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Published: 13.11.2017
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Practically all profile experts are unanimous that during passing of pregnancy certain manipulations and procedures with your body are contraindicated. Moreover, even if the procedure seems harmless at first sight and for it there are no direct contraindications, we to you strongly recommend to consult with the obstetrician-gynecologist who knows all nuances of your pregnancy.

of the Injection

Because it is about excessively aggressive and toxic impacts on skin, against the background of hormonal changes in an organism of pregnant women, such procedures as are directly contraindicated: laser grinding and a peeling, median and deep peelings with use of chemical medicines and also a mechanical dermabraziya. If to neglect the ban and, despite everything, to carry out the desired procedure, in reply your integument can give the inadequate answer & #8212; in the form of emergence of various pigmentary spots which can not pass even after pregnancy.

Under a ban any cleanings where electric current is used: galvanic, ultrasonic and mechanical cleanings. For this reason procedures where the darsonvalization method is used are banned.

Because during pregnancy there are deep reorganizations of all systems of an organism, any injections, except those who are directly appointed your doctor, are forbidden. For example, in connection with increase in volume of the circulating blood also the probability of bleedings increases. And serious shifts in a hormonal background do this procedure just unpredictable.

Various bathing rituals, the natural and sparing peelings, wrappings are allowed and are in every possible way welcomed. However, even they can be carried out only after consultations with your doctor and in very sparing mode.

But! If it is already simple not to do without cleaning, then it is possible to apply vacuum methods. Here is the contraindications connected with pregnancy, it is not revealed.




Sauna and bath

The high-temperature Finnish sauna and the Russian bath and the sparing hammams are contraindicated even for those who regularly visited them, not to mention those who visited them incidentally.

It is forbidden to mass the most suffering area of a back during pregnancy & #8212; waist. The general massage of a body is also strictly forbidden.

The procedure of an epilation in itself is rather painful, even when the organism is not in a stress. We will not even take in attention the fact that during pregnancy all procedures are undergone more painfully, in connection with constant reorganization of an organism. The matter is that the accompanying pain can lead to the fact that the uterus tone will raise that can provoke threat of termination of pregnancy. So, everything is very serious!

Physiotherapeutic procedures which are not connected with cosmetology are applied rather widely, even during pregnancy if that is demanded by medical indications. However, you should not abuse trust of the organism when to it and it is so difficult and to test it the additional loadings connected with esthetic procedures.

It is possible to visit the sparing hammams, but besides, that who visited them regularly earlier and if there are no obstetric contraindications.

Very carefully it is necessary to treat hot wrappings. And here cold are even recommended. And nevertheless, all these procedures have to be carried out by experts who have experience with pregnant women. It is necessary to pay attention and to means which are applied in procedures, & #8212; they should not contain ingredients, dangerous to pregnant women.

Each woman wishes to look attractively, even during such difficult and responsible period as pregnancy. But it is always necessary to remember that at this time you bear responsibility already not only for yourself, but also for the kid who very sensitively reacts to what happens to you.


Besides, that on packing of medicine it is written "It was authorized at pregnancy", the manufacturing company is obliged to carry out numerous and very expensive tests of each medicine separately. And including & #8212; on group of pregnant women. All these tests, in the majority, simply do not carry out. And not only because it is expensive, but also because for them simply it will not be taken the necessary number of persons interested to risk.

Procedures which break integrity of skin

Thus, all procedures which are connected with introduction of medicines under skin by means of needles are directly contraindicated to pregnant women.

However, we will add a honey barrel to this spoon with sea salt: there is a therapy, absolutely harmless for the pregnant woman's organism, without application of needles, by means of the device Pro2Son. It is about pointed influence of a stream of oxygen with individually picked up serum which gets deeply into skin pores, cleaning them and and rendering lifting effect on face skin.

Even such useful procedure as massage, is allowed only if there are no contraindications: gestoz, interruption threat беременности… If there are no contraindications, then future mother can do lymphatic drainage or local medical massage, being guided by testimonies of the doctor. For example, lymphatic drainage massage reduces puffiness, improves a limfoobrashcheniye, serves as prevention of a varicosity of legs which very often accompanies pregnancy passing. Local massage takes off a muscular spasm and effects of fatigue in the top departments of a back.


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