Updating: how to darn a hole on jeans

Published: 7.3.2019
we prolong life to favourite trousers: how to darn a hole on jeans

Jeans became universal clothes for men, women and even children for a long time. Very often, having found for itself ideal model of panties which emphasizes all advantages of a figure and does not hold down the movement, the person carries a thing, practically without removing.

appliques very simply - by means of the hot iron which melts glue and densely connects a slip to fabric of your jeans Fasten. The only minus of use of such stickers - fragility. Through several washings the picture can fall off, but that it did not occur, you can fix applique by small stitches.

It is necessary for work:

Now let's talk about usual darning. It can be made on the machine or hands.

Today we said about how it is practical and it is beautiful to darn a hole on jeans. You should not bear on a garbage can leaky things at once, it is a little ability and imagination and even in clothes full of holes it is possible to inhale new life. Try, and everything will turn out, good luck!

The way with use of beautiful pieces of fabric will suit those girls who suffer a question as it is original to darn jeans on a knee. Contrast matter will look very creatively and stylish.

The patch is put as follows:

Such option of repair will suit those who do not know how manually to darn jeans between legs.

For work you need to buy the threads identical on color with a shade of jeans. More dark or light tone will not approach, the place of repair will look untidy, to draw unnecessary attention.

If a tear on jeans small, then it can be disguised by means of applique. You should not think that such reception will suit only children's things. Now it is possible to find appliques in shops for every taste. If desired such products can be combined completely on color with a shade of trousers, and can contrast, expressing your identity.

Tears between legs - a problem for many people. In these parts trousers are exposed to the increased friction therefore holes arise often. If you decide to darn the trousers, then it is possible to make it in two ways: manually and with use of the machine. How to mask holes hands we already noted above therefore we will discuss repair of tears on the machine.

Horizontal holes are darned manually by dense, small stitches. That everything turned out beautifully, you should not hurry, each stitch has to be equal to previous and be located very densely to it. The distance between stitches is inadmissible, otherwise all efforts will be senseless.

For work make the following:

If to sport naked parts of a body you have no desire, then can sew a patch without effort. The way which we will speak further will be suitable for squared cuts and in the form of a corner.

By means of darning it is possible to sew up practically any tear. Main thing, patience.

The teenagers who found a hole, for example, on a knee, can quite leave a tear as a part of a fashionable and stylish image. However, it is necessary to look that the tear looked harmoniously, perhaps, it is necessary "to tousle" a few its edges or to increase the size, generally, to give the fashionable and finished look. By the way, one hole will hardly possible to manage. Such products usually have several openings which are located asymmetrically, the most popular places of dislocation: knees, hips and level are lower than knees.

If desired on jeans it is possible to put a patch. For this purpose it is necessary to look for a fabric piece which will begin to be in harmony on color with your leaky trousers. It will be just fine if you are able to pick up identical matter. So, when all necessary will be, it is possible to get to work.

The edge of such unusual patches can be not processed, having left shaggy, or to decorate with rhinestones. Patches of an original form will look not bad: a rhombus, a star, etc. that is pleasant to you more.

Of course, in such a way you will not be able to sew up global holes, but if between legs tears only began to appear, such darning will help to strengthen fabric.

From constant washings and operation even the most qualitative products can tear. But you should not throw out at once favourite jeans, it is always possible to try to darn a hole, the main thing, the nobility as it is correct to do it.

If you are not able to find a piece of matter which will well approach under fabric of jeans, be not upset. Always it is possible to play in such situation on contrast, for example, on men's jeans trousers to put a patch from skin, and to girls to use organza, chiffon, lace for this purpose, dense patterned fabric perfectly will approach. Generally, there is a lot of options and that the unusual patch looked harmoniously, make one more same.

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