mechanism of production of cholesterol in a human body.

Eggs are available, but valuable ingredients of the balanced food and are irreplaceable for preparation of many popular dishes. It is the most useful to use eggs in a boiled look without salt.

Cholesterol is vital to a human body for its correct development and functioning. Without cholesterol neither restoration, nor formation of new cages is impossible. Cholesterol also forms a basis for production of steroid hormones.

Eggs are protein-rich and also they contain such vitamins and minerals as vitamin A, vitamins B and B-12, vitamin D, iodine and folata - salts of folic acid.

Eggs from farms with natural sterns and free walking are most useful. In such conditions the eggs rich with omegas-3-fatty acids, vitamin E, carotinoids and selenium turn out.

Recently scientists came to a conclusion that the cholesterol consumed as a part of food has an insignificant impact on cholesterol level in an organism.

Eggs contain a comparative large amount of cholesterol, but at moderate consumption of eggs it has no significant effect on cholesterol level in an organism.


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