Before to fall in love with you, I has to fall in love with itself, from our readers

Published: 9.3.2019
before to fall in love with you, I have to fall in love with myself

All of us were taught that it is necessary to love others, but did not teach at the same time that we have to fall in love with ourselves first of all.


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Your friends are people who will never bring you and to whom you can trust. People who, actually, also need to be appreciated.

Use the loneliness to devote time completely to themselves. You can learn a lot of things about yourself. It will raise your self-assessment. You will believe in yourself and the forces, and you fall in love with yourself without everyones условий…

Repeat about yourself all the time & #171; before being got to fall in love, I have to fall in love себя». Only this way you can love really other people, only this way you can be happy.

Cannot you live without this person whom you so love? Whether you are convinced that if he disappears from your life, your world will fall to pieces?

Never give everything for the sake of others because, most likely, you will suffer from it.

To us repeat that each of us has the soulmate whom we have to find to be happy. But at the same time hold back importance of the fact that it is necessary to fall in love with himself before falling in love with someone another.

Possibly, you deliberate now how it is possible to be got to fall in love. Nobody taught you as it needs to be done. And, frankly speaking, it is quite difficult task, but in it there is nothing impossible.

If you know who you and what you want whether everything is equal that tells others are.

Do everything for the sake of yourself, but never give the last for the sake of others. Only you are a person who really matters. You have to move forward and achieve goals. At the same time you have to respect yourself, trust, love and appreciate.

The only thing that matters, it you

We hope that our advice will help you to fall in love with ourselves.

Итак… we had one question, argue, as at you too: & #171; How can I fall in love with someone if I was not got at first to fall in love? & #187;

All of us have an unreasonable fear of loneliness because since the childhood speak to us, loneliness & #8212; it is misfortune synonym. Nevertheless, if you cannot be happy alone, means you have a problem.

Rejoice to the loneliness because you will find yourself in it. And, as you already know, you have to fall in love with yourself before someone another.

To all of us imparted false idea of love which that is interesting, does not begin with love for itself, first of all.

If you are not capable to fall in love with yourself if you do not trust yourself, then how you can make it with others?

The love to itself includes what you ignore as you look. Something superficial as concern about our appearance, can cause feeling of diffidence.

Means, you just do not understand that actually, the only person without whom you will not be able to live you are.

It is very romantic and beautiful, to love someone so strongly that your life completely loses meaning if this person is not near any more. Nevertheless, you perfectly know that the person whom you have to love first of all you are.

Considering all this, you can think that we advise you to turn into the selfish person. Possibly, you just do not understand that you only begin to treat yourself as you deserve it.

All of us, in a varying degree, suffer from is disturbing the underestimated self-assessment. It forces us to take refuge in love which other person can give us. But instead of long-awaited happiness, it can lead to the problems connected with emotional dependence.

Sometimes, being with someone in the relations, we ignore our friends, what we never have to do. The love can come and leave, and friends if you about them care, remain forever.

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Never replace friendship with love. It does not cost that.

We know that sometimes you feel lonely and this feeling causes in you fear & #8230; But it is worth forgetting everything to what you were learned and to begin to love as it needs really to be done.

Begin with yourself, and then you fall in love also with others. Always you remember one thing: the only person without whom you will not be able to live you are.

Cannot you really be happy alone or is that what you were forced to believe in?

When you learn to love and appreciate yourself when you understand that you can be happy, without having someone nearby, you will see that life does not begin and does not come to an end on your partner.

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