Yulya of a shchedrov, at the request of chitaty

Published: 15.11.2017
wriggling a shchedrova

When we only got acquainted with Yulya Shchedrova, she at once struck me with an improbable combination of the external fragility and wisdom of the successful business lady.

Yulya founded huge women's club which helps girls to find the soulmate from around the world.

You are ready to become the real magician?

A name (obligatory)

If you are fond of horoscopes, dream books, the lunar calendar and other "sacral" things, then surely look at what "Charodeyki Set" HERE Yulya prepared this summer.

Not only that she wrote already 4 books which I helped it to publish with nuclear heating plant (one of the largest publishing houses of Russia), - Wriggling generously shares not only knowledge, but also really magic matters.

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